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Skinning tutorial

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Getting Started

To get started, open the game client, select Options, and click Open osu! folder. Once the osu!/ folder is opened, go into the Skins/ folder and create a new folder. You can name it whatever you want, but keep in mind that osu! will display this name in the options. Inside this folder, you can add any skinning elements listed in the skin element lists.

Contrary to popular belief, to get a better understanding of how skinning works, you should start by mixing skins (copying other skin files and paste them into your newly created skin folder). It must be noted that you are not allowed to share these in the forums. However, mixing skins for yourself can help you learn what skinning can and can not achieve in osu!.

Making a skin

Once you have your own skinning folder in the Skins/ folder, you will first need an image and, optionally, an audio editor. There are many options to choose that vary in functionality and cost. Despite this, any software you use will probably work, as long as you know how to use it.

The next thing you will need is a theme or an idea. You should have one in mind to create an objective for what you want your skin to look like. This is also to help yourself when you need to gather and/or create assets.

The last thing to have ready is patience and a lot of time. New skins do not complete in a snap but can take a week or even several months, so give it some time.

What's next?

From here, you can either checkout the skinning elements lists to get an idea for what to include in your skin or go through the some of the tutorials: