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Gratzu, Beam and Panda!!!
Yay \o/
Yes! Many congratulations IceBeam~ (and Reiji-RJ + PandaHero as well!)

btw @Reiji : In case you're reading this the supporter tag that you received earlier was actually from me hehe - no particular reason or else really, I was just looking at my friend list back then to check whether there are still many active mappers from the past days and I'm simply feeling like giving it to someone at random :3
holy shit the nostalgia

palju õnne
Natteke desu
Absolutely amazing.
I love this
ничего себе, я думал все уже умерли
I think the unicode artist should better be 아웃사이더, as that's the formal name he uses. Outsider is just about representing it in original English. Even though most Korean artists don't mind using them just in English for foreigners, it's still not the exact one they would use to identify themselves. http://assacomz.com/artist/outsider/ https://www.facebook.com/offic.outsider
oh lol ;w;
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@ Doyak, Voli found out his korean release cd cover I guess and he uses english Outsider name there. I'm sure it's unnecessary to add anything else.

Voli wrote:

After researching I finally found the official CD cover. The song is 05. on this tracklist.


That doesn't mean much to be honest... many Japanese artists also have their romanised name on the CD cover but that doesn't mean they want their name to be written like that formally? Also 아웃사이더 literally is pronunciation of Outsider so it's nothing strange to have it on a CD.

Also if you think you can rely on that CD, it shows outsider (all lowercase) and I guess you don't want to follow it.
Few years ago osu! didn't even have 'original' and 'romanized' titles/artists. And tbh I don't think somebody searches maps by the names written in kanji/korean/russian/whatever letters. At least it can be added to the tags, but I don't see the reason to change the artist's name ._.
Well, that's exactly why we have unicode artist field now, because we want to keep as many things as official. If we wouldn't use when it can be used, why would it even exist. I'll get some more opinions on this.
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yeah, 2k17 osu priorities
let's rank unreasonably overmapped shit, but at least it has a fully correct meta!

but seriously, it's a f2p game and it should be enjoyable. no one's gonna even sue you anyway, so adding extra fields and guidelines which make an already extremely tiring ranking process even more complicated is a really wise and well-thought decision, right? especially when BNs themselves feel uncomfortable to push the button because they can get screwed because of meta. and finally, why shouild I see a foreign alphabet which is unreadable for me when I play my own map? I find this offending and dissapointing for my gaming experience.
лучше потратить 10 минут и быстро реквалифайнуться, чем спорить 3 дня и потом получить диск все равно. не первый раз уже подобное случается
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