osu! has several Twitter accounts, each serving specific purposes. Most are very low traffic but will help to keep you informed outside of the osu! ecosystem.


Avatar Handle Description
osu!status avatar @osustatus Low-traffic notifications of issues with the website and Bancho.
osu! support avatar @osusupport Help with account and/or community issues. Run by the account support team.


Avatar Handle Description
osu! avatar @osugame The official source of news and announcements.
BanchoBoat avatar @banchoboat Comedy relief when things go wrong.
NAT avatar @osu_nat News, announcements, and short community surveys by the NAT (not run by the osu! team).
pp committee avatar @pp_committee Difficulty calculation announcements for all game modes, run by the Performance Points Committee.


Avatar Handle Description
Dean Herbert avatar @ppy The osu! creator's personal Twitter account, which is not strictly related to osu!, but still covers a vast part of it.