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A Labour of Love contest

A multi-layered contest launched in November 2020 celebrating the classic osu! beatmap Kuba Oms - My Love.

Submissions to this contest include the following elements:


Each submission is prepared by a team. Teams can submit their name and members in this form. Once confirmed, the team's details will be listed below.


  • 3 months: Contest is open for submissions.
  • 2 weeks: Submissions are judged by separate mapper and musician judging panels.
  • 2 weeks: Community vote is opened for top 5 overall submissions


Contest judging will be handled by a panel of mappers (including storyboarders) and a panel of musicians. Because each group has its own specialty, the highest scoring team in each group will earn a separate prize.

  • Mapper panel
    • Prizes
      • Runner-up: 3 months of osu!supporter
      • Winner: 6 months of osu!supporter + Mappers' Pick profile badge
    • Panelists:
      • TBD
  • Musician panel
    • Prizes
      • Runner-up: 3 months of osu!supporter
      • Winner: 6 months of osu!supporter + Musicians' Pick profile badge
    • Panelists:
      • Kuba Oms
      • TBD
  • Overall prizes (combination of both panels and community vote of overall top 5 entries)
    • Runner-up: 3 months of osu!supporter + Overall runner-up profile badge
    • Winner:
      • 6 months of osu!supporter
      • Overall winner profile badge
      • Elite Mapper, Elite Storyboarder, and osu!mixer user titles
      • Submission bundled with new osu! downloads and fast-tracked to Ranked status


  • Submission must be a "full beatmap experience" including the following:
    • Remix of the song Kuba Oms - My Love
    • Beatmap spread following the ranking criteria
    • Storyboard or custom video
  • Submission must be in .osz format.
  • Beatmap must be in osu! game mode only. Comparing beatmaps of different modes in a judging scenario is unfortunately not realistic.
  • Beatmaps should abide by the ranking criteria. While we can be forgiving for mistakes, submissions that could not be ranked without major changes will be questioned.
  • Team name and members must be confirmed through this form. If your country does not support Google forms, send pishifat a message. Teams are limited to 5 members.

Teams are encouraged tease their submissions in this contest prior to the results being announced.

Remix usage rights

The following usage terms were provided by Kuba Oms: The remixers can post their remixes on any and all social media, but they cannot sell, release, distribute, license or use the remixes for monetary gain without written consent from Kuba Oms.