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Please check whether this is finally fixed on the latest test build :).
Tested on osu! b20130217test

Yep, it seems it's fully fixed now! \:D/
Tested on several maps for about an hour, just to be safe.
I try out a new Nightcore map today. But because of those annoying Skin, I CB but I pass it. After that i ignore map Skin but then it's came this: 50% Nexus Skin, the Skin I use, and 50% Nightcore Skin. Can you guys help me please ? (sorry for my bad English)

This again? D:


Seems this is still not solved yet. :v
Replicating this bug by entering the editor has definitely been fixed.
I guess the original replication to this bug remains, the most common way of replicating it.
Oh no... the multi skin bug is still there (b20130221)

It's a bit tricky, let me explain what happened:
- Played and passed one of the difficulty
- Disable Skin and Retry (works at this stage)
- Play and pass another difficulty of the same map
- Retry and got the bug
- Restart didn't help

Seems to have something to do with the "BG Dim Bar" type of problem? Fun Spoiler Settings from another difficulty interferes with current settings?

UPDATE: OK I found (?) a temporary way to fix it:
- Enable Skin and Retry
- Disable Skin and Retry
- Now everything works as intended

Hope that gives peppy enough info to nail this bug :)

EDIT: I just read t/116736 Seems like I've re-invented the wheel =.=
Just noticed you can replicate this through spectating/watching replays too, similar to how it could be replicated in the editor (which is all very related to how skin.ini settings are kept throughout spectating/watching replays/playing/editing too)

More specifically:

theowest wrote:

edit: I'm pretty sure this is related to this bug t/119582
but it's replicated without even having to use the "ignore skin", just by playing

here's a screenshot of that when I were spectating myself on a map I haven't even played once:

so thanks to the "ignore skin" while spectating myself, I'm now able to play it without many of the beatmap's skin elements and with my skin.ini settings.

The first example I used had sliderborder defined, so it didn't use my slidertrack colour settings on the first try, which is the case on pretty much all other beatmaps.
spectating/watching replays counts as plays according to the #userlog so I'm not surprised it can be replicated here too.
This *should* be fixed.
I have possibly broken this in some cases fixing the taiko regression. I will push another fix in the near future.
Should be fully fixed in the latest public release.
Bumping this because it's not quite fixed

All options disabled, checked both locally and globally. Used default Osu! skin, same problem.
I had originally posted this here but was asked to bump this instead.

The map in question I am having issues with is https://osu.ppy.sh/b/186721 however it happens on any map with it's own skin...
osu! version: 20131009.5 (latest)
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