Do you still enjoy the game?

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Do you remember finding osu for the first time and downloading your fev songs and keep playing them again and again at that point you don't know about improvement, ranks, pp, what's bad what's good. You just enjoy the game and think like
: Ohh i like this map and playing it many time
: That map was fun
: This song sucks i am not gonna play it
: This map was good but short it would be more fun if it was longer
: I wanna play this map

But right now many player just play the game to improve. Getting sad when they can't fc a map. Being angry when they misses. Being sad by seeing someone else fast progression and what they say to defend them "I enjoy the game by practicing" do they? I doubt
They have mindset like
:Ahh I can't fc this no matter how much i retry
:Ahh my accuracy on this map is bad
:Ah my score sucks
: The song is good but short map i will not play it
: I have to play this map
: Whyyy i am mindblocking
: I wanna quit osu is not fun anymore

They forgot that the soul goal if osu is not fcing maps its about clicking circles and enjoying it
many people come to osu to get better at another game because they think it would improve their accuracy in like csgo or something, it ends up them trying to get better at osu. Most people that play osu nowadays play it to get a higher ranking in the leaderboard, not to say the feeling of getting an fc on a super long map is pretty rewarding. But i agree that most people play it for ranks not for fun, but that isnt necessarily a bad thing cuz its fun to play regardless its just frustrating at times, besides its impossible to quit osu youll play it again if not an hour later ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
L w L
no i do not enjoy this game but i still play it
yesterday no, but I changed my mindset from setting scores to increasing my total hits and I'm starting to enjoy the game way more
I do, personally. people who take the game seriously always existed and will continue to. of course, the people who are like this will probably never improve at it. few will prevail by tryharding and tryharding alone. you will, by nature, spend a lot of time playing the game. if you don't like it, you'll drop it, and this is what happens most of the time, choosing instead to join on a different, mostly more popular, game they might actually enjoy and don't take seriously.
atm no i do not, im not really improving but im still gonna play osu on a daily basis
Some people get satisfaction from FCing maps so playing to improve and set good score is something they enjoy
unless I'm trying to get pp, yes, I have fun in the game
play other minigame obv.
I still enjoy the game but most of my time spent on it is playing practice diffs or speed/stream maps
i play multi mostly
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Tho having fun when you start the game and having fun for improvement is very different and i prefer having fun when you start the game
yes but no
I joined a decade ago. I used to main CTB and was very high up in the ranks, but it did eventually get boring (in tandem with my main computer breaking like a week before I was going to participate in ctb world cup lol, and me never getting used to a new keyboard). I've been very casual about the game since like 2014, until recently where I decided to pick up the main game mode instead. Been about 2-3 months of taking it seriously (though with university in the way) and I'm no mastermind of osu! now but it's been fun and I'm happy with my progress.

Point being, if you don't find it fun anymore, maybe you just need something new. I play every game mode besides mania (though very casual with ctb and taiko) and it's refreshing.
i only enjoy it by farming pp
i honestly enjoy mapping more.
wouldn't really be here if I didn't enjoy doing what I do
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TheKingHenry wrote:

wouldn't really be here if I didn't enjoy doing what I do
i dont enjoy but i am still here
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