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So since this compendium here is completely dead. So I'm going to replace it with a new one. This thread also doubles as a skin backup thread. So if you see a skin thread with a broken download link, post the skin thread here, and I'll try replace it.
Also if possible, when you make skin threads, could you please include two pieces of information. Version number/updated - xx/xx/xx and the game modes skinned. Example;
Subject: deadbeats super skin: v1.3
Game modes: osu! and ctb

Screenshots go here
just something like that would help a lot!
anyway, here's the list of what I've logged so far. I'll continue to update it periodically.


2NE1 by iYoonaRawrx


Aiyoko no Eustia by LeNcE LoK RK
Alice Madness Returns by Chainsaw-chan
Amnesia(anime) by Sakurahiko
Aperture Science by Super Vegito
APHetalia by kawaiipandah
Atsue by Atsue
Azuki Azusa by Kousagi_Fushigi


Bacon by Junichiro
Battle of Light and Dark by Arufa Kiriyami
Bleach by XepherX3
Blissful Joy by Kyuunei


Chocolat&Vanilla by kona x taros
Cirno by Kousagi_Fushigi
Cosmos MK.III Human by Akeopoid VM-01


Darkness by rogic
Date A Live by reyshka
DJ Hero by Kusanagi_Gin
Doge by MovingtoMars
Dramatical Murder by Kaitonnyan


Ecchi++ by Exilia
Ed, Edd n Eddy by rcmero


Fantasy by XinCrin
Focus Jam Digital by PROGUY
Foxes by Arufa Kiriyami
Frank's Taiko skin by Frank7654321
Frederika Bernkastel by sveta-insane


Geometrical by stealthpaw
Gintama by kenadit
GLaDOs by Loofah
Glass by Eizan Arizawa
Gothic Lolita by _-_Sakura_-_
Grumpy Cat by puddingDragon


Hatsune Miku by Kousagi_Fushigi
Hatsune Miku by -Aki047
Hatsune Miku by 2D girl lover
Hatsune Miku - Project osu! by Nya-Chan
Hatsune Miku and Friends Xmas by armando_quezadas
Hatsuyuki Sakura by Kogasaka-You
HD Neon by winotu and continued by hatseducer
Hentai Oiji to Warawanai Neko, Tsukiko by Kousagi_Fushigi
Homestuck by Caramel44
HTT - Azusa Nakano by 3GidiZ
Hyperdimension Neptunia by _-_Sakura_-_


IA (Vocaloid) by Alic1a
Ice by Mion-Nya
IIDX Mania by TouchFluffyTail


K Project - SaruMi by Kyuunei
K-ON! by firedaus23
K-ON! by Cyril Scarlet
Kagamine Len & Ren by Bloody_Amarillo
Kagamine Len and Ren by kawaiipandah
Kagerou Project by AllRiseSilver
Kagerou Project by Timelapse
Kagerou Project by Hina_10
Kagerou Project by Juvia Fullbuster
Kaname Madoka Kousagi_Fushigi
Kantoku by remiyuki
Kantoku(Kurimi&Shizuku) by Alic1a
Kasane Teto by -Maath457
Kawaii by kawaiipandah
Kill la Kill by [ Chryoxis ]
Kin'iro Mosaic by Maav
Koakuma by Nathien
Komeiji Koishi [Touhou] by Keiyaku
Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? by RA272Nirvash
Kud Wafter by LisaPik
Koroku no Basuke - Kagami Taiga by Yukyy
Kuroshitsuji by maki-dono
Kyoukai No Kanata Mirai by LuRpY


Lace and Stripes by LuLuvbunny
LanX - SkY by LanceZhou
League of Legends by Xaio
Little Busters by MikuWhiteRockShooter
Log Horizon by Kusanagi_Gin
Log Horizon by 2D girl lover
Log Horizon by olszam
Love Live! by Reyshka


magi by kevtea
Mami Tomoe by N A L U
Mathsma by Mathsma
Mega Utua by ludmi
Megpoid GUMI by tsuruui
Minimal by [ Flareon ]
Moe Battleships [Kantai Collection] by _-_Sakura_-_
Monster Hunter by dws123
My Launchpad by Kusanagi_Gin
My little osu! by pixeldesu
My Little Pony by Cloudchaser


Nano by Reyshka
Nekomiya Nono by yoshilove
NeOsu4 (NeOsu Afterlife) by OsuMe65
Naruto by Chaos Anime X
NI7SEG by iNickel
Nightcore by Wassaaaa
Nisekoi by 2D girl lover
Nitori Kawashiro by rocket raccon
Non-Stop Nyancat by Annieh


o2jam by ecafree2
Orbit by Quiesce
osu! Full Colour by marihito_kun
osu! Mania - Sweet Choclate by DJ Orange
osu! Mania - White lover by DJ Orange
osu!Void by TheDarkVoid
Osunagi - Persona 4 by Kagabean
Oxygen by Lespedeza


PewDiePie by Cookie0-0
Phosphorescence by DJNightmare
Pikachu by Kira-Yuki
Pixel Style by Mik-ey
Pokemon Squirtle by rocket raccon
Popcorn by Liiraye
Pure Light by Eismis


Rainbosu! by Yoshi_green
Rainbow Vocaloi + Anime mega mix by - ArC -
Rarity by PsPoni
Rumia by TeabagNation
Rustic by Don
Rhythm Tengosu! by doodly


S4irus by Syrus
Saber by Saffira
SDO-X by Koharu-chan
Self Made by xformi
Senki Zesshou Symphogear by Kurokami
ShiftySementic by shiftysemantic
Shimakaze by Saya-
Shine by Takeda Shingen
SHRD by [ SRHD ]
Simple osu!Beta by nitek1109
Simple Pink by JeNzLiE
Simplistic by ACEsushi
Simplosu! by CaptainTatsujin
Simply by _XioN_
Slightly Minimalistic by Rukkk
Snow Fall (Winter) by _-_Sakura_-_
squareosu! by Demmon & Calimeroor
Stein;Gate by - Vahe -
Stepmania by ecafree 2
Strongest Ice Fairy by kitsumii
Super Sonico by Kusanagi_Gin
Super Sonico by fireaus23
Super Sonico Suzu
Sword Art Online by megadaisukeone
Sword Art Online by Yumih
Sword Art Online Full Color by JeMhUnTeR


Taiko no Tatsujion: Sorario by Inori
Team Fortress osu! by Fuwah
Terraria by Arufa Kiriyami
Theme of Insane Black Rock Shooter by [T-K]
Touhou by _-_Sakura_-_
Touhou(red and white) by Akane Kurashiki
Tsundere by Cloudio-san


Unbreakable Machine-Doll by ctyjason
Unnamed by GraysonnG


Voca by Biogesic
VOCALOID Kamui Gakupo by Kei


watamote by ludmi
Wondeful Triangle by Kusanagi_Gin


X.OZ1 by _Gezo_
XarcZai by Darkrai


Yami Shoujo by Minky
Yazawa Nico by CodeS
Yeah!VOCALOID collection by nayachawn
Yuno Gasai by Reyshka


Zechrome by Zeprommer
Zombies by Arufa Kiriyami
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Change Log:
24/01/2014: Added first batch of 63 skins. Game mods, layout changes, sorting and additional links to be added once all skins are logged. 24/01/2014: Added another 30 skins to the Compendium. Skins are now grouped together.
26/01/2024: Added another 51 skins to the Compendium.
27/01/2014: Added some more skins (between 11-16) plus added game modes beside each skin.
27/01/2014: Added Voca by Biogesic
29/01/2014: Added AXIOM by crystalsuicune and Cirno by Kousagi_Fushigi
30/01/2014: Moved Hatsune MikuTest by elzapatoverde to completed section
01/02/2014: Added Rhythm Tengosu! by doodly
05/02/2014: Added Sweet Chocolate and White Love by DJ Orange
11/02/2014: Added Pixel Style by Mik-ey and Geometrical by stealthpaw. Luminance - The Science of Color was moved to Completed.
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decided to unlock early since i figured it was kinda sad having it locked in the first place. please hold off spamming your skins for now. i should have everything finished before the weekend ends. :)
You should update that log of yours. My skin also has been skinned for Taiko and Catch the Beat. Not too sure what you consider done with osu!mania, though.
*ponders if I should add my skin (AXIOM) even if I haven't updated it for quite a while*
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rcmero wrote:

You should update that log of yours. My skin also has been skinned for Taiko and Catch the Beat. Not too sure what you consider done with osu!mania, though.
i'm still focusing on downloading and logging skins in general. i'll be updating the information for each beatmap once i'm done.
as you did to me matt.

Yes! Great to see a revival of the Skin Compendium!
SHRD by SolemNRomanD -> SRHD's Skin by [ SRHD ]

Anyway, thanks for reviving this topic! :)
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ok, so game mode are now added. if you see any errors, please let me know. there are still LOTS more skins to be added, but i'll just do that slowly over time. trying to rush this is just too taxing and annoying :(
Like I said, my skin has Taiko and CTB support.
Help me find this sckin please or hitsound.
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yeah, it's a mix. best bet is contacting hoffaTH. though his skin may of changed my now
Hey deadbeat u might wanna change the IA (Vocaloid) to this one > IA (Blue)-by Alic1a
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i've been a been slack with this sorry. i'll try update this in the next few days
I'm here to point something wrong.
The following links lead to a wrong topic:

deadbeat wrote:

Rustic by Don
Slightly Minimalistic by Rukkk
Hope this compmendium will be completed soon, good luck !

EDIT: Another issue found ~~
did Osu Have any ecchi Or Hentai skin?
or we can't post Ecchi & Hentai skin?

EroticFace wrote:

did Osu Have any ecchi Or Hentai skin?
or we can't post Ecchi & Hentai skin?
well i dont know about it but this might help ya

MLGnom wrote:

Probably some of you perverts would like to make a skin that will contain mature content.
Case is simple, if you are going to post a skin that have it, you are only allowed to post R-15 "ecchi" (suggestive, visible underwear, swimsuits/bikini etc.and you need to avoid adding characters with really skimpy clothing) . Also you must add warning that your skin have these.
You are NOT allowed to post skins that contains any R-18 (nudity,pornography etc.) in skinning subforum. If you post somewhere else in osu! community be aware that you might be punished for that. (But if you release it outside osu! community nobody will hunt you).
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ok, first update in a while. nothing fancy though. just added headings for each section. i'll slowly start added more skins soon
17 pages to sort through. yay >_>
A couple of the skins I downloaded were .rar files, but they weren't in a zip folder or anything. When I put them in my Skins folder they don't even show up in osu! when I go to change my skin. What should I do? :?
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