Beatmap editor menu


File menuFile menu

Basic File commands.

File commands

Name Description
Clear All Notes (Ctrl + N) Purge the current difficulty's hitnotes.
Open Difficulty... For Editing: Quickly switch between difficulties. For Reference: (osu!mania Only) Overlay the selected difficulty over the (currently) opened one.
Save (Ctrl + S) Save current changes (both .osu and .osb)
Create a new Difficulty... Save the current changes on this difficulty as a new difficulty. The old difficulty is preserved to its last saved state when reloaded.

Revert commands

Name Description
Revert to Saved (Ctrl + L) Cancel current changes and return to the last saved state. For general mishaps (hitnotes).
Revert to Saved (Full) (Ctrl + Shift + L) Cancel current changes and return to the last saved state. For complicated mishaps (timing, storyboard).

Troubleshoot commands

Name Description
Test Beatmap (F5) Test the Beatmap. Current changes will be saved in order to test.
Open AiMod (Ctrl + Shift + A) Open AiMod.

Beatmap Packaging commands

Name Description
Upload Beatmap... (Ctrl + Shift + U) Upload the beatmap to the WIP section. Requires osu!account signed in to the website to view "Beatmaps" forum.
Export Package... Export the beatmap as .osz. The file will be sent to "Exports" folder and you will be directed to osu!/Exports from the Beatmap Editor.
Extract Map Package ?
Import from... bms/bme: (osu!mania only) Open .bms/.bme file to be imported as osu!mania difficulty.

Programmer's commands

Name Description
Open Song Folder Open the song folder location inside osu!/Songs.
Open .osu in Notepad Open beatmap's difficulty file in MS Notepad.
Open .osb in Notepad Open base file (storyboard) in MS Notepad.

Emergency Exit command

Name Description
Exit... (Esc) Exit Beatmap Editor. May prompt you to save recent changes. Sometimes ignores Design tab changes.


Edit menuEdit menu

Edit commands. Same as default MS shortcuts.

Redo/Undo commands

Do note that these commands can be disabled at Options sidebar to prevent crash when editing marathon songs.

Name Description
Undo (Ctrl + Z) Undo one step.
Redo (Ctrl + Y) Redo one step.

Edit commands (Select a note before use)

Name Description
Cut (Ctrl + X) Cut the note(s).
Copy (Ctrl + C) Copy the note(s)
Paste (Ctrl + V) Paste the note(s)
Delete (Delete) Delete the note(s)

Special commands

Name Description
Select All (Ctrl + A) Select every single notes.
Clone (Ctrl + D) Copy + Paste.

Rotation commands

Name Description
Reverse selection (Ctrl + G) Slider: Reverse the numbering placement. Select All + this: Your beatmap design goes the other way around. Example: A hit circle at 10 seconds will be moved to the last 10 seconds of the song and vice versa.
Flip Horizontally (Ctrl + H) Flip the note(s) from left to right (with respect to y-axis line of Playfield origin) and vice versa.
Flip Vertically (Ctrl + J) Flip the note(s) from up to down (with respect to x-axis line of Playfield origin) and vice versa.
Rotate 90° Clockwise (Ctrl + >) Rotate the note(s) 90° right
Rotate 90° Anticlockwise (Ctrl + <) Rotate the note(s) 90° left
Rotate by... (Ctrl + Shift + R) Set your rotation angle (+/- 180°) for the poor note(s). You can adjust the rotation Direction [(Anti-)Clockwise] and Origin [(Playfield/Selection) Centre].
Scale by... (Ctrl + Shift + S) Set your enlargement size (0.500x - 1.200x) for the poor note(s). You can adjust the Origin [(Playfield/Selection) Centre] and "Apply to" (the enlargement scale to) either or both x-axis and/or y-axis.

Reset Buttons

Name Description
Reset selected objects' samples Remove hitsound of currently selected note.
Reset all samples Remove all hitsounds from all the notes in this difficulty.
Reset all combo colour Cancel all combo colourings on the notes.
Reset breaks Cancel break times. Does not work on automated break times that prevent excessive HP drain.

Nudge commands

Name Description
Nudge Backward (J) Move the note(s) one beat backward based on Beat Snap Divisor.
Nudge Forward (K) Move the note(s) one beat forward based on Beat Snap Divisor.


View menuView menu

Places of interest.

Tabbing commands

Name Description
Compose (F1) Direct to Compose tab.
Design (F2) Direct to Design tab.
Timing (F3) Direct to Timing tab.

Setup commands

Name Description
Song Setup... (F4) Direct to Song Setup window.
Timing Setup... (F6) Direct to Timing Setup window.

Special commands

Name Description
Volume Adjust two volumes (Music / Sample).
Grid Level Size of grid square. 1(most sparse)/2/3/4 (most precise) which is Large/Medium/Small/Tiny each named respectively.
Show Video/Storyboard Show background video. Usually disabled because it's distracting.
Dim Background Make the hit objects more visible by dimming the background.
Show Sample Name Show keysound attached to the notes. Very useful in osu!mania.
Snaking sliders Animate the sliders as if playing in-game.
Hit animations Animate the hit circles as if being clicked (when the timestamp passes the hit circle) in-game.
Follow points Display (and animate) the follow points as if in-game.
Stacking Stack the overlaid hit circles as if in-game (dependent on difficulty settings)


Main page: Compose

Compose menuCompose menu

Rulers commands

Name Description
Snap Divisor Beat Snap Divisor
Audio Rate Same as Playback Rate.
Grid Snapping (T) Allow snapping of the notes with respect to current grid line.

Special commands

Name Description
Create Polygon Circles (Ctrl + Shift + D) Create a circular flow of hit circles. You can adjust the Distance Snap (0.1x - 2.0x) {Spacing between notes}, Offset angle (0° - 180°) {Rotation angle}, Repeat and Points (3 - 14/282) {Number of hit circle}.
Convert slider to stream... (Select a slider) Change the slider to streams of hit circles. You can select between two options: By object count or By distance snap. By object count: Adjust the slider flow with the given amount of hit circles (1 - 17/100). By distance snap: Adjust the slider flow with a set distance between two notes (0.10x - 5.00x). Can result in absurd amount of hit circles, since it relies on Beat Snap Divisor (one beat = one note). Beat Snap Divisor: Note timing adjuster.
Enable live mapping mode (Ctrl + Tab) osu!/osu!catch/osu!taiko maps: use osu!taiko keys to input hit circles, fruits, or taiko hit objects, while playing the song in editor. Placed via cursor location. Different hitsounds based on what osu!taiko key you pressed. osu!mania maps: use osu!mania keys to input hit objects, while playing song in editor. Placed via the key you pressed. Does not work for sliders/holds.
Sample import Keysound and Sound Sampling.


Main page: Design

Design menuDesign menu

Name Description
Move all elements on time... Move everything by #ms value. Useful if you changed the .mp3 or offset.


Main page: Timing

Timing menuTiming menu

Metronome commands

Name Description
Time Signature Waltz (3/4) or Standard (4/4) timing. For exotic timing, use Timing Setup.
Metronome Clicks Allow/Deny the signature metronome's "tic, tic , (tic) , toc" sound.

Markers commands

Name Description
Add Timing Section (Ctrl + P) Add red offset (New BPM)
Add Inheriting Section (Ctrl + Shift + P) Add green offset (New adjuster)
Reset Current Section Reset the BPM setting of the red offset at the start of the section. Saving the beatmap without setting a new BPM will delete the red offset.
Delete Timing Section (Ctrl + I) Delete the red/green offset (delete one before the double line)
Resnap Current Section Resnap the current section with new current timing.

Timing Setup

Name Description
Timing Setup... (F6) Timing Setup.

Special commands

Name Description
Resnap All Notes Resnap all the notes to their respective sections
Move all notes in time.. Move all the notes by #ms
Recalculate Slider Lengths Let osu! recalculate the length of sliders. (Best to use if bpm/slider velocity/slider velocity multiplier had changed.) Caution: Doing so can shorten none to all slider lengths! Check your map after use!
Delete All Timing Sections Purge timing.

Preview command

Name Description
Set Current Position as Preview Point Set this timestamp as yellow mark (demo excerpt for Song Selection).


Web menuWeb menu

Opens your browser. Mainly send you to the beatmap's thread (requires sign-in to the website.)

Name Description
This Beatmap's Information Page Go to this beatmap's information page. Link is where "###" is the beatmap's ID.
This Beatmap's Thread Go to this beatmap thread.


Help menuHelp menu

Name Description
Show in-game help (H) Opens the in-game help reference.
View FAQ Links to Beatmapping.