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Hello! Since this thread is kinda dead mainly because KwaN resigned from QAT I feel like its time to review and recompile stuff we already have.

The purpose of this thread is to make a compilation of useful guides/articles in sake of new mappers and to basically have stuff sorted out, since I feel like the old thread was not structured that good.
Some of the stuff from the previous threads might be skipped here due to loss of actuality or the lack of formatting, so if you are seeking for something but cant actually find it — make sure to check the previous thread.

- General Information
- Metadata
- Timing
- Audio / Video
- Hitsounding
- Storyboarding
- Modding
- Solving known problems
- osu!standard
- General
- Rhythm
- Flow
- Structure
- Aesthetics
- osu!catch
- General
- Modding
- osu!taiko
- General
- Modding
- osu!mania
- General
- Resources
- Hitsounding
- Storyboarding
- Modding


  1. Hitsound Copier #1 (by Sieg) - Download | Forum
  2. Hitsound Copier #2 (by wcx19911123) - Download | Forum
  3. Custom Hitsound Library #1 (by Yuukari-Banteki) - Link
  4. Custom Hitsound Library #2 (by Natteke) - Link
  5. Custom Hitsound Library #3 (by LKs) - Link
  6. Custom Hitsound Library #4 (by LordRaika) - Link
  1. SGL Editor (by MoonShade) - Download | Forum
  2. osbpy (by Wafu) - Download | Forum
  3. particleGenerator (by XinCrin) - Download | Forum
  4. Lyrics Generator (MultiLanguage Support) (by XinCrin) - Download | Forum
  5. Spectrum Diagram Generator (by ITer) - Download | Forum
  6. spectrumGenerator (by XinCrin) - Download | Forum
  1. Modding Assistant (by Sieg) - Download | Forum
Well, I'd doubt that being QAT is a prerequisite for keeping such a thread up to date...
I'd also be curious with which reasoning you removed some of the links, especially well formatted and in no way deprecated content like t/239778
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The thread youre linking to can not be used in any of the subtopics of osu!standrad, since it covers mostly random stuff all at once. Also, it basically repeats some of the topics that are well structured and up to date. I basically see no need in putting it in "general" since its structure very vaguely.
Thanks !
What is this about???
how do you map taiko tho
Asahina Oleshev
are there any guides on mapping in ctb?
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