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osu!mania judgement system

Hit values

Image Name Effect
Rainbow 300 (MAX) Perfect hit of the note or hold. Comparing to 300, getting this mark required dead-on accuracy to get it. Otherwise, a regular 300 will be given. Completing the beatmap with just this score will give the maximum 1,000,000 score (1 million score limit). This is equivalent to Marvelous in DDR term.
300 Almost perfect hit of the note or hold. Maximum score limit cannot be achieved if this score was given.
200 Slightly early or slightly late hit or hold. New players may get this mark a lot until they got accustomed to the mechanism of the conveyor, speed, buttons and the judgement area.
100 Early or late hit or hold. It does not affect the HP bar at all.
50 Very early or very late hit or hold. This score will be given for unreleased hold notes by default. Decreases HP, but not for a drastic amount. Does not break combo.
Miss Not hitting the note or holding the note using the correct keys. Drastically drain the HP and breaks the current combo.

Judgement mechanics


  • MAX (rainbow 300), 300, 200, 100 or 50 from a note depending on timing of hit.
  • A Miss given when missing a note or hit it way too early.

Hold notes:

  • The judgement for hold notes depends on both starting hold and ending release points.
  • Keep holding till end of note, with initial and final with perfect timing: MAX
  • Keep holding till end of note, without releasing the note: 200
  • Do a NG and not recover the hold note: Miss
  • Do a NG and even hold back the note: 50

NG: Not Good, a term in StepMania/DDR, which happens when the hold note was released during hold timing.