Skinning Tutorial

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The Skinning Tutorial articles are to serve as a general how to on skinning.

Skinning FAQ

What format should the images be in?

Images must use the .png format. However, the menu-background.jpg element can use either .jpg or .png.

In addition to using the .png format, you should:

  • Trim or crop your images whenever possible. The osu!client will render every pixel of an image which will result in a bigger workload!
  • Compress images whenever possible. Compressing usually removes unnecessary info about blank pixels and reduces the file sizes dramatically.
  • Understand that certain elements face a certain direction. Some elements have a standard as to which direction they must face to face the correct direction when the osu!client uses it.

What are overlays?

Overlays will overlay an element's image and will not be coloured or tinted. Note that only a few elements contains an overlay.


Since osu! can be played using different window resolutions, some skinning elements may overlap or be placed farther apart than what would be expected otherwise. This means that not elements will scale themselves to fit the game window resolution.

It is best to keep the following resolutions in mind while skinning.

  • 1024 x 768 (4:3, standard game resolution, the game is based on it)
  • 2048 x 1536 (4:3, standard game resolution in HD scaling)
  • 1366 x 768 (16:9, standard game widescreen resolution)
  • 2732 x 1536 (16:9, standard game widescreen resolution in HD scaling)
  • 1920 x 1080 (16:9, standard HD resolution)

Images will be adjusted by the game itself to fit resolutions derivating from the ones mentioned above. Most of them will be rescaled to fit the playfield or repositioned on different aspect ratios.

HD Sprites

HD sprites are used in place of the normal sprites on higher resolutions, when present. Compared to normal sprites, HD sprites look much sharper and cleaner on these larger resolutions. They get scaled by the game itself automatically to fit the resolution used. Resolutions supporting HD sprites begin at a minimum of 800 pixels in height. HD sprites are tagged with @2x at the end of their names. For example: cursor@2x.png.

HD sprites have doubled dimension sizes. For example: the normal hitcircle.png sprite has the dimension sizes of 128x128 pixels. Where its HD sprite, hitcircle@2x.png, has the dimension sizes of 256x256 pixels.

Every sprite has an HD counterpart, even all frames in an animation can have HD counterparts. As a result, the filesize of the folder or archive will increase due to having more images than normal.

All HD sprites may also be bigger in filesize due to the fact that the canvas size used is four times bigger compared to the normal sprite. There are essentially two resolution modes osu! is using. Each of them prefers one set of sprites. The first mode is LowResolution while the second mode is HighResolution.

  • LowResolution mode uses the normal sprites and ignores the HD sprites (SD-resolution skin)
  • HighResolution mode prefers HD sprites and uses normal sprites as a fallback if no HD sprite is available (HD-resolution skin)

Can someone make this skin from that show/game?

If you have gone through the entire skinning forums and you are certain that you cannot find that skin, then congrats, osu! doesn't have it yet. With this in mind, you can take this initiative to create the skin you dream of and make it something that everyone else may want!

Nonetheless, please, never request for a skin anywhere in the osu!forums. Failing to follow this rule will your thread be moved to the wastelands.

Where can I get this skin that I saw someone play with?

First off, don't ask this in the osu!forums. Otherwise, your thread will most likely be thrown into the wastelands. Secondly, your better off asking that person for the skin they're using.

I want to make a skin! But what do I need?

Nice choice, but remember, skinning can be little hard for newbies. At the beginning of making a skin, you should have:

  • Beginner skills with any photo editing program (that supports transparency) like Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.NET, etc.
  • Patience (yes, skinning does take some time)
  • An idea! (yes, this is very important. Try to be clever when making your skin!)

What is the "new" and "old" style skinning about?

This question may also be known as, "What's skin version 1.0 and 2.0+?".

The new and old style skinning was an option in the osu!client. It was, however, removed because the skin.ini now handles the skin versioning.

Old style skinning, now known as "version 1.0", is a style that was used by old default skin (before March 2013). After the "March 2013 update", also known as "version 2.0", peppy introduced the new default skin with its new behaviours and parts. There were few important changes like new spinner, countdown, hitbursts, ranking-panel behaviour. For a changelog of skinning updates, see Skinning.

It may not seem important to denote which version you use, but know that some older features may not be available in the latest version of skinning and vise versa.

What is skinning? Do I need some magical powers to skin?

Luckily, you don't need magical powers to skin.

Skinning is a simple picture changing mechanism that osu! will load upon selecting a skin in the options. Creating skins is easy (but creating elements, the images, is a little more difficult thing to achieve).

First you need to find your Skins folder which is inside your osu! directory. From here, you could either make a new folder and call it whatever you want then start making the skin. (You could, instead, install the template skin, rename it, and start editing it.)

You should note that osu! has over 200 skinable elements (not counting the individual animation frames). Don’t be scared with the amount because, remember, you are not forced to change everything.

What should my skinning folder contain?

Generally, the skinning elements and the skin.ini file are important parts of your skin and should be included. Which parts you are going to add it’s completely up to you because anything you don't change, the default element will be used instead.

You are able to add different folders with alternative parts into your skin. osu! won’t care if they are there or not. Do note, however, the subfolder called taiko (name is case-insensitive) is reserved for osu!taiko skins, which will override all of the osu!taiko elements (and some interface elements when playing an osu!taiko map).

Can I use a skinned element from someone else's skin?

Never post a skin with another user's skinning element(s) with or without permission!

You are not allowed to post skins that contain parts from other skins, even if you have the permission from the original author.

The only exception to this are sounds. They can be used from other skins, even without explicit permission from the skinner. It would, however, be respectful of you to credit the original skinner.

What about a skin mashup?

You can make skin mashups (a skin with elements from other skins), but keep them to yourself. You are not allowed to post skin mashups, mixed skins, edits, etc. on the forums.

If you want to share them, put them in your user signature or userpage (this requires osu!supporter).

How do I animate an element?

Know that osu! allows you to animate some elements, but not all of them. To create an animation for an animatable element, you will need the frames for that animation frame by frame. With those, name them in order prefixed with the skinning element name then suffix with a hyphen (-), an index number (start the count at zero), then the file extension (.png).

Most of the animatable skinning elements do not limit you to the amount of frames. However, know that the animation rate could play the animation too slowly before the user would be able to see them. To find the balance between the animation rate and the frames, you'll need to do trail-and-error (see next section below for more details).

Lastly, while most do, not all skinning elements use the hyphen then number system for animating a skinning element. For example:

  • sliderb has its frames named: sliderb0, sliderb1, sliderb2, etc.
  • pippidonclear has its frames named: pippidonclear0, pippidonclear1, pippidonclear2, etc.

My animation is playing too fast/slow, how do I fix it?

If your animation is too fast/slow, you have two ways to fix it

  1. If it is playing too fast, try to make them longer by doubling frames (or halve them, if it is too slow)
    • e.g. frame 0 and 1 are the same picture (so picture will last 2 frames), frame 2 and 3 are second picture, etc.
    • This will make animation slightly slower (or slightly faster); however the animation rate is still the same, this means that even if you slowed/sped-up one down, another's animation rate may still be too fast/slow.
  2. Use the AnimationFramerate command in the skin.ini.
    • This command affects all animations expect for a few, like pippidon or the hitcircleoverlay.

What are "normal", "simplified", and "PRO" skins?

Those are the three basic categories for skins:

  • Normal
    • Normal skins contains elements that the skinner wants to change.
    • They don't have to necessarily follow the given template sizes.
    • These skins are often colourful and creative.
    • May contains many different animations.
    • Typical skin for casual player.
  • Simplified
    • Simplified skins are directed to a players who dislike distractions, but like to see some things.
    • Skins like this often have minimized size of hitbursts (300,100, 50 etc.), size of parts aren't larger than template's, less colourful, less animations.
  • PRO
    • This kind of skin it totally focused on removing any distractions that skin can provide.
    • Skins like this contains transparent hitbursts, no animations, reduced amount of colours used in it, larger followpoint.png, semi-transparent hit circle, and less sounds.

What is the skin.ini for and what does it do?

See also: skin.ini.

The skin.ini file allows you to define specific behaviors on how osu! will display your skin. The list includes but isn't limited to:

  • name of a skin that show up in osu!
  • the creator's name (forum name is prefered)
  • skin version (what behavior should osu! use, not your skin's verisoning number)
  • colours
  • osu!mania key, note, and stage behaviors
  • osu!mania image names and paths

How do I share my skin?

To make sharing your skin easy, you should export your skin as an .osk file. With this file, you can upload it then post about it in the skinning subforums.

Here is how to make an .osk file with osu!

  1. Open to osu!
  2. Click on Options
  3. Load your skin
  4. Click the button that says Export as .osk
  5. From there osu! will open a window for your exported skin.
  6. Take that file and upload it then share!

Can I post R15 skins in the skinning subforums?

Yes, and if you do, you must add warning that your skin contains any of the below.

Probably some of you ~~perverts~~ would like to make a skin that will contain mature content. All cases are simple, if you are going to post a skin that have it, you are only allowed to post R15 or "ecchi" skins.

R15 skins may include but are not limited to:

  • suggestive or visible underwear
  • swimsuits and/or bikini
  • characters with revealing clothing (or with really skimpy clothing)

Can I post R18 skins in the skinning subforums?

You are never allowed to post skins that contains any R18 content anywhere in osu!. Period.

If you post your R18 skin anywhere in the osu! community, be aware that you will be punished for that. On the other hand, if you release it outside the osu! community walls, nobody will hunt you down.

Posting your skin in the skinning subforums

Of course, this is the optional last step to skinning!

  1. Delete all non-skinned parts.
    • There is no need to include them because this will make your folder larger than it should be.
    • Tnd that osu! will have to load more images than it would have to if it used its defaults anyways.
  2. Next, create the .osk file (follow steps from above) and upload it somewhere.
    • Most people prefer a direct download, so you can use upppy! or puush.
    • Mediafire is fine too (but of course, you aren't limited to this either).

Skinning thread template

If you don't know how to make friendly looking thread you can use this template.

[b]Skin Name[/b]: Your skin name will go here.
[b]Creator[/b]: Name(s) of who made it.
[b]Theme[/b]: Tell us what theme your skin is based at.
[b]Version[/b]: Self-explanatory
[b]Tags[/b]: This can make finding your skin easier.
[b]Download[/b]: Put download link here.

[b]Size[/b]: Approx. size of your skin
[b]Is it fully skinned? Yes/No.[/b] (Gameplay/Menu/Taiko/Catch the Beat/cursor - only?)
[b]HD support? Yes/No.[/b] (does the skin use HD images (using the @2x suffix))
[b]Screenshots[/b]: Screenshots go here. (Adding a spoilerbox is useful for people with slow connections)
[b]Video preview[/b]: (Optional, if you have one)

[b]Creator's comment[/b]: Self-explanatory.
[b]Updates[/b]: Leave your updates here (Again, a spoilerbox could be very useful here)
[b]Requests[/b]: Since no one is perfect, you can use this to request help to your skin :)

It is really important to include various screenshots of gameplay and the song selection, etc. A lot of people will want to see your skin looks like before carelessly downloading it! You can use upppy or puush to upload them.