A Labour of Love

A multi-layered contest celebrating an osu! classic: Kuba Oms - My Love! Read the news post for information on the contest and the wiki article for details on teams and the contest structure.


  • Submission must be a "full beatmap experience" including the following:
  • Submission must be in .osz format.
  • Beatmap must be in osu! game mode only. Comparing beatmaps of different modes in a judging scenario is unfortunately not realistic.
  • Beatmaps should abide by the ranking criteria. While we can be forgiving for mistakes, submissions that could not be ranked without major changes will be questioned.
  • Team name and members must be confirmed through this form. If your country does not support Google forms, send pishifat a message. Teams are limited to 5 members.

Keep in mind that it is 100% acceptable to tease your submission publicly in this contest. You're making something cool, so you deserve to show it off!

Stems should only be used for this contest. Remixes can be posted on any kind of social media, but cannot be sold, released, distributed, licensed or used for monetary gain without written consent from Kuba Oms.

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