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  1. Only share original skins in WIP and Completed skinning forums.
    1. Do not upload, use, or post other people's work without direct consent or permission in any form in these forums. If someone is using your work without your consent, please email See osu! copyright policy for further information.
    2. Mixed skins (skins which use elements from other skins without permission) are only allowed within the Remixed Skins subforum. While you do not need permission of the original creators in order to post here, attribution within the forum post is required wherever possible. Failure to supply attribution will lead to removal of your skin.
  2. Skins must not contain any NSFW elements
    • In accordance with the community rules, skins found with such content will be removed.
  3. Include screenshots to preview your skin
    • It will help people decide it they want to try it or not.
  4. Upload skins to known sites
  5. Do not ask for custom skins to be created
    • Creating a skin can take a lot of time and effort. If you'd like to see a skin made with some specific theme, there are many resources you can use to start creating one yourself.
  6. New skins should be posted in the Work In Progress Skins subforum
    • Once completed, skins can be posted in the Completed Skins Queue to be moved to the Completed Skins subforum.
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