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Silence is a term used to describe the punishment of limiting a user's means of communication within the osu! community. Silences can be placed by members of the Global Moderation Team and Nomination Assessment Team, and are only placed on users that have broken the Community Rules.


Silence record in the profile page

Users who are silenced by moderators cannot do the following:

  • Use chat (public and private), both in-game and on the website
  • Post on any of the osu! forums
  • Leave comments anywhere on the website (news, changelog, beatmaps)
  • Take part in beatmap discussions
  • Edit profile details (e.g. avatar, "me!" section, etc.)
  • Submit and update beatmaps
  • Partake in multiplayer games

In addition to that, all messages of a silenced user are removed from all chat channels and private conversations.1

Silence warning in the chat

After a user is silenced, an alert will be displayed in place of the chat input field, saying when the silence wears off. The silence record can also be observed at the bottom of the profile on the website, from which it will disappear after 28 days.

Appealing a silence

If you believe you were silenced unfairly, contact the account support team at to contest the silence. Make sure to do it from the email linked to your osu! account; mention your osu! username, as well as the approximate date and time when the silence was handed out.

Common reasons for silences

Caution: Engaging in "inappropriate behaviour" in private messages is not against the rules, unless said inappropriate behaviour is being delivered to unwilling or unconsenting recipients. If reported, appropriate punishments will be placed.

  • Inappropriate behaviour in public chats or forums (e.g. #multiplayer, beatmap discussions, comments, etc.), including — but not limited to — spamming, nonsense chat, racism, etc.
  • Uploading or posting inappropriate content via other means (e.g. profile avatars, beatmap submissions, profile details, user page bio, banner, etc.).

The length of a silence may vary based on the severity of the infringement. Silences can stack on top of each other, adding more time for each one. Please note that if an offence is heavy enough, or if a player is a repeat offender, it may result in an account restriction instead of a silence.