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Latest News From OT
May 30th - June 5th

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Hello, and welcome to the ninth edition of OT News!

There are multiple high pressure, low pressure, and shit pressure fronts moving in, accompanied
by dry air, which is possibly spammed as well. Take caution as meta threads are not sturdy against
this storm system. Our reports say that the first newly built roleplaying threads actually withstood an
EF4 shitstorm head on with little to no damage, so if you are hit by a storm it is recommended to
take cover there. Additionally protective derails seem to be no longer an effective method against​
this new class of shitstorms.

Stay safe, everyone.

~abraker, OT climatologist

2017-05-31: The researcher abraker went missing for a while, just to come back with a brand new study. Some of you may have wondered, “Where was abraker with his climatology report last week?”. It has been reported that he was unavailable for a week to conduct a related study concerning the current shitposting fever that has been going on. Dubbed “Trashipitus”, abraker and his “researchers” think it is the virus causing everyone to shitpost like there is no tomorrow. He continued to post developments of his research, ending with a detailed description of something you can probably ignore.

abraker’s presentation of a newly found disease that has been rapidly spreading.

2017-05-31: Continuing the OT-philosophy trend from last week, yet another thread from Canadian Baka asking the true nature of Off-Topic: why do denizens have to post quality threads? This question sparked a dramatic debate between mods and denizens about how a “quality thread” is defined, and how to keep one’s thread safe during this severe lockstorm that has been continuing over the last month. While it seems as though the discussion never really came to a clear conclusion, the thread shifted onto the discussion of trash threads and circular dogs. Could the lockstorm be prevented with the input from these discussions? One thing is for sure: this thread is a safe zone.

Canadian Baka questioning the denizens of OT.

2017-06-02: Desperate to give and spread love, [Taiga] asked denizens of OT to share their gaming waifus. In order to complete his conquest of ultimate harem, [Taiga] requested OT denizens to write down the names of their beloved, including a sneaky picture of them. It was stated in the Terms and Conditions that the pictures can not be NSFW, as the Special Ops will destroy the record and momentarily prevent him from reaching his dream. While there were signs of derails, [Taiga] quickly put the thread back on track by posting his three loved ones. Despite the outcries of other loyal ones unamused at the three waifu posting rule, denizens have each shared their gaming waifus while others fought over some. The thread then proceeded into a love consultation, then an attempt to violate the personal space of one’s waifu.

[Taiga]’s quest to the ultimate harem.

2017-06-02: kai99 has created a thread titled “describe another denizen”, asking participants to describe a denizen while others try to guess who is being described. There are defining characteristics of each denizen, whether that be a meme or the style of their post, this lead to the creation of this game. The rule is simple: one denizen gives a hint, others try to get it correct. During early rounds, denizens of OT easily guessed the described person, making this seem like an easy task. However, the difficulty suddenly escalated with Blitzfrog’s description which made the denizens fall into confusion. With eight attempts of a guess, the answer was adjusted with abraker’s thorough description on why he believed that the answer was “Blitzfrog”. Later on, during an underground interview, when asked who he was really describing, Blitzfrog simply stated that he was describing B1rd and his walls of text. The game continues on, and everyone is invited to participate.

Describe another denizen.

2017-06-02: Inspired by Allmynamestaken’s fanfiction based on the Hunger Games thread, which was lost and found dead during the deletsunami, johnmedina999 has written a continuation with his side of the story, having no lewd scenes. Describing the events leading up to the elimination of District Four, the story delivers the dramatic tale of Tsred and John, who are known among the citizens of the District to be very close friends and have been together since they were born. Chosen for the Hunger games, the pair has to go through an adventure together, which may not end that well. Chock-full of grammatical errors and verb conjugation inconsistencies, the story was rated 4 out of 9 by critics, but don’t let the lower-than-average score keep you from reading this adventurous tale for yourself!

johnmedina999’s account of Hunger Games.

2017-06-03: Do you ever feel an urge to be a little piece of shit? Comfy Slippers has written a comprehensive guide just for that. Based on the claim “OT deserves more little shit”, this guide, written in 5 simple steps, paves a way for any newcomers of OT to become the ultimate trash. Some of the advice includes acting stupid and destroying social life, which is sure to apply to the majority of OT denizens. The validity of this guide is high due to the author having a degree in the Fine Arts of Shit, enabling him to write his experience into such techniques; this is significant with the abrupt ending of this thread that directs hate onto everything that can be seen in his sight. The guide has already been put into use by Meah and given extra suggestions by [Taiga]. This thread, however, could not escape the derailing nature of OT, and ultimately was dropped off the topic-cliff with Taiga chatting to abraker.

Comfy Slipper’s hand-written, thorough guide.

2017-06-03: Endaris pleads OT denizens to preserve the beloved lord’s unmeasurable love, showing a brief history of OT right down to the roots of Vienna. It is told that a monument was built for Stefan in order to commemorate his noble deeds, which is greater than that of the Lord of Lords himself, peppy. The inside of the monument was flourished with great sculptures of OT eras, crafted by the best artist known of the time, Fourth. Beautiful chants of the lord has also been passed down generations, with collaborations from his people who wished to spread his spirit to the world, saving his delightful deeds from evaporating into the past. However, this process is not going so smooth. It is indeed under attack by an angry gull which happened to appear just in time to hinder the completion of this project. He proposed a few solutions to fighting the angry gull, and they can be done with little effort and time. Will the legacy of Lord Lockthread be saved?

Fourth’s most well-known painting piece.

2017-06-03: A private investigator has leaked underground rumors of OT. The investigator, responding to the name of Comfy Slippers, disclosed a series of gossips which were drifting around OT, even going so far as to questioning the identities of its denizens. This spread of dramatic rumor caused several mind ignitions, and left denizens of OT confused until the officials sent out one of their employees, abraker, to confirm the data. The investigator has gone missing since; it is unknown what exactly happened to the investigator.

Rumors of OT, displayed by Comfy Slippers.

2017-06-04: abraker has gone over to the wilderness full of Grammar Nazis and has forgotten to bring his trusty grammar book along with him, coming out with barely any dignity left. Following this mistake, he took matters into his own hands and took time to write a novel on how to survive the brutal wilderness where Grammar Nazis thrive. Armed with tips and tricks, he attempted to fight the Grammar Nazis at night while defending his thread to demonstrate the usefulness of this experience. Unfortunately during this process, he has fallen into grammar insanity and has passed out in a coma ever since.

abraker’s novel.

OT Denizens

Keep the Cancer Flowing

Welcome back!

New Denizens
My Angel Kitten

OT!News will always try to provide quality content.
If you find any errors or have a suggestion, please leave a post below or
feel free to PM / highlight us either through the osu! site or our Discord.

See you next week!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank kai99 and Blitzfrog for giving us so much cancer that we needed to bleach our eyes, abraker for tidying the cancer, johnmedina999 for grammar nazi-ing, and a collaborative effort to make the cancer look nice. We also would like to give special thanks to everyone in the official Discord server for giving us the support needed not to shoot ourselves. Until next time!

Thank you, good night, and remember to...

no giraffe

Meah wrote:

no giraffe
Diss me all you want but:

Tae wrote:

zero mentions see you next week
This is how you get into news.

Learn to make quality content enetro :D
You think I'm not trying and could do with a 9999x quality power up?


edit: the you see that face over there ------> :D

DJ Enetro wrote:

You think I'm not trying and could do with a 9999x quality power up?


edit: the you see that face over there ------> :D
Your threads are shit, zero quality at all, zero entertainment, zero logic.
Your posts are the same, boring, not worth any mentioning.

Stay bad scrub, day when you get into news will be day when ot!news die.

[Taiga] wrote:

Stay bad scrub
Are you really this pessimistic?
>not including pone thread
No pin wot
Pin this
This is all wrong.
Stefan's heritage not being the headliner, I call corruption.

Endaris wrote:

This is all wrong.
Stefan's heritage not being the headliner, I call corruption.
maybe you're right....................................
fuck i wasnt too active this week

btw wheres flanster :(
hi im kai
This got spammed to page 2 2 times in a row.
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