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I'm creating this thread in order to increase the number of modders in the community, with some tips or steps to follow in order to improve the current maps in the Pending section. Any player who knows some notions of this game mode is welcomed to participate!

I've downloaded a Pending map. What can I do now?

STEP 1: Check the folder and the files inside it.

Remember to follow the General Ranking Criteria and the CTB Ranking Criteria. AIMod in-game and external programs as AIBat are quite helpful to fulfill this step. There are some particulatiries to consider here:
  1. Skinnable catcher elements: The files you'd need are "fruit-catcher-idle.png", "fruit-catcher-kiai.png" and "fruit-catcher-fail.png". "fruit-plate.png" isn't necessary to add, as it's just a template image to use for future catchers, but it's not used in skins.
  2. Skinnable fruit elements: In this case you'd need to see "fruit-apple.png", "fruit-apple-overlay.png", "fruit-bananas.png", "fruit-bananas-overlay.png", "fruit-drop.png", "fruit-drop-overlay.png", "fruit-grape.png", "fruit-grape-overlay.png", "fruit-orange.png", "fruit-orange-overlay.png", "fruit-pear.png" and "fruit-pear-overlay.png".
  3. Slider slides aren't audible in CTB: The only audible elements in a slider are the beginning, the end, any repetition and the big droplets; but NOT the little droplets. Any hitsound containing "sliderslider" in its name should be deleted.
  4. Spinner loop isn't audible in CTB: There isn't actually any element in the skin to alterate the banana ticks of a spinner. "spinnerspin.wav" should be deleted.
  5. Help to add more info here!

STEP 2: Check out the metadata.

There are some external pages where you can check if the Artist, Title and so on are the correct ones. Some common and handful webpages are:
  1. vgmdb.net: For videogames and anime (not the most recommendable).
  2. Touhou Wiki: Specialised in Touhou songs.
  3. Vocaloid Wiki: Specialised in Vocaloid songs.
  4. RemyWiki: Specialised in Bemani songs.
  5. Help to add more info here!

STEP 3: Check if the timing is the correct one.

Put your headphones on, and show your special abilities to detect timing incongruities! Some help:
  1. BPM Analyzers: External programs such as MixMeister help you to detect the correct BPM. Take into account that it'd only work with single-BPM songs, and it doesn't detect the correct offset.
  2. Timing Analyzer v0.32.4 by statementreply: Tool to detect an accurate BPM and Offset in most of the mp3 files. Only working for single-BPM songs!
  3. Charles445's advanced timing videotutorials: Where you can see how to time different types of songs according to their BPM.
  4. LKs' timing tutorial (Chinese):
  5. osu!Academy timing tutorial by ztrot
  6. Unable to find the BPM/offset of your map?: This thread has been kept active for years. Maybe somebody else can find the timing for you!
  7. Help to add more info here!

STEP 4: Test the difficulties over and over to find some possible solutions to improve the map.

If you're already an experienced player, you won't have much problems to test any kind of maps. Moreover, you'd know already what is difficult or not, or what is fun or not. For any other players who aren't so experienced, or who want to learn to mod, there are some stuff to consider:
  1. Cup: The easiest level of the mapset. It should be cleared without pressing the dash button, and use a quite simple rhythm.
  2. Salad: Dashes can be used in them, and the note density increases a bit.
  3. Platter: The perfect level for the average player. Easy HDashes and the introduction of 1/4 patterns shall fit here.
  4. Rain: HDashes and Dashes start to be challenging and the rhythm is already complex.
  5. Overdose: FCable for the top players. A challenge for the rest!

Also, the following questions are the ones that modders have to ask themselves, in order to improve the quality of the map:
  1. Does the difficulty spread make sense? Probably the most important one. Mapsets should be enjoyable for any kind of player!
  2. Could a beat fit in this point / be avoidable? To create a good rhythm and avoid overmapping.
  3. Has the map a good flow? It's related to "how fun the beatmap is". It can be frustrating if the player has to constantly stop-dash the ryuuta, for example.
  4. Does this jump fit? There's a non-written rule that says "add a jump for every important beat in the melody".
  5. Is this jump too hard? The movement of the ryuuta is limited, and the common extreme patterns shall be avoided.
  6. Do the hitsounds make sense? Hitsounds are made of help following the rhythm of the song (mainly), so they have to be audible, fit in the note, and have a reasonable volume. ztrot's hitsound tutorial for osu!Academy
  7. Is this combo too long/short? Think of the accumulation of fruits in the plate of the ryuuta...
  8. How does the map look like? Aestheticals also count, though it's not the most important part to make a quality map.
  9. Help to add more info here!

Beatmap of the Week

Every week a member of the BAT/QAT will post a new map to mod. That way modders will have a pre-set objective, and that beatmap gets special attention in order to accelerate the ranking process! However, it shall fulfill the following requirements:
  1. The mapset must be finished, and ready to be modded.
  2. The mapper must have finished at least a full spreaded mapset and 2 individual difficulties, whether they're ranked/pending/graveyarded.

Registered modders

Post in this thread to get your name added, but take a look at the following restrictions:
  1. You need to have modded at least 2-3 times a CtB mapset/difficulty.
  2. After 1 month of total inactivity, you'll get kicked out.
  3. Only registered modders can be chosen as Modder of the Month.
  4. CtB BATs are not listed here.

All the names are registered below:
  1. Nazalion
  2. Genocide
  3. alienflybot
  4. Kin
  5. Manuxz
  6. Vhy
  7. ichia7x
  8. -[ Asuna ]-
  9. ZiRoX
  10. rew0825
  11. sauci


Prove your abilities as a modder and you might appear in the hall of fame at the end of the month! Remember that the quality of the mods is more important than the quantity of them! It is now sponsored by the osu! staff with 1 month of Supporter status.
  1. Modder of November '13: Sey
  2. Modder of December '13: Krah
  3. Modder of January '14: ursa
  4. Modder of February '14: Kurokami
  5. Modder of March '14: Sey
  6. Modder of April '14: Kurokami
  7. Modder of September '14: alienflybot
  8. Modder of October '14: Vhy
  9. Modder of November '14: ZiRoX
Im in.
For timing help you also can check out statementreply's userpage.
I always use that .bat to confirm my timing or offset.

maps currently in my pending:
KOTOKO -- Wing my Way
Linked Horizon - Guren no Yumiya (TV Size)(eldnl)[ZHSteven]
ribbon room - mint tears(Rotte)[Steven's Flood tears]
doriko - Romeo and Cinderella(Accel World)[Steven's Cinderella]

also my map is pending :(
Topic Starter
There's enough material to mod now :P
I WANT TO BE A REGISTERED MODDER TOO i am open for modding now u kno :D

Why my mapset isn't there? Q.Q Also, I want to be on the modder list since I'm always open for a ctb mod. :3
Minato Yukina

Also, http://puu.sh/56wLx.osz take this Flower Dance plz.

Hope this on the list :3
Topic Starter
Only maps in Pending, CLSW!

fruit-drop-overlay.png is marked now with (?), since it seems to be an avoidable element which is included in some skins, but not in all.

Hey, I want to see more names in that list. All the ones who are there are already known modders :3
I really need to learn the ctb modding so I'll try to mod some maps from the list '-'
Topic Starter
Added traumerei to the maps section! Also Krah to the modders a few hours ago!

EDIT: Reverted the status of "fruit-drop-overlay" to necessary to add. Check out this map where that file is NOT included to see why: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/75847
i dunno if this can be usefull,for chines ppl timing explaination (in chinese) by LKs t/142312
and hitsound pack : http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid ... =137880397

Lally wrote:

i dunno if this can be usefull,for chines ppl timing explaination (in chinese) by LKs http://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/142312
and hitsound pack : http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid ... =137880397
confirmed. But note that it is Chinese.... and a little different from 445's one.
I'm happy to learn how to mod :)

Just...I don't yet know how to, and Rain/Overdose might be a little too difficult for now.
Topic Starter

Rorona wrote:

I'm happy to learn how to mod :)

Just...I don't yet know how to, and Rain/Overdose might be a little too difficult for now.
Added you in the list! Feel free to ask any questions in-game if you need help :3

The hitsound pack would be useful for mapping maybe, but not for modding. Added that videotutorial by LKs as well.

Rorona wrote:

I'm happy to learn how to mod :)

Just...I don't yet know how to, and Rain/Overdose might be a little too difficult for now.
I can help with Rain to Deluge hueheu, you can always ask in #ctb when you see us

Seph wrote:

Rorona wrote:

I'm happy to learn how to mod :)

Just...I don't yet know how to, and Rain/Overdose might be a little too difficult for now.
I can help with Rain to Deluge hueheu, you can always ask in #ctb when you see us
what is deluge if u don't like hard maps u.u
i like ctb lol hope u become good mappers :D
Can i joining?

https://osu.ppy.sh/s/112733 (My map)


eldnl wrote:

what is deluge if u don't like hard maps u.u
Just because I don't like a map doesn't mean I can't mod diffs of the same level lol?
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gokugohan12468 wrote:

Can i joining?

https://osu.ppy.sh/s/112733 (My map)

Welcome here. Mod those maps from the list as good as you can!
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