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-❀- Welcome! -❀-
Hi~! This is Annadine and Lina Sintyadewi's modding queue! ></
Annadine: Inactive Lina: Unlimited (Read last post!)

I'm a *very* new modder and I'm here to learn how to mod~ I'm so nervous shhh ><
  1. I only mod STD and I accept NM request.
  2. I have no confidence in modding any map that is above my ability to play, so I would only mod <5* maps.
  3. Also, please state the diff(s) that I should prioritise to mod, as I might not mod all diffs.
  4. Any length is ok as long as it's not a marathon map ^^ I'd be very happy with TV-sized map tho.
  5. I can mod in English/Indonesian.
  6. I *might* not mod your map if:
    1. Your map is not ready / obviously a troll map.
    2. I'm not comfortable with the song.
    3. Your map have been modded a lot (it's hard to find the remaining flaws)
    4. I'm feeling lazy :^)
  1. If I decided not to mod your map but you still really want me to mod your map, feel free to poke me here or through PM and I'll take a second look.
  2. If you're on my friend list then I'll allow you to ask me to mod your map anytime too :^33
Hi, I'm a mania player and I'm still learning to mod another key mode!
  1. I do NM and M4M for only Mania Mapset.
  2. I will only accept 3 requests while queue is opened
  3. Any key is fine but no 7K+1 or same as that
  4. Max duration 3 mins.
  5. I accept any genre
  6. Don't request Guest Diff to me, I'm too busy to make Guest Diffs
  7. I do not accept request from in-game, but if you want IRC modding, please tell me and I'll be happy to do that
  8. If your request is M4M, I'll prioritise your map first than NM! Check Out My Profile or PM-ing in game for M4M maps :)
Please use this template if you want to request! :)
- [b]Mode[/b]: Standard/Mania
- [b]Artist[/b]:
- [b]Title[/b]:
- [b]Length[/b]:
- [b]Difficulty to prioritise[/b]:
- [b]Key[/b]: (for Mania only)
- [b]Map link[/b]:
Ssshh I made the whole thing ^ (´◉ ω ◉`) (annadine)
- Mode: Standard [Standard/Mania]
- Artist: Demetori
- Title: Youkai no Yama ~ Mysterious Mountain
- Length: 05:09
- Difficulty to prioritise: Just Extra Stage lol
- Key: (for Mania only)
- Map link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/416283

If you can't thats fine. Thanks in advance :D
Here we go ;w;
Please don't bite me

oh ninja'd gagal pertamax tayi

Guys it's 9 pm right now in my place and I have an unfinished history coursework to do,
so I'll start doing my requests tomorrow after school ok ;w; (or later in the midnight leel)

3/3 requests!
  1. E n d: I might not be very helpful but I'll take a look ;w;
Mode: Standard
Artist: LiSA
Title: Poker Face
Length: 1:28
Difficulty to prioritise: Insane & Liar
Map link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/429883
- Mode: Standard
- Artist: Celldweller
- Title:Pulsar
- Length: 1:58
- Difficulty to prioritise: Easy
- Key: (for Mania only)
- Map link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/272785
- Mode: Mania
- Artist: Shouta Kageyama
- Title: Relic Song
- Length: 37 seconds
- Difficulty to prioritise: All 3, but I geuss NM?
- Key: (for Mania only) 4k
- Map link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/418275

I'm a newb mapper, so don't expect much <3

TY in advance :D

CLOSED FOR Standard, Mania Still Open
- Mode: Mania
- Artist: ChouCho
- Title: Yasashisa no Riyuu
- Length: 1:25
- Difficulty to prioritise: any diff is fine but it would be great if 7k since its less mod applied
- Key: (for Mania only) 4k/7k
- Map link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/398918

Thank you

NM req anyway

NM req

Mode: Mania
- Artist: Katakiri Rekka & Suzuyu
- Title: Girl meets Love
- Length: 1:30
- Difficulty to prioritise: All xD
- Key: (for Mania only) 4k
- Map link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/413761

Thank you

CLOSED. Please Wait Until Re-open again okay ;)
hmmm? sperti ny ada yg udah mulai "famous" disini awkkwakwakwawkwk :V

/me flies away~~~
- Mode: [Standard]
- Artist: CHiCO with Honeyworks
- Title: Historia
- Length: 1:18
- Difficulty to prioritise: All, but you can choose the one you prefer :D
- Map link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/431082


I've done my first round of requests~ ><)//
Now opening requests for 2 more maps!

lit120 wrote:

hmmm? sperti ny ada yg udah mulai "famous" disini awkkwakwakwawkwk :V

/me flies away~~~

Jidatlu pemes
Mode: Standard
Artist: Koda Kumi
Title: Lick me
Length: 3:07
Difficulty to prioritise: Hard & Normal
Map link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/214243
Hi~! Mod please >w<
- Mode: [Standard]
- Artist: Nishino Kana
- Title: Wishing
- Length: 4:36
- Difficulty to prioritise: Hard, Hard+, Insane
- Map link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/414779
Thanks~ :3
https://osu.ppy.sh/s/431341 i guess all diffs since it's low please
- Mode: [Standard]
- Artist: Foreground Eclipse
- Title: (I don't need title to this song!)
- Length: 4:17
- Difficulty to prioritise: Insane - Advanced - Hard
- Map link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/425916

My god :"D

I'll take a look tomorrow night, so closed request again noww ><//

oh too much std :D, reopen for mania ^^

Open 2 Slot Only for NM maps Mania, please read rules ><//

- Mode: [osu mania]
- Artist: Shoichiro Sakamoto
- Title: Eye of Aeon
- Length: 2:22 (2:21 drain)
- Difficulty to prioritise: Anything you want~
- Key :4k
- Map link: http://osu.ppy.sh/s/426904

I want to receive your NM to this beatmap
Thank`s in advance! :)
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