Hachito - Floating [OsuMania]

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at 12:22:14 PM

Artist: Hachito
Title: Floating
Tags: mmcc DCKS-0084 juke footwork breakcore hardcore electronic instrumental footcore compilation mamachacha phase epsilon phaseepsilon
BPM: 175
Filesize: 5900kb
Play Time: 02:28
Difficulties Available:
  1. 7 Stages of Intoxication - 4Key (5.17 stars, 2250 notes)
  2. Easy - 4Key (1.43 stars, 566 notes)
  3. Extra - 4Key (4.42 stars, 1968 notes)
  4. Hard - 4Key (2.71 stars, 1124 notes)
  5. Insane - 4Key (3.58 stars, 1506 notes)
  6. Normal - 4Key (2.02 stars, 860 notes)

Download: Hachito - Floating
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Jack // LN // Tech // Stamina // Hand Control

1 -> 2
concept series

4 <- 5 -> 6
Ranked series

A bounty of 3 months of supporter for the first SS and 6 months for the first DT S, both on the last diff

This map is from Phase Epsilon of MaMaChaCha

Original BG: here

This is one of my best maps, so enjoy!

The patterns of the map change significantly 7 times, alongside with its difficulties, representing the 7 stages of intoxication

  • Stage 0: Before drinking - Completely normal LN pattern and broken stream that you have seen a lot of time already

    Timeline: 00:00:000 to 00:21:942

    Stage 1: Sobriety - LN anchor in addition to broken stream. A step up from the pattern at the beginning of the map.

    Timeline: 00:21:942 to 00:43:885

    Stage 2: Euphoria - Everything is getting a bit tipsy. Chord LNs and also minijacks are used throughout this section. A step up from the previous stage.

    Timeline: 00:43:885 to 01:05:828

    Stage 3: Excitement - As you starting to get unstable from drinking, physically and mentally, so is the pattern here. With no LN use at all and comfortable-but-yet-challenging stream and jack pattern, you are experiencing drunkenness.

    Timeline: 01:05:828 to 01:22:285

    Stage 4: Confusion - Everything starts to go south from now on. Constant minijack and LN patterns that required a lot of hand control can throw you off easily.

    Timeline: 01:22:285 to 01:44:228

    Stage 5: Stupor - You start to feel unconscious after too much drinking. Everything seems calm now, but it is better for you to prepare for what is coming next.

    Timeline: 01:44:228 to 01:55:200

    Stage 6: Coma - Everything has gone wrong! As your body fells into a coma, you are experiencing a near-death experience. Jacks are getting heavier and heavier the further you proceed and tons of 1/4 LNs can easily turn this into a reading challenge.

    Timeline: 01:55:200 to 02:17:142

    Stage 7: Death - Congratulation! You have fully experienced the 7 stages of intoxication. Even though the cost to experience it was your death, I hope that you had fun while it lasts! Everything goes back to normal.

    Timeline: 02:17:142 to 02:27:857
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