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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Friday, June 1, 2018 at 10:31:35 PM

Artist: Sayuri
Title: birthday song
Tags: mikazuki no koukai album RLC xlni val0108 fanzhen0019 handsome professionalbox probox asphyxia shirakai kacha kibbleru narcissu appleeaterx haruto_aizawa sing kalibe pentori sotarks akitoshi -laura- corinn doormat kroytz -sh1n1- shini toybot milan- irohas mugiwarasekai linada
BPM: 106
Filesize: 10401kb
Play Time: 05:13
Difficulties Available:
  1. Gift (6.24 stars, 1195 notes)
  2. Thinking Fam Collab Insane (5.16 stars, 1101 notes)

Download: Sayuri - birthday song
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
❄ Thanks for the Awesome Banner Remake, Sing! ❄
Dedicated to Monstrata
❄ Hey man! ❄
First of all. We, the mappers of this set, would like to say... Happy 21st 22nd Birthday to you! Personally, i would like to say a huge thank you to you for your contribution towards the game and also your contribution towards me by teaching me mapping a year ago. Well, not just mapping. But you also helped me in my study. Thanks for teaching me the right english words/usement, subjective or objective opinion and many more. Without you, my exams will probably got a lower score/grade. And today, i got an A+ Grade because of you <3. You are very nice, and also a funny person. You are also a very productive person. I Still cant believe that i have met someone really special in my game life. Although, i've been dreaming or planning to study overseas to Canada just to meet you. But i am worried about my family's economy, which is the problem of it. But its alright, i have met or having a chat with you everytime and everydays anyway so i guess that counts. I know that you dont like being fanboyed too much. You probably think that this map was made because i fanboyed you too much? No. Its not true if you think so. The map was made for you because we want to give you a surprise and a gift on your birthday and because we want to give something special to you as well. But beside that, everything were organized by me. I Contacted every of your favorite mappers and telling them to map a part in the set. Sadly though, We cant get Frostmourne to map a part in the set because lack of motivation he has. So we stumbled upon and asked Kibbleru instead to cover Frostmourne. Beside that, i also have a reason why i made this for you but i dont think im able to tell it here. Soon, we will miss your act or characteristic in osu! if you decided to leave because, Life goes on. Everyone has something really important that they need to work on.

Lastly, i would like to say. Happy 21st Birthday to you, Monstra! I wish you to be a Successful person in life, will have a lot of nice friends in real life and, if god wills. I will pray to god and wish you to be the best person in the world. (its not like i want to be rude or something, i want god to remove the deficiency on your right ear. i will stay pray to the god and tell him that because i believe in miracle and who knows if what i wish is going to be true? c: )

Also, Last Part is a hugely inspired from you B).

Your very best,

and this is literally me when i writed this
#37th Beatmap
❄ #2nd Approval // 6th Ranked

handsomeProfessionalBox x Singfanzhen0019AsphyxiaHaruto

Collab Insane


Mapset by Haruto

  1. Huge Thank you to Monstrata's Favorite Mappers for accepting my collaboration and to surprise Monstrata! without you guys, the project wont be achieved or done like how we had now c:
  2. Also thanks to handsome for giving/telling fanzhen about this special project, without you. the set wouldnt be perfect as how we got now :')
  3. Thanks a bunch Kalibe For Hitsounding handsome part! its a quite hard part to Hitsound for me so i asked you instead xD.
  4. Thank you to Ritzeh, Kalibe, Curi, Syph and some other players for the early testplay and to not reveal this project to others! (although, asking you guys a testplay is a reveal already lo)
  5. Also Thanks to GoldenWolf and Narcissu for helping me with the timing!
  6. And YOU, for playing the map as well!
  1. Dunois
  1. 00:00:460 - RLC
  2. 00:27:629 - Haruto
  3. 00:45:743 - val0108
  4. 01:08:384 - ShiraKai
  5. 01:44:610 - appleeaterx
  6. 02:16:283 - Narcissu
  7. 02:49:642 - Kibbleru
  8. 03:10:019 - handsome
  9. 03:30:396 - Haruto
  10. 03:53:038 - Sing
  11. 04:15:679 - fanzhen0019
  12. 04:38:321 - Asphyxia
  13. 04:56:434 - ProfessionalBox

Hitsounds by Kalibe and Haruto
  1. 00:00:460 - Kalibe
  2. 00:27:629 - Akitoshi
  3. 00:45:743 - Sotarks
  4. 01:08:384 - Pentori
  5. 01:44:610 - Kalibe
  6. 02:16:283 - Doormat
  7. 02:49:642 - Akitoshi
  8. 03:10:019 - Kroytz
  9. 03:30:396 - Haruto x -Sh1n1-
  10. 03:53:038 - toybot
  11. 04:15:679 - Irohas
  12. 04:38:321 - Milan-
  13. 04:56:434 - Linada
Simple, people that participated in the map are some mappers in a private discord server. We used it so everyone will know about it.
happy birthday monstrata!
thanks for the first sb-mod ever! xD

sorry im going to be late on this sb :(
Happy birthday Monstrata! <3
Happy Birthday Monstrata !!! :D
Happy birthday Monstrata <3
Happy Birthday Monstrata!!!!!

might as well say this

ProfessionalBox wrote:

Happy birthday Monstratos!!!!
Happy Birthday Monstrata!
Happy Birthday Monstrata!
first map he favorited that isn't his, that's how special this is!

happy birthday Monstrata!
Happy Birthday Monstrata
this is awesome

happy 21st! :D
This is really awesome. Thanks for planning this Haruto, and everyone for joining the collab haha. Awesome map, I'm really looking forward to ranking it! But really though, you guys totally made my day lol. I won't forget this. Maybe five, ten years from once I've found a life outside of osu, I'm going to look back and remember this the most fondly. It's so weird explaining my relationship to this game to my co-workers. I play an online game, but the fun doesn't actually derive from me playing the game lol. Really, at the end of the day, it's you guys who make this game so enjoyable for me. I mean, I don't even "play" osu!. Thanks for this awesome work >///< i'm really over the moon right now xD
cute, happy birthday monstrata
:O Happy Birthday Monstrata :3
yeah bruh Happy Birthday
wow, happy birthday monstrata!
this is really great, ill try my best at a mod with my lack of mapping knowledge (most of it came from monstrata himself xdd)

00:21:827 (4,5) - ctrl+g 4 and have 5 and the sliderend?
00:23:384 (2,3) - blanket looks off
00:49:565 (2) - not snapped
00:50:554 (2,5) - dont know if this is close enough to blanket but i would
01:03:290 (1,1) - ^
00:55:082 (2,3) - copypaste and flip to make symmetrical
00:57:063 (1,2) - ^
00:59:327 (1,3) - ^
01:00:460 (4) - remove 2nd slider node
01:16:309 (1,2) - blanket is off
01:44:610 (1,3) - ^
01:46:309 (2,1) - ^
01:46:309 (2,1) - can form this into a monstrata shape better xd
01:48:573 (2,1) - blanket?
01:58:195 (1,2) - ^
02:45:300 (1) - not snapped
02:52:472 (3) - remove 2nd slider node
02:58:698 (1,2) - stack
03:00:396 (6,1) - ^
03:39:453 (1,3,4) - ^
04:21:340 (1,3) - blanket is off
04:29:264 (1,2,3) - blanket this?
04:33:792 (1,2,3) - ^
04:47:943 (3,4) - blanket is off
04:50:491 (2,3,4) - make this triangle more equilateral

endng has so many sv change wtf xd
happy birthday maple wonderchild !! <3
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