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Hey there!
Once upon a time I got an interesting idea of a system parallel/modification to Performance Points.
So I made a website for this too

Skill explanations for clarification:

Stamina - Tapping stamina
Tenacity - Streaming
Agility - Raw Aim
Precision - Ability to hit small circles
Reaction - Sight-reading
Reading - Aim related map reading
Memory - Flashlight performance
Accuracy - Rhythmic accuracy

The player also receives a"title" (or multiple titles) as a fun factor depending on the set of his best skills.

Future plans
  1. Reading skill
  2. Reaction skill - added!
  3. Memory skill - added!
  4. Player title badges - added!
  5. Overall skill-based rankings - added!
  6. Night mode - added!
  7. Mobile / tablet support - added!
  8. Personal userbars
Notice that only osu!standard is supported right now.

If you want to help us you can check and participate in some of the related discussion threads
What makes reading a map difficult?
Which map is harder? (Aim)
Best FL plays

Or you can improve code and calculations at: - calculator code - GUI for easier development

Developers: Kert, abraker, Full Tablet, Rust_omg
While this is a really cool idea in concept, the execution of this is really difficult and much like performance points, highly subjective.
Interesting concept. Is it usable or testable yet?
сделай тоггл, чтобы делил на двадцать
Would be awesome if executed properly.
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Sync wrote:

Interesting concept. Is it usable or testable yet?
I'll try to make a test app by using existing top50 scores or something like that.
It should be available next week I hope.
gl on this! If its done well it can become quite usefull for me and others as well. :)
Cool concept! Quick question, do the graphs scale in proportionate to the player's rank? For example, what if I were to FC a stream map that is only regarded as 5.1 stars while my friend streams a map that is regarded as 6.4 stars. If we were to both have 99%~ish accuracy and a full combo, would we both have (I'm just putting in a random number here) 700 tenacity/stamina or will he have a higher score since it was a harder map?
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Really depends on the streams. For longer/faster streams you get a higher score.
In your example if he'd had misses his score could be lower than yours (obviously)

Meanwhile we're getting a website soon~~~
Really interested in seeing what your system thinks about different players skill sets. Keep it up!
Nice i want to test it
very nice concept, let's see for future
Can't wait!
If it will be executed correctly, would be really nice and I hope we can see it someday, thanks for sharing~! :D
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Good news! Everything for the first release is ready finally!
Just need a bit of time getting and uploading to some hosting service.

I didn't expect to spend a whole week porting stuff to *nix D:
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And here's our first release!

I also updated the main post, don't forget to check it out~
Классно сделали, жду доработки :^)
So it will calculate if you reach top 50?
Он только обновит мой результат если я попадут в топ 50?

Nelly wrote:

So it will calculate if you reach top 50?
No it uses your top 50 scores.

wow I can't read
Interesting, perhaps add a "compare two users" function?
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