The beatmap editor is osu!'s in-game graphical interface for creating beatmaps. It is separated into four parts:

  • Compose: The place where a majority of beatmapping happens.
  • Design: The editor for where Storyboards are made; however, most mappers will only use the "Background Image/Video" button here.
  • Timing: The second place of where all new beatmaps begin. This controls the BPM (Beats Per Minute) and other hitsounds stuff.
  • Song Setup: The first place of where all new beatmaps begin. This is sets the values regarding the title, artist, version name, difficulty, combo colours, and more.

Other components of the beatmap editor include:

  • AiMod: The first "modder" that all beatmappers can use.
  • Beat Snap Divisor: The fineness of the timeline that helps you make a beatmap, time-wise.
  • Distance Snap: The multiplier that affects how close or far hit objects are placed.
  • Kiai Time: Notes about the star fountains and flashy lights during a certain section of a beatmap.
  • Menu: An explanation about the menu buttons at the top of the beatmap editor.
  • SB Load: A number used to tell how demending a storyboard is. Any number past 5x is bad for ancient machines.
  • Timelines: The top portion of the beatmap editor that displays the placed hit objects, breaks, and more.