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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is about the most frequently asked questions. If you're searching for an answer, you're right here! If your question isn't asked here or you didn't understand something, please ask here or create a new thread.
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Q1: How to make a long cursortrail?
A: Add a file named "cursormiddle.png" to your skin folder. No matter if it's a transparent file or not, but if you never used that file you should consider using a transparent one.

Q2: I deleted an element but it's still there! How can I remove it?
A: If you delete an element from your skin folder, it will be replaced by default automatically. That's why some skinners put transparent images to their skin folder and that's what you have to do when you want to remove something.

Q2.1: I already have a transparent image there but it doesn't seem to go!
A: Make sure you re-loaded your skin by pressing the keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+shift+s in your client.

Q3: How to delete the lighting after hitting the object?
A: You have two options: either you deactivate "Hit Lighting" in your options or you put a transparent file in your skin folder named "lighting.png".

Q3.1: I meant that I want to delete these particles after clicking, how can I do that?
A: Just remove "particle50", "particle100" and "particle300" from your skin folder. For those you don't need to add a transparent file.

Q4: How to add a background in main menu?
A: You need to be osu!supporter for changing the background in main menu. If you are, just drag and drop a picture you like in a fitting size in your main menu or add the file "menu-background" to your skin folder.

Q5: What do the @x2 files do in my skin folder?
A: Files that has @2x on their names are used if you're using resolutions above 1280x800.

Q 6: My taiko drums are in the wrong position, what to do?
A: Open your skin.ini which is present in your skin folder and set Version to 2.1.

Q7: How can I change the combo colors?
A: Open your skin.ini which is present in your skin folder, look for the [Colours] part and set the "Combo" lines to a color you want to have. You need to intert the colors in RGB/RGBa. Here's a good website for some colors with their numbers.

Q8: How to disable one or several hitsounds?
A: We have three types of hitsounds: normal, soft and drum. All of those have an ending with: -hitnormal, -hitwhistle, -hitfinish and -hitclap. Search for the hitsound that annoys you and replace it with a better hitsound of your choice.

Q9: I use dots as numbers. But as soon as the 10th combo begins, there will be two dots but I only want one dot for every combo. How can I fix that?
A: You have to look for the file size of your default numbers. As example 60x70, so you have to go to your skin.ini and change "HitCircleOverlap" to 60.

Q10: How to delete the slider end circle?
A: Add a transparent file named "sliderendcircle.png" to your skin folder. This way won't work when you're using Fallback as release stream.

Q11: I need a template to start skinning but where can I find the template?
A: Here's a download link!

Q12: How to make an animation?
A: This is a really simple and great tutorial of animating an element in Photoshop.
Animations always need multiple files and they always start with number 0. For example: followpoint-0, followpoint-1, followpoint-3, followpoint-4 ...

Q13: How do I hide 300 hits?
A: Hits are a complicated topic, I know right. All you need to do is to use transparent files for hit-300-0, hit300g-0 and hit300k-0.
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