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Apparently HD (@2x) elements are placed not in the same place as SD elements so this skin will soon face big rework. I encourage to always skin in HD and down-scaling later so I will delete all SD elements that have HD alternative. This will effect skins that use resolution below 800p because HD and SD elements have little bit different placements (around 1px) but i will sacrifice accuracy of SD for now because not so many people use 800p and below. And so you can have a taste of what I'm going to do now, Ranking Panel in SD should be placed at [0, 102] and in HD you would say its multiplied by 2, no, its [0, 205], and other stuff like Ranking title is actually 63 pixels to the left, Scorebar Colour is actually at [24, 25] with Markers...

I will have to redo every interface element, so it will take some time.


yellow square - central anchor point of an image (placed on top of corresponding square (in example like on ranking panel))
purple corners - corner anchor point of an image (goes on top of corresponding corner (example: selection tabs))
purple things with yellow square on ranking panel - retry and replay buttons have right side as an anchor (on pause screen they are centred)
to do list:
  1. number(this skin should be actually usable)
  2. SD elements scaled down using nearest neighbor
  3. templates for other aspect ratios
  4. templates for other modes
Can the mod please pin this or something? so we don't need countless thread about filling the song selection.
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