Ralsei Dark - A cute Deltarune themed skin [STD/Taiko/CTB/Mania] [16:9/16:10] [SD & HD] (v1.2)

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- cirno -
its super cute :D
Optimus Prime
i love this
Nice skin corne :)
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Update v1.2!!!

I listened to your feedback since the release of the v1.1, especially about the bad combo break, and also made a few improvement of what I wanted to have as a user of this skin. I also added new features that has been asked in this thread or on Reddit, such as circles notes in Mania or "Rafis HDDT" hitcircles.

Details of the update:
  1. Result screen: fixed the incorrect opacity of the cell "Total Score", row 1.
  2. Replaced the combobreak sound by a better one, whoich sound better and not loud as hell.
  3. Made combo colors (default colors of hitcircles and fruits) brighter.
  4. Made the hit50/100 in STD, Taiko hit150 and Mania hit100/200 darker to increase their contrast, especially with the hit300.
  5. Added missing @2x sprite version of combo-x.png.
  6. Added custom pause-loop song.
  7. Changed the way Extras are organized: now all Extras are given in the same folder with an unique number.
To give you more personalisation of the skin, I also added some new Extras.
  1. Added 4 more hitcircles styles (NM1 no glow, NM2 glow/no glow, DT).
  2. Added Mania circles style.
  3. Added yellow cursor.
where menu background ;(
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julesArules wrote:

where menu background ;(
What do you mean exactly?
i vote!
Thats a good skin, Congrats,. I vote too!
I saw it on BTMC's video and went "Oh this was hella made by Corne2Plum" SO HARD I just had to check the page, this is sick, good job!
A fantastic skin, literally no complaints and I wish I would have been back in osu! to vote for this masterpiece. The only improvement I can say is adding a laser version, something that I hope a lot of others want as well!
Such a nice and cute skin! I honestly wish I voted for this. Probably my first character skin lol
Can i have a link to the fail pause music? The world revolving song
i need this
yedet cool
very good it matches the things i like,nevermind low acc
how i just found it today?
Wait, so this skin was made by YOU???
this will always be the greatest skin in all of standard. still proud of you corne
ISSUE: mania receptor is not alligned with hitposition in 4k
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forest13 wrote:

ISSUE: mania receptor is not alligned with hitposition in 4k
what do you mean? Can you give more details about your issue?
super late BUT a dancing ralsei would be so cool for taiko mode!
Hi! I just had to say I love this skin and it is adorable! It's nice and clean for the mode I play and the Miss-hit sound isn't super distracting 10/10 would download again! (^v^)'")
How to get the circle style mania
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elvisAa1221 wrote:

How to get the circle style mania
Open skin folder, you should find a folder called Extras. Then, look at a folder called Mania circles or something like that, copy all of it's content and paste it inside the skin root folder. Overwrite files with the same name when pasting.
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