4 Digit Catch World Cup 2021

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The 4 Digit Catch World Cup 2021 (4CWC 2021) was a country-based osu!catch tournament hosted by M0RU and KitsunIvy. It was the first iteration of the 4 Digit Catch World Cup.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Registration phase 2021-08-09/2021-08-30 (17:00 UTC)
Screening phase 2021-08-30/2021-09-18
Team submission phase 2021-09-18/2021-09-25
Qualifiers 2021-10-02/2021-10-03
Round of 32 2021-10-09/2021-10-10
Round of 16 2021-10-16/2021-10-17
Quarterfinals 2021-10-23/2021-10-25
Semifinals 2021-10-30/2021-10-31
Finals 2021-11-06/2021-11-07
Grand Finals 2021-11-13/2021-11-14


Placing Prizes
Gold crown Unique profile badge

4CWC 2021 winner badge


The 4 Digit Catch World Cup 2021 was run by various community members.


Country Members
Algeria Demon-kira, Abdera7mane, Rifze
Australia -NOBLE-, Yubeki, KannaKamuiii, Tanome, Thinkpitz, Maitoo
Belgium -[Smoked]-, Dabo, Nura, [ Ajia ], Spok
Brazil Silent Chord, Sakinuto, Flauta, CosmicDreamerXD, Nekobad, xxluizxx47
Canada SandwichMaster, Malikil, Zyoulou, Kevaca, ItsMellloww, Astralyse
Chile Jeongyeon-, SoyUnCirculo, jaimeywea, MankekeOpeh, -Suru-
China No Meaningful, YIMIER, [Kaffu Chile], ShigeLuna
Europe Melodies, XDvard, Alepe, Resibini, KizuNyan, Rawrity
France Jielefe, Bebar, Trifano, -Enias-, floflim, AiNA
Germany Ikira, Daihmuddah, white-raven, KukajuLp, Heam, ewi000
Indonesia Reid Hezzel, Reissfelt, Zvenx, Nyeko Kawaii, Ruu, BitDust
Israel LiL L1ghtMare, drhfff, Tourb0, Plunto, IDontLiam
Italy XdestroyerX7, Rick0M, dem72, D3kuu
Japan Hiro-chan, eisuke0530, kira0728, DefiantJ, Rikuima
Malaysia Green Ghost, Daniel3131, [Pichu], DTNLRiki, [skyler], ERA Leon
Mexico ExGunt, - Domaniacxx -, Galia-, roquegabr, -Applejack-, Leo11wasd
Morocco Evaous, BassDead, OSUjanaiKATSURAda
Netherlands Fyunix, jackylam5, [ Christan ], DeNummer1
Philippines Lawrence Angelo, Laqure, MaMaiPonc, Loreal, Kuroiden
Poland -ExGon-, Na_lax, Ichijou, hrohoroko, Kasperatu, 404usernotfound
Portugal Zcey, GoncS, domanizz
Romania Australia, DCega, Ahrinity, salam4life
Russian Federation ThankYou, dark rainbow, yuinn, aabii, vinnikoish, Mazuki
Singapore Kings, Rubae, yihao on osu, Judiciousity, Ekseff, Geekoruto
South Korea Peaceful, Hoshikuz, log out side, gaten, Civil oath
Sweden EclipZ, Osten, Eps, [ M e a k u ]
Taiwan murorachi, Nazrin on osu, _Satsuki_, mamonowo, Joylintp, Zetorber
Thailand EzyS, N3Marry, OOYCHAI, shokoha, harlemshake555, -TANAKITO-
Ukraine Remolution, Shadowbolts1, NamakemonsteR, Marfuri, Vanzz
United Kingdom arwab, Icy, GD Lapis, Grimzy on 60hz, Komm, Greninja
United States Digitalfear117, yaityboi, Rukairi
Vietnam Luminarie, vmnothere, Chipperonio, Swyrin


This competition has come to an end and resulted in the following podium:


Grand Finals

Download the mappack here (148 MB)


Download the mappack here (150 MB)


Download the mappack here (138 MB)


Download the mappack here (154 MB)

Round of 16

Download the mappack here (100 MB)

Round of 32

Download the mappack here (133 MB)


Download the mappack here (51 MB)

Match results

Grand Finals

Saturday, 13 November 2021:

Bracket Team A Team B Match link
Lower Sweden 1 7 Germany #1

Sunday, 14 November 2021:

Bracket Team A Team B Match link
Grand Finals Germany 1 7 Indonesia #1


Saturday, 6 November 2021:

Bracket Team A Team B Match link
Lower Philippines 7 5 Singapore #1
Lower Germany 7 3 Taiwan #1

Sunday, 7 November 2021:

Bracket Team A Team B Match link
Upper Sweden 1 7 Indonesia #1
Lower Philippines 3 7 Germany #1


Friday, 29 October 2021:

Bracket Team A Team B Match link
Upper Germany 4 6 Sweden #1

Saturday, 30 October 2021:

Bracket Team A Team B Match link
Upper Philippines 0 6 Indonesia #1
Lower Thailand 6 2 Australia #1
Lower Russian Federation 5 6 Singapore #1
Lower Taiwan 6 0 Morocco #1
Lower South Korea 6 1 Mexico #1

Sunday, 31 October 2021:

Bracket Team A Team B Match link
Lower Taiwan 6 3 Thailand #1
Lower Singapore 6 2 South Korea #1


Saturday, 23 October 2021:

Bracket Team A Team B Match link
Upper Indonesia 6 3 Taiwan #1
Upper Germany 6 0 South Korea #1
Upper Russian Federation 3 6 Sweden #1
Upper Philippines 6 4 Thailand #1
Lower Chile 5 6 Australia #1
Lower Malaysia 6 0 Canada #1
Lower France 6 0 Belgium #1
Lower Poland 6 3 China #1
Lower Singapore 6 1 Netherlands #1
Lower United States 6 1 Brazil #1
Lower Europe 5 6 Morocco #1
Lower Mexico 6 0 Romania win by default

Sunday, 24 October 2021:

Bracket Team A Team B Match link
Lower Mexico 6 2 Malaysia #1
Lower United States 0 6 Australia win by default
Lower Singapore 6 1 Poland #1
Lower Morocco 6 3 France #1

Round of 16

Saturday, 16 October 2021:

Bracket Team A Team B Match link
Upper Russian Federation 5 1 France #1
Upper Taiwan 5 3 Singapore #1
Lower Vietnam 0 5 Brazil #1
Lower Romania 5 2 Italy #1
Lower Algeria 0 5 Netherlands #1
Lower Portugal 0 5 Canada #1
Lower Israel 0 5 Morocco #1

Sunday, 17 October 2021:

Bracket Team A Team B Match link
Upper Philippines 5 0 Mexico #1
Upper United States 3 5 South Korea #1
Upper Thailand 5 2 Malaysia #1
Upper Germany 5 1 Australia #1
Upper Indonesia 5 1 Poland #1
Upper Sweden 5 1 Europe #1
Loser Japan 4 5 Belgium #1
Loser Ukraine 3 5 China #1
Loser United Kingdom 2 5 Chile #1

Round of 32

Saturday, 9 October 2021:

Team A Team B Match link
Australia 5 1 Netherlands #1
South Korea 5 0 China #1
Malaysia 5 0 Belgium #1
Philippines 5 0 Israel #1
Russian Federation 5 0 Portugal #1
Europe 5 2 Italy #1
Sweden 5 0 Romania #1
Germany 5 0 Algeria #1
United States 5 2 Ukraine #1
Brazil 1 5 Poland #1
Mexico 5 2 Morocco #1

Sunday, 10 October 2021:

Team A Team B Match link
Thailand 5 0 Japan #1
Indonesia 5 0 Vietnam #1
Taiwan 5 0 United Kingdom #1
Singapore 5 1 Chile #1
France 5 1 Canada #1


The final standings for the Qualifier stage can be found in the following spreadsheet. Detailed statistics for this round can be found here.

Seed Country Points
#1 Germany 31
#2 Phillipines 32
#3 Indonesia 37
#4 Russian Federation 38
#5 Sweden 45
#6 Taiwan 73
#7 Thailand 78
#8 United States 79
#9 South Korea 88
#10 Malaysia 92
#11 Singapore 98
#12 Europe 103
#13 France 103
#14 Brazil 107
#15 Mexico 109
#16 Australia 118
#17 Netherlands 127
#18 Morocco 135
#19 Poland 140
#20 Canada 149
#21 Italy 162
#22 Chile 163
#23 Belgium 179
#24 China 181
#25 Ukraine 188
#26 Japan 190
#27 United Kingdom 204
#28 Romania 205
#29 Portugal 237
#30 Vietnam 238
#31 Israel 243
#32 Algeria 252


Tournament rules

  1. The 4 Digit World Cup is a world cup style tournament aimed for players in 4 digit rank range (#1000-#9999).
  2. Team size is 3–6 players, and matches are played in a 3v3 format.
  3. Map scoring is based on ScoreV2.
  4. NF is forced on every map.
  5. At the end of the screening, all qualified players will be notified of the captain chosen by the hosts in their country/region. If the candidacy does not suit the players of the respective country/region, then a vote will be held to select a different captain.
  6. If a country has more than 6 eligible signups, they will be recommended to host tryouts/team qualifiers. A tryouts template sheet will be given to the captains that need it, however it is not required to follow the templates if captains would like to host tryouts with their own format.
  7. All members of the team must be registered for the tournament; the deadline is strict. Captains will only be sent players who properly registered within the registration phase.
  8. The captain may designate another person on the team as the captain when they submit their roster.

Match instructions

  • Round of 32 and Round of 16
    • Best of 9, 1 ban
  • Quarterfinals and Semifinals
    • Best of 11, 2 bans
  • Finals and Grand Finals
    • Best of 13, 2 bans
  1. The match lobby will be created by the referee, and the team captains of both teams will be invited. The captain is then responsible for inviting the rest of their team. If the captain of a team is not online, the referee will invite any other player from that team, and that player will be responsible for inviting their team.
  2. Teams have a strict 10-minute grace period to have at least 3 players available to play the match. If 10 minutes pass and a team does not have enough players to play the match, the other team will receive a win by default.
  3. At the start of the match, both captains !roll. The roll winner decides to ban or pick first.
  4. The referee is not allowed to play in the match, which means the referee should not be in the lobby during the match process.
  5. Each team is allowed 1 or 2 bans per match. Banned maps are removed from the mappool for the duration of the match and not allowed to be picked. A team is not allowed to ban 2 maps from the same mod pool.
  6. Teams have 2 minutes to select a map; if they fail to choose in the allotted time, the map choice will be random.
  7. For Mixed Mod (MM) picks, teams need 1 player with HR, 1 player with HD and 1 player with NM. Hidden is allowed for the HR player.
  8. Each team will receive a "tactical timeout" of two minutes, which can be used at any time during their team's pick, once per match. The tactical timeout is optional and is not required to be used.
  9. Once the map choice is locked in, players will have 2 minutes to ready up. The referee will start the match when all players are ready. When the 2-minute timer ends, all players should be ready. If one team does not have enough players to play the map, the other team will receive a win by default on the map. Losing by default twice will cause a loss by default for the whole match.
  10. In the case of a disconnection, common sense will be applied: if proof exists of the disconnected player's score, it will be added to their team's total score; if it is at all ambiguous, the other team will get the point; if the disconnection occurred in the first few seconds, the map will be replayed.


  1. All the rules found above will be in effect during the qualifier lobbies. Qualifier lobbies will be Head to Head instead of Team VS, and there are no bans or warmups.
  2. Each team will be playing by themselves in a qualifier lobby. Captains will have to discuss with the team to see which time works best and submit that time by 1st October Friday 23:59 UTC. There will be a reminder on Thursday morning preceding the deadline to the teams that have not selected a time yet. Any teams that do not select a time to play by the deadline will be disqualified.
  3. In the lobby, the team will play through the entire mappool in the order given on the mappool sheet. This means you will play through the NM maps, then HD, then HR, and then DT.
  4. You will play through the pool once.
  5. In the event of any disconnects, the player(s) who disconnect will be allowed to replay the map after the run by themselves.
  6. You will have 3 players in the lobby from your team at a time. You may switch players in and out during the match however you like.
  7. Qualifier scores will be hidden until all teams have played, in order to prevent seed manipulation.