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🙞 SEASON 1 🙜

🙞 SEASON 2 🙜


About the project:

This challenge has participants create a map in 3 weeks from a mystery artist randomly given to them from a curated list. It's designed to encourage creativity and experimentation with artists that they may otherwise overlook. At the end of each phase (3 week period), all of the finished maps are combined into one big showcase mapset for all to see, exhibiting the result of experimenting with mapping styles.

How the project runs:

Each phase lasts 3 weeks. The curator of the phase will be chosen beforehand (pre-scheduled), and will create a list of 40 artists. Perhaps artists they like, or just ones they think will pose a challenge. Each participant will be given a randomly generated number up to 40, which will allocate them to a certain artist. Each participant will then find a song of their choice by that artist, and create a map by the end of the phase. Any keymode, any difficulty. At the end of the phase, finished maps are put into a showcase mapset.

Every participant is granted one Re-Roll in each phase. If a participant is really struggling with their given artist, they have the option to use their Re-Roll to be given a new one. However, they are stuck with the new artist and will not be allowed to go back.

Some phases have Modifiers. These are extra challenges added on top of the usual randomized artists, often leading to further experimentation and keeping the format fresh.

Things to note:

- Curators are chosen out of the people who consistently participate.
- Participants who forfeit during a phase because they do not like their artist will likely not be allowed to participate again. It's a challenge for a reason.
- Participants who consistently fail to submit will be temporarily banned from joining.
- Late submissions may be allowed under certain circumstances. Joining mid-phase is fine, if the participant thinks they can get it done on time.

How do you join?

This project is generally open to anyone. If this sounds like something you would enjoy and you're confident in your ability to deliver on time, send a PM to me (Parachor) explaining why you want to join the project, and link a map of yours as an example where you've attempted to exit your comfort zone. Everything is run through the MaMaChaCha Discord server, so you must be able to join that in order to participate.

Why does this thread exist?

Due to the issues with the Beatmap Submission System regarding mapsets such as these, every phase mapset will now be archived in this thread via download links. This will hopefully allow the project to run more smoothly and consistently.



🙞 SEASON 1 🙜


Abraxos // Igorrr
AncuL // Furries in a Blender
Guilhermeziat // Nero's Day at Disneyland
Hydria // Cardboard Box
juankristal // bo en
Knif3rism // ENNNN
Level 51 // Subplaid
LordRaika // Kitsune Soundsystem
Nivrad00 // DJ Amps
Parachor // Tennyson
Rek // sakuraburst
Ruins // Zekk
Todestrieb // Anamanaguchi
Worms // antiPLUR


BilliumMoto // Haywyre
Guilhermeziat // Babokon / DIVERSA / Billboard
Hydria // Mr Bill
Knif3rism // Bon Iver
Level 51 // Koda
LordRaika // Conceptor
Lusty Platypus // Husky
Mentholzzz // KRANE
Nivrad00 // Ekcle
Parachor // Siriusmo
PotassiumF // Pixeltune
Raveille // harris cole
Ruins // Culprate
Unpredictable // BLΛNK BΛNSΗΣΣ
Tornspirit // Kero Kero Bonito
Valedict // Kidkanevil
Worms // Opiuo
XeoStyle // Alon Mor


BilliumMoto // The Faceless
Guilhermeziat // Wretched
Knif3rism // Mick Gordon
LordRaika // Meshuggah
Mentholzzz // The Zenith Passage
Pope Gadget // Irreversible Mechanism
Rek // An Endless Sporadic

Pope Gadget

Couil // Nemesis Theory
Cunu // Loffciamcore
Elementaires // Zomboy
Hydria // Venetian Snares
Janko // Danny Baranowsky
Knif3rism // cyriak
Laughingcomet // Kkrusty
LordRaika // DM Ashura
Lusty Platypus // Interrobang Pie
Mentholzzz // Paul Bazooka
Nivrad00 // ECE-SMZ / Solarbear / ETIA
Pope Gadget // mrSimon
Slaerd // Animals as Leaders
TheToaphster // Street Sects
Todestrieb // The Ghost of 3.13
[ Vento ] // bignic
Vortex- // OSTER Project
Worms // TesseracT

Crazy Constraints

1. Participants get 1 artist from each of 3 lists. The participant can choose which of the 3 to map. Each list is made up of unused artists from previous phases.
2. The participant is randomly given a constraint from a list of 26. Their map must conform to the constraint.

See the entire list of constraints here:

Hydria / Parachor / Pope Gadget

Couil // Jon Hopkins // Make a dump map absolutely filled with ghost notes, yet still works with the song.
Cunu // Vospi // Make a map entirely using the live mapping feature.
Dreamwalker // Virtual Boy // Make a map using the mapping style that you most dislike.
eyes // Musemesis // Make a map in the style of a Shoegazer map.
Hydria // CCIVORY // Make a map themed around "glitches & defects".
Knif3rism // weird inside // Make a map themed around "flowing & graceful".
Lusty Platypus // Tipper // Make a map with Timing Point and/or p-note gimmicks.
Mentholzzz // Tipper // Make a map less than 3.25* that is unexpectedly very hard to play.
Nivrad00 (I) // Maxo // Make a map where there is never more than one note at once.
Nivrad00 (II) // Plaid // Make a map where the density chart in the editor is at least 80% pink.
Nivrad00 (III) // Aphex Twin // Make a map in the style of a Parachor map.
PotassiumF // Daisuke Tanabe // Make a map themed around "avant-garde".
Raveille // Grynpyret // Make a map in the style of a Parachor map.
Rek // Black Sun Empire // Make a 2-layer map. (eg. 4+4k, 6+6k)
Stug // cyberismo // Make a map in the style of one of your all time favourite mappers.
TheToaphster // YZYX // Make a map that you think encapsulates the Ranked section.
Worms // Grynpyret // Make a keysounded map.

Partitioned Partnerships

Participants are randomly paired together. They must create a map where the person mapping changes every 8 measures. The aim is to make the map as cohesive as possible.


Cunu & Stug // Go 2
eyes & Hydria // odaxelagnia
juankristal & Nivrad00 // EBIMAYO
Knif3rism & Todestrieb // Litmus*
Raveille & Tantei B // lapix


Couil // King Tubby
Hydria // Ragga Twins
Kamikaze // Yuzo Koshiro
Knif3rism // Yellow Magic Orchestra
Laughingcomet // Aretha Franklin
MadBricktree // La Bionda
Nivrad00 // Arnold Schoenberg
Parachor // Sergei Rachmaninoff
Raveille // The Lemon Pipers
Slaerd // Fats Domino
Stug // Josquin des Prez
Tantei B // Jim & Jesse [RR]
TheToaphster // Sylvester
Tornspirit // Critical Mass

🙞 SEASON 2 🙜

Iconic Interpretations

Instead of a list of artists, participants are given a list of words instead. The participant must attempt to interpret this word as best they can through their song choice and mapping style. If one is able to figure out which word from the list was given to the participant purely just by playing the map, they've achieved this successfully. Each word can have a maximum of 2 participants attached to it.

The Staff

AmateurMonkeyYT // Bewilderment
Hydria // Broken
Asherz007 // Broken
Parachor // Cozy
BringoBrango // Cozy
FAMoss // Extravagance
MapleSyrup- // Extravagance
-Ziel- // Featherweight
Tornspirit // Fury
Unpredictable // Incognito
Toaph Daddy // Lament
Raveille // Lumbering
Hues // Meditation
MadBricktree // Meditation
-MysticEyes // Minimalism
capsafangirl // Minimalism
Theresa May // Mistakes
Lusty Platypus // Otherworldly
Davvyforte // Otherworldly
RuleBlazing // Overwhelm
Nivrad00 // Surmount
Dergo // Surmount
Todestrieb // Systematic
Knif3rism // Systematic
AutotelicBrown // Unsettling

🙏 mamachacha is over 🙏
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