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For the osu!supporter page from the website, see: support the game


For a list of goodies from having osu!supporter, see: support the game

In general, by buying osu!supporter tag, you will be directly supporting the game's developement while obtaining some extra goodies. It must be noted that the extra features from osu!supporter will never affect gameplay, performance, or score to your advantage in anyway.

Getting osu!supporter

osu!store product bannerosu!supporter product banner from the osu!store

To get osu!supporter, sign in (or register), then go to the store page. Use the slider or the month buttons (underneath the slider) to select the duration of the osu!supporter tag. A different duration will change the price you will pay. The currency used is in United States dollars (USD). If your country uses a different currency, please use a currency converter such as OANDA or Google to check the price. The prices displayed on the osu!store page are by per individual account.

Selecting the duration

Buying osu!supporterSelecting the user and duration for osu!supporter

The usercard displayed above the slider is the user you are buying osu!supporter for. By default, it should be your usercard. To gift to a friend, enter your friend's username (not user ID) into the grey box below the usercard. Once this is done, the usercard will change to match the username you had entered. From here, you can then select the duration of osu!supporter you want to gift, but keep in mind that there is no promotion for group gifting.

You can only buy or gift osu!supporter to one user at a time within this screen. To gift another user, you will need to go back to the osu!supporter store page and repeat the steps for adding another user.

Checking out

Once you are done, click Add to Cart to put it into the osu!store shopping cart.

osu!store shopping cartosu!store shopping cart with osu!supporter for flyte

When you are ready to make the purchase, go to your shopping cart and click Checkout. Then follow the prompts to make your payment.


After the transaction is completed, the Recent Activity section in your account (if you had brought it your self) or the accounts you have gifted will say:

  • {username} has become an osu! supporter - thanks for your generosity! if it is the first time that account gets osu!supporter.
  • {username} has once again chosen to support osu! - thanks for your generosity! if the account has been an osu!supporter before.

Userpage and usercard

Userpage with osu!supporterUserpage with osu!supporter

Usercard with osu!supporterUsercard with osu!supporter

On the osu!web, the osu!supporter badge can be found next to the user avatar and in the usercard next to your country flag.
The osu!supporter badge changes depending on how long you have supported the game for. If you support the game for less than 1 year, you have 1 heart; for 1-5 years, you have 2 hearts; and for more than 5 years, you have 3 hearts.

Checking your support status

osu!supporter tag with three months remainingThree months left of osu!supporter tag

Note: This section is only shown after you obtain osu!supporter.

To check your remaining osu!supporter tag status and total contributions and tag purchases, go to the support the game page and scroll down to see a section similar as pictured above.