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Welcome to the osu! wiki, the open-source knowledge base containing a wide range of information related to osu!, a free-to-win rhythm game.

Getting started

Important articles and guides that will help you dive into osu!. In case anything goes wrong or appears uncertain, make sure to visit the Help forum.

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Game client

Being the guide to the world of rhythm, beats, and flashes, osu! has a lot to present. Get to know the game better from its various settings and customisation capabilities to technical details and file formats it uses.

InterfaceOptionsVisual settingsShortcut key referenceConfiguration fileProgram files

File formats: .osz.osk.osr.osu.osb


Everything about clicking circles, striking drums, catching fruits, and playing the synthesiser: key elements, concepts, mechanics, and competitive play.

Game modes: osu!osu!taikoosu!catchosu!mania

BeatmapDifficultyHit objectModsScoreReplayMedalsMulti

Beatmap editor

All osu! beatmaps are created by the blooming imagination of its dynamic community. Always wanted to share your favourite music with others, but never knew how? Familiarise yourself with the built-in editor and the opportunities it has to offer.

Sections: ComposeDesignTimingSong setup

Components: AiModBeat snap divisorDistance snapMenuSB loadTimelines

Activities: BeatmappingMapping techniquesStoryboardingSkinning

Beatmap submission and ranking

Ranking is the process of obtaining a leaderboard for a beatmap, which makes it more popular and well-recognised. Discover what it takes to walk this path and how to increase your chances to succeed through beatmap reviews, as well as the procedures for quality control and the ranking process.

SubmissionModdingRanking procedureMappers' GuildProject Loved

Ranking criteria: osu!osu!taikoosu!catchosu!mania

Rules and legalese

Read about procedures and regulations that keep osu! and its community safe, from music licensing and media guidelines to chat and forum rules.

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Answers to frequent questions and solutions to common issues live here.

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Community and projects

Social interaction is one of main things that fuel osu! players all around the world. Explore the activities and contests, get in touch with others, or help organise the next big event!

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osu! wouldn't have been possible without many users helping with development, maintenance, and community management: their efforts, time, and dedication make the game live and prosper.

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For developers

Interact with osu! via other applications and media, or help it grow further.

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Wiki and meta pages

Just as almost everything out here, the osu! wiki is written and maintained by volunteers. Suggest an improvement, report an issue, or even write your own article at the osu-wiki GitHub repository.

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