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I'm creating this thread in order to increase the number of modders in the community, with some tips or steps to follow in order to improve the current maps in the Pending section. Any player who knows some notions of this game mode is welcomed to participate! Also, if you have problems with modding or things you are unsure about, please do not hestitate to ask in this thread!

Weekly Hint: You can check a pattern by its sound, look and how it plays.
(If one of these factors doesn't apply, the pattern can be questioned. The more factors do not apply, the more questionable the pattern becomes and should be probably changed.)

Previous Hint:
  1. Always check by yourself if the notes in a map are snapped correctly. Use ctrl+a.
    (Sometimes the the notes are snapped 1ms wrong due to timing changes, which AiMod doesn't recognize.)
  2. Try to mod from mapper's perspective.
    (We want to help the mapper, not remap the map in our way we would like to see it.)
  3. When a beatmap has too many issues don't be afraid to suggest a remap!
    (In this way, you save the mapper's and your time. Provide also some points which helps remaking the map.)
  4. When modding, don't focus on finding issues where aren't any. Instead, give suggestions when the beatmap is overall fine.
    (Sometimes beatmaps are ready for rank. So it's okay to tell mapper the map is fine or give maybe additional personal suggestions.)

I've downloaded a Pending map. What can I do now?

STEP 1: Check the folder and the files inside it.

Remember to follow the General Ranking Criteria and the Taiko Ranking Criteria. AIMod in-game and external programs as AIBat are quite helpful to fulfill this step. There are some particularities to consider here:
  1. Help to add some info here!

STEP 2: Check out the metadata.

There are some external pages where you can check if the Artist, Title and so on are the correct ones. Some common and handful webpages are:
  1. For videogames and anime.
  2. Touhou Wiki: Specialised in Touhou songs.
  3. Vocaloid Wiki: Specialised in Vocaloid songs.
  4. RemyWiki: Specialised in Beatmania and Bemani songs.
  5. Digital Emergency: Specialised in Beatmania and Bemani songs.
  6. Help to add more info here!

STEP 3: Check if the timing is the correct one.

Put your headphones on, and show your special abilities to detect timing incongruities! Some help:
  1. Playing: When hitting a note, you can see if you hit it too soon or too late. It is a perfect comparison to the headphones.
  2. BPM Analyzers: External programs such as MixMeister help you to detect the correct BPM. Take into account that it'd only work with single-BPM songs, and it doesn't detect the correct offset.
  3. Timing Analyzer v0.32.4 by statementreply: Tool to detect an accurate BPM and Offset in most of the mp3 files. Only working for single-BPM songs!
  4. Charles445's advanced timing videotutorials: Where you can see how to time different types of songs according to their BPM.
  5. LKs' timing tutorial (Chinese):
  6. Help to add more info here!

STEP 4: Test the difficulties over and over to find some possible solutions to improve the map.

If you're already an experienced player, you won't have much problems to test any kind of maps. Moreover, you'd know already what is difficult or not, or what is fun or not. For any other players who aren't so experienced, or who want to learn to mod, there are some stuff to consider:
  1. Kantan: The easiest level of the mapset. It should use a quite simple rhythm without following too much the vocal or off-beats.
  2. Futsuu: Possible use of simple off-beats and more 1/2 patterns.
  3. Muzukashii: The perfect level for the average player. Longer 1/2 patterns and the introduction of simple 1/4 patterns shall fit here.
  4. Oni: The use of patterns become complex and denser, especially 1/4 patterns.
  5. Inner / Ura Oni: Similar to Oni, but it is more of a challenge for the players!

For more information you can check out the [Guide] Mapping Taiko Difficulties to make sure a difficulty has been mapped in a proper / reasonable way.

Also, the following questions are the ones that modders have to ask themselves, in order to improve the quality of the map:
  1. Does the difficulty spread make sense? Probably the most important one. Mapsets should be enjoyable for any kind of player! Think about possible solutions for a map-set which spread can be made better, like adding a new difficulty or refining the existing one.
  2. Does the label / diff-name of the difficulty fit? A difficulty should be labeled right. Making it easier than usual is possible, but not harder.
  3. Is the SV reasonable? It is important to keep the SV natural to the songs BPM.
  4. Does a pattern sound, play and look well? These three factors are important for a pattern. If one isn't ensured, the pattern can be possibly made better.
  5. Could a beat fit in this point / be avoidable? To create a good rhythm and avoid overmapping.
  6. Does the map have emphasized / unstressed parts? Stanza-technically this is really important. Check how the kiai, SV changes or simple breaks and gaps has been used in the map to avoid having patterns which might feel monotonically to the player.
  7. What was the mappers intention? Keep asking this yourself over and over again. You are the modder; not the mapper. So you should respect mappers intention and the way he made the map. Think about how he mapped(E.g.: beat-, vocal-, own pattern based).
  8. Help to add more info here!

Original thread: CTB Modding Academy by Deif
I think I might be in, but I'll always take the spot of the modder of the month *runs*

Finally glad that project came into something concrete. Let's hope people get into taiko modding even more.

Throwing some maps though:

Pending - DJ Mass MAD Izm* - X-Cross Fade - Envy - Paladin (guest difficulties, 3-diff spread)

WIP - TrickMasterMint - Pinkielith

Graveyard - might be resurrected if you guys want to mass-mod it. - Rhett & Link - Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek (I will need to cut out the end as it's only the outro or if anyone gives me a clean mp3) - Umetora - Ifuudoudou (Will eventually get resurrected)
Good luck with the Academy, Ono-sama :_>
We have needed something like this for a while!

You can sign me up as a modder, I do plan on becoming more active again, I just need to get used to it hahaha.

As for Pending:


Stuff that could be added/fixed to the OP:
In Step 1:
  1. Checking the MP3 bitrate and BG dimensions by right clicking and going into "Properties". I always do this when I mod.

In Step 2:
  1. Digital Emergency Exit*, not specialized in Bemani/Beatmania. Just put "Specialized in BMS Songs", as BMS is not affiliated with Bemani in such way.
  2. Diverse Direct for Diverse System releases and various doujin/indie album releases.
  3. For Cytus song list in Title / Artist format

Modder of the month; I haven't been paying attention too much lately, but I nominate CoroQuetz as he doesn't nazi-mod but makes sure to give reason as to why you should make a change, and he respects the mapper's style. (idc if he's not on the list he's still good!)

Btw, if anyone has questions about BMS/Bemani songs/artists, feel free to hit me up as it is my specialty. (If someone is insecure which OST/Game/Event a song is from, what correct metadata would be etc, or if they want me to grab them a high-quality MP3 of a BMS as I am able to do that.)
The Vocaloid Wiki and Touhou Wiki are not very useful lol, there are better sites that give more information, such as
if you want i will help this academy (free for mod every day if not busy)
and some maps that pending
Doraemon no Uta
Snow* - Chain (TV Size)
Feel free to include me here. Just keep in mind my schedule is probably going to be very busy the next couple of months so I really only have time for a couple of mods a month <_<

While I'm here, I'd suggest Masquerade as a map to be added to the current pending maps.

Deif wrote:

Good luck with the Academy, Ono-sama :_>
add me too :oops:

Hi, I should contribute with some mods, but while the inspiration comes in (and finish my pending requests), please add some of my pending maps >~<
Junichi Masuda - Battle! Champion (Sinnoh)
PSYCHIC LOVER - Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
sign up as modder
I may be able to join this.

Here are some of my taiko maps (pending)
u's - START:DASH!!
Infinite Stratos Cast - BEAUTIFUL SKY (TV Size)

Edit: omg am I not qualified to register as modder? :o
ww..wanted to sign up as modder and

throw maps here
->Pet na Kanojotachi - Kimi ga Yume wo Tsuretekita (TV Size)
Signin' up as a modder aswell, since I'm starting to mod regularly.
I'm starting to become a modder again and I need something to invigorate me, this seems like a good idea to do so, I guess.

Pending map Amuro vs Killer - Mei
Topic Starter
All maps and modders added.
Keep an eye on these maps for your own modding, so I can check what you've done.
Does a pattern sound / play / look well?
Remove the word sound. We all know maps don't play good just because they sound good.

Anyways, good luck getting this going. :)

Maybe I can find people to mod my maps. :?
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Oh, you are right! What I ment was, does a pattern sound, play and look well? Of course, not always all three components are given, but in most cases it fits well I think. Thank you for mentioning it, MMzz! (Hm, let's see if I can find time to mod your map heh)

I will check soon the mods from the younger modders. Gezo, you do not count in. You are not new at all. lol
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