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Hello everyone.

A lot of people in the community asks for converts, and I only wanted to take all of them (dropbox, mega, mediafire, etc) and make a post :D. Hope you enjoy all the converts :D


SUBMITTED PACKS - Offline for now, doing some stuff :)

LAST UPDATE: 03/04/2018, 18:49 UTC+2

Edit: I don't own any of this converts, all the credits are for their creators.


4K: DJ SHARPNEL - 4k Pack with SM rates by TheGesk (Pretty good pack with files like Over The Fullereneshift and We Luv Lama rated in 1.1 and above)

4K: LeiNy Dayz- by LeiN- (Huge collection which includes packs like Yolomania 1/2/3/4, Nuclear Blast JS, Tachyon Epsilon, Fullerene Shift and more!)

4K: Minty Fresh 1, 2 by Tachyon (This pack contains really advanced patterns such as fast jumpstreams, dumps, jacks and more. The difficulty of the charts goes from 4,5 stars to 6 stars)

4K: Nuclear Blast JS 1 to 5 by Icyworld, MetzgerSM, Kommisar, rCaliberGX (Fullerene-). Valor, ilikexd and samurai7694. (........................)

4K: O!M by [FX] AEM (This pack contains marathons, jack, stream songs. Good for practicing)

4K: R3k3T3 converts by R3k3T3 (This pack is being updated sometimes wiith some converts from Attang's dumpmix, and some random files from different packs)

4K: sanateshin by akuma123 (This pack contains 500 songs, focused on jacks and vibro mostly. It goes from 2 stars to 7 and 8)

4K: Stephanie Converts (It contains German Mini Dump Pack 3/4, Skwid's minipack 1/2, Dump Parade and other random files)

4K: Stepmania Converts by blitZee (Useful convert which have Super Meat Boy Pack and ODIpack inside)

4K: Stepmania Favorites (This pack has a lot of variety when talking about charts. Patterns like Jacks, BMS, Jumpstreams, Handstreams, Dumpstreams, and a lot more are saved inside)

4K: The Outsiders (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) by Tachyon (This pack has a considerable amount of jacky beatmaps, followed by a few of jumpstreams. Going from 4 stars to 7 and above. This pack features artists like Angerfist, DJ AniMe, DJ Mad Dog, and many more)

4K: Various Artists - 10Dollar Dump Dump Revolutions 2 (Part 1, 2, 3) by LeiN- (This 4K pack contains a good pattern training beatmaps. You can find jumpstreams, handstreams, some jacks and some stairs in the beatmaps)

4K: Various Artists - hi19hi19 Pack 3-5 Selections by Valedict (This pack contains a lot of variated charts from hi19hi19's packs, and it has dumpstreams, jumpstreams, and more. The pack's difficulty goes from 4 stars to 6 more or less)

4K: Various Artists - Stepmanian Atelier (Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) by Shoegazer (Pretty complete 4K pack, that contains jacks, dumps, jumpstreams, and more. Really good for training)

4K: Xayy Lmao Mixtape feat. Chill Pill (Side A, B, C) by Xay (60 songs to play, covering a wide range of difficulty scales, chart types, and music genres, so everybody gets to enjoy this pack!)

4K: XYZ 的4K專屬窩 (4K Collection) (This pack contanis random converts with Jackhammer, LN, Stream, Jumpstream and Dumpstream)

4K: Z.Sensationer[Golgo13] by LeiN- (This pack contains full jackhamming songs, going from 3 stars to 7)

4K: Jumpstream of Fighters vol 1. by Leo137 (This pack features 25 files of jumpstream nature of varied difficulty. Newcomers at the jumpstream way will find this a good pack for learning the pace, and there's also stuff for veterans that want to push their stamina limits)

4/5K: 10 Dollar Dump 3 by Tachyon (Basically the same as 10Dollar Dump Dump Revolutions 2 but adding a few but cool 5K maps going from 1 star to 5 stars.

4/6K: Stepmania Challenge 4K - 6K (This pack has a 6K o2jam chart style, and almost all the 4K files are Jumpstream with some jacks and dumpstreams.

6K: 6k files (This pack contains BMS chart style maps, with some LNs)

6K: Stepmania Solo Converts by Gekido- (This pack contains patterns such as bms style chordstreams, jackls, brackets and so. Difficulty goes from 3,5 stars to 9)


4/8K: 4K Insane by bbu2 (It contains a really hard 4K songs with a chart style mixing Jumpstreams, Dumpstreams, Handstreams and Jackhammers. The 8K songs are overjoys from DJ Sharpnel)

5K: -aery by Aery- (Legendary 5K converted pack with some keysounded songs. 100% Recommended)

6/7/8K: -Kamikaze-'s BMS Converts by -Kamikaze- (Great pack for BMS chart training, contains Normal/Hyper/Another and some LN charts too)

7K: BMS by Davteezy and Doorknob (One of the most completed converts, fully filled with BMS patterns songs, from lv.01 to lv.27 with some overjoys)

7K: Various Artists - BMS Delaypack Side A, B, C & an Extra by stupud man (This pack contains a full speed based charts, with delays, fast chordstream, and so on. Difficulties goes from BMS Insane levels 19 to 25)

7/8K: BMS 8K Converts (This convert contains lv.1 to lv.24 songs, and some of them keysounded)

7/8/9/16K: (NEW!) underjoy's BMS converts by _underjoy (Highly recommended pack for beginners and experts who are trying to approach this BMS style charts. We also have Doorknob's and Davteezy's one but this pack covers a wider range of difficulties apart from having up to 4 keymodes in the same pack. Definitely something you should check out)

7K/10K: Collection - Piano Beatmap Set by CircusGalop (This pack is filled with keysounded bms piano converts with some edits, going from 1 star to 23).

8K: 8k Song Pack by Jin Xero (This pack contains from lv.01 to **4 keysounded songs)

8K: 8K Training Pack by Jin Xero
(This pack contains from lv.01 to **4 keysounded songs)

8K: BMS Converts by tzamen (HUGE bms pack that continues growing and contains almost the 80% of the bms songs inside and keysounded!)

7/8K: 개인용 창고(This pack contains lv.01 to lv.25 BMS songs)

9K: PMS by Todestrieb (Insane PMS converts full keysounded)

10K: Object by MTKR - 10K Collection (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, EX, EX+) by CircusGalop (This pack contains a lot of keysounded maps, and you can find chordstreams in every difficulty)


7K: converted files by Brainpeeler (This pack contains some LN patterns mixed with BMS patterns. BMS patterns slowly disappear when you increase the level difficulty)

7K: DJKero's O2Jam Collection by Bobbias (Huge 4GB pack that includes songs from lvl 1 to lvl 200)

7K: KiriO2Jv3Convert by-Kirisan- (This pack contais o2jam v3 converts)

7K: KNH** Collection (Part 1, 2, 3, 4) (This pack contains all the KNH Collection songs, going from lvl 1 to lvl 120-130)

7K: Ln Practice by Jin Xero (This pack contains LN and Noodle charts for beginner and advanced players)

7K: O2 Converts (..................................)

7K: O2Jam (o2forever) by xGoyangi (This convert contais o2jam converts mainly from o2forever in 6 different parts that makes a total of 5,4GB of beatmaps)
7K: O2jam by Bobbias (This pack has a great variety of o2jam chart styles, going from lvl 1 to lvl 150)

7K: O2jam conversions by tzamen (HUGE o2jam pack with a lot of o2jam files from different servers with the converter inside!)

7K: O2jam conversions by Bobbias (This pack has a great variety of o2jam chart styles, going from lvl 1 to lvl 150)

7K: Skalim's O2jam conversions by Skalim (Some o2jam conversions and manually fixed timing songs to going from lvl 1 to lvl 150)


1K:Various Artists obj. Kamikaze - 1K Mappack Vol.1, 2, 3 by -Kamikaze- (............................)

3K: Various Artists - Tap Tap Mania (Part I and II) by CommandoBlack (Curious beatmap pack that has to be played with 2 fingers and using only one hand. You can check out the rules and further information in the Tap Tap Mania main thread)

4K: (Various Artists) - A Journey Through 4K & Hard Anime Songs Pack A1 by Cadmium-113 (This packs cointans all 4K charts, with jumpstreams, SVs, jacks, and more. You can check for more information in the packs description)

4K: 99 - Map Pack (Part 1, 2, 3) by dionzz99 (osu!mania pack, with variety of charts like LNs, Dumps, Jumpstreams, from 2,2* to 9*)

4K: gems - Gems Pack (Part 1, 2, 3) by gemboyong (osu!mania pack with LN, stamina, jumpstream and jack songs)

4K: juankristal - LN compilation #1 by juankristal Basically a compliation of my 4K LN beatmaps (difficulty level should be from hard to insane, nothing really super crazy).

4K: PiraTom - Pira's 4Key Collection (1, 2, 3, 4) by PiraTom (This pack contains 3,75 - 5 star Jumpsteam, Handstream, Semi-Noodles and so more)

4K:Various - Abyssus Pack (Part 1, 2, 3) by Abyssus- (Pretty good pack to practice specific patterns like jacks, jumps, hands, jumpstreams, handstreams, and more!)

4K: Various - AFOTHER's Training Pack (Part 1, 2) by AFOTHER (This high level based pack contains a lot of jackhamming charts, and also some speedy jumpstream stuff. You can also find both type of patterns mixed in a chart. Have fun :D)

4K: Various - Dump Matsuri (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) by risru (This pack is fully filled with dump patterns, going from 5 stars to 7)

4K: Various - Hydria's MDx (2, 2v2, 2v2.5, 2v3, 2v4, 2v5, 2v6), Hydri.a and x || 0 by Hydria
(This pack is full filled with 4K charts, with every type of patterns such as jumpstreams, jacks, dumps, etc. You can check more information about them reading the description of each pack)

4K: Various Artists - intel 4K Core pack (Vol 1, 2) by Inteliser (This pack contains 3 charts per song with different difficulties. You can find jacks, dumpstreams, jumpstreams, and more)

4K:Various artist - Overloading Stamina training megapack S (This pack is almost fully contain DJ Sharpnel stamina songs. It goes from 3* to 8*)

4K: Various Artists - SOUND VOLTEX KAC Collection (2013 and 2014) by Ichigaki and Fresh Chicken (This pack contains Sound Voltex songs with Mini bursts, jacks, and high speed streams for practice)

4K: Various Artist - Wh1teh Pack (Part 1, 2, 3, 4) by Wh1teh (This 4K pack contains Jacks, Jumpstreams, Handstreams and Dumpstreams. You can get more detailed information lookin the descrpition of the pack.)

4/5/6/7K: osu!mania charts by inteliser (This pack contains some unsubmited maps that contains handstreams, jacks, jumpstreams and dumpstreams with a high difficutly of songs)

4/6/7K: ZEN - CHALLENGE (Part 1, 2, 3, 3.1, 4, 5, 6) by Evening (Great pack with a lot of 7K jumps, 4K Handstreams, Jumpstreams and Dumpstreams)

4/7K: Raika - Long note Practice Pack (This pack contains full LN chart songs for practice, going from 2* to 7*)

4/7K: u's - Mega Song Pack by Lunatic Raccoon (This pack is specifically going for the beginners. This pack doesnt go above the 4 stars and it contains some basical patterns to start playing)

4K/7K: Various - Worm up!! - Metal & UNDEAD CORPORATION pack by Worms (This pack contains full 4K charts except of 1 guest difficulty. The difficulties goes from 5 stars to 7 and you can find dense jumpstreams, jacks, trills, and more. Check the pack description for more information)

7K: 7K LN-Mania (ranked converts) by Noonuus (This are basically ranked maps converted in noodles using this tool)

7K: Various Artists - 7K Noodle Map Pack by -Kamikaze- (This pack contains BMS noodle patterns to practice from 4* to 13*)


4/7K: Convert by Todestrieb (This pack contains random BMS and Stepmania converts songs)

7K: Getty vs. DJ DiA - 7144 7K PACK (This converts contais BMS charts, O2jam charts and non submited maps done by ez2dj_7144)

Conversion Tools:

8K to 7K Converter by Kethsar

Midi to osu!Mania keysound+beatmap converter by dudehacker

Noodle conversion tool by Xcrypt

o2jam to osu!mania converter by wanwan159

Osu!Mania Rate Changer by Hydria (I know this isn't a conversion tool at all.. But I felt the need to add it because it is still useful)

Raindrop by Agka

Note: I'm not going to add any description of this tools. You will find way more useful information if you open any link than in my shitty descriptions.

If there's a mistake or something, please notice me and I'll change asap. Enjoy!

PD: If there are more converts, just leave a comment here and I'll add them too :D
Rori Vidi Veni
This informative post will be deleted anyway, just move along
I was thinking of making a thread like this myself sometime, nice to see that someone else put one together.

Rori Vidi Veni wrote:

nah I'd rather play them with good timing
some 4k converts here (Nuclear Blast JS 1-5 is also contained in this link)
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Bobbias wrote:

I was thinking of making a thread like this myself sometime, nice to see that someone else put one together.
I didn't think that you were going to comment in this post lol.

To be honest, I get inspired when I saw your o2jam converts collection, I thought myself "What if I do a post with all the converts to avoid a timewaste searching them one by one?". It's good to see that someone like you is supporting this. Thank you! :D
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Short reply:

If there are more converts, please send me the link of them and the creator of it (If possible).
blitZee ... EUH7a?dl=0

Will probably upload more once I feel the need to convert these for myself.

4K Stepmania Converts, right now has only Super Meat Boy Pack (credits to the original author in a readme file).
SMBP itself is awesome, contains fully charted (3-5 charts per song) soundtracks from the game, great pack for beginners and up.

EDIT: noticed that the files got corrupt during conversion somehow. Will fix this ASAP and try to convert all ODIpacks + Astronomic Metal Pack. Maybe Chanchellors packs if I'll have time for it

EDIT2: Should be fixed now. Onto ODIpacks, Away!
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blitZee wrote:

Will probably upload more once I feel the need to convert these for myself.

4K Stepmania Converts, right now has only Super Meat Boy Pack (credits to the original author in a readme file).
SMBP itself is awesome, contains fully charted (3-5 charts per song) soundtracks from the game, great pack for beginners and up.
Successfuly added. Thanks for your "contribution"!
Missed this thread, thanks for sharing aitor.
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Shoegazer wrote:

Stepmanian Atelier
some of Valedict's SM converts, contains Skwid charts and some GDMP charts
Thanks for sharing this converts! Added successfully :D

PyaKura wrote:

Missed this thread, thanks for sharing aitor.
You're welcome! I just wanted to make it easier to the community when finding packs for playing.

Shoegazer wrote:

Stepmanian Atelier
Holy hell, I thought I had all the Holy Orders maps, but I managed to miss one by Patashu himself .-. Thanks for sharing these, contains some of my faves <3
IIRC Patashu's is one of the oldest out there... That one and HST's I think.
This post should be stickied tbh, it'll be a great help for a lot of mania player s looking for maps that they might want to play.
Anyone have a back-up copy of 5K converts from Aery-?
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JamesHappy wrote:

Anyone have a back-up copy of 5K converts from Aery-?
I reallly wanted to add Aery-'s pack, wish there's someone that could upload it. Or maybe I can pm Aery. I'll try later.
7K: Raika - Long note Practice Pack
7K: Ln Practice by Jin Xero
4/5/6/7K: osu!mania charts by inteliser
4/7K: u's - Mega Song Pack by Lunatic Raccoon

uhhhh, okay?
Kami has a good point, those aren't converts from a different game, they're just personal storage for unsubmitted maps. Still useful to have a thread that documents all those links though.
I'm fine them bein here and I can share more of my own, but converts should be separated from eachother based on what game they come from and should be separated from osu!mania creations. It would be also good to sort them or give a brief description about those packs/sets - how many maps are there, charting style, difficulty and so on.
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