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every new email notification sends another wave of fear through me
The hitsound is not a problem, the song is ambient as hell in the first place, placing too many hitsounds would ruin that

Don't look at DS as a number.. its just a guideline its is not necessary to perfectly follow DS to the dot, but obviously blatant jumps for an easy diff is not appropriate

for the normal diff, again ^ the distance thing
DS being above 2.0, dude look at how low the slider velocity is tho.
UndeadCapulet is a friend of ylvy and its likely a non coincidence that after he gets BN this set was revived specifically so this could happen.
but kisses it's not like the map has major unrankable issues that are being ignored

them being friends isnt really relevant

edit: fuck i just realized it was a xexxar meme
Before you guys jump on the Sinnoh anger train

Ranking Criteria wrote:

Time-distance equality should be used. Variations are acceptable if they are clearly different from spacing used for different rhythms. When hit objects are more than 1 beat apart and have relatively high spacing on the playfield, time-distance equality does not need to be as precise.

When distance snap is used, try to keep it between 0.8x and 1.3x. Values too much higher or lower may make the difference between slider velocity and spacing counterintuitive. A higher distance snap can be used to avoid overlapping, but the slider velocity should be increased if you find yourself doing this often.
These are the current guidelines for a Normal difficulty, and as you know, guidelines operate much like "rules" in the old RC but with the exception that you can break them with justification. So Sinnoh's concerns for the Normal's use of irregular DS and 2.00x spacing is definitely warranted. And no, it's not subjective, because according to the RC the Normal violates both. You can't deny that time-distance equality is thrown out the window, and you can't deny that 2.0x spacing is higher than the maximum of 1.3x.

So what is the next step? You just have to justify the use of these particular settings and your decision not to abide by the time-distance equality rule. You obviously have some reason, otherwise you wouldn't bother to use these settings anyways, right?

Adding on:

Btw why is Hard only OD 4.4 when Normal is OD 4? Also the AR for Normal is really high for 165 bpm lol. Also HP on Easy is pretty damn high lol.

Also, I can't be the only one who thinks there's a diff gap between the Easy and Normal right? Easy uses two times as many 2/1 rhythm as it does 1/1 rhythms. And Normal uses a lot of 1/2 chains, some that span nearly two measures:

not to mention the use of 2.00 DS which inherently makes the map harder.

Also come on, put some hitsounds on the jump patterns :(. We gotta stop tossing the "ambience" term around. If you really wanted to map the ambience, you wouldn't use all these single-tap rhythms. That seriously kills the atmosphere lol. Like if you want to focus on the ambience of the music, using those slow sliders is very nice, but pairing them with jumps and extended single-tap rhythm skews that feeling you get. Should have done something UC did with his brave shine map or something, where there are slow sliders with large jumps. That would have been a really cool concept here.

Okay good luck~
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thanks for the constructive help and feedback and i'm sorry this turned into a pretty negative-spirited thing. i'll come back to this set with mod responses sometime later.

cococolaco wrote:

but kisses it's not like the map has major unrankable issues that are being ignored

them being friends isnt really relevant

edit: fuck i just realized it was a xexxar meme
Please let this not become a thing.

In seriousness, ye guidelines have been treated like guidelines, due to the connotation from the previous RC.
I seriously think it should be changed into rules, and the current ones into laws to give off the proper seriousness they deserve.
(or something less dumb with the same point)

Object types feel random. I kinda see you trying more outlandish slidershaped for different sounds, but I find it hard to relate it to the song when so many are used in a 40 second map. Maybe choose fewer slider shapes.

Also unlike the normal diff, objects don't have a clear relationship between each other. I could consider taking the effort to rearrange objects so that they fit better together.
00:24:543 (1,2,1) - These objects are the most extreme example I could find. The slider shapes vary wildly in shapes, while the visual flow seems to be cut at every oppertunity. This I believe isn't intentional, seeing how your normal diff was mapped.
00:04:180 (1,2,3) - Object here feel coherent yes, but the sliders still feel separate, due to how slider's seem to cut each other off. Something like 00:02:725 (2,1) - works great.

00:04:180 (1,2) - Keep in mind the default skin has slider heads and tails which look kinda simular, and for a new player, they could misread this.

00:11:452 (2) - Object suddenly changed DS? This isn't a big deal, it just triggeres me and is such an easy fix I don't see why not.

00:04:725 (2,3) - Maybe line it up with the previous slider?

00:02:543 (4,1) - This pattern looks nice, but due to how sparringly you seem to organize objects like this, it feels out of place. Commit, or rid of the current instances of this (with less serious words :P).

00:12:180 (6,7) - I don't see why you "stacked" the sliders like this when everywhere else in the song you didn't. There isn't anything in the song which suggests anything out of the ordinary. Make it more in line with 00:07:090 (1,2) , or another pattern.

00:32:543 (1,2,3,4) - 00:35:452 (1,2,3,4) - I don't know how I feel about this pattern. The song does climax yes, but not to the degree I would make it this spaced. Consider this would have been mapped like 00:29:634 (1,2,3) just 3 seconds ago, it feels jarrring to suddenly switch. I love the idea, but a more gradual change of this "stack" into "stream" would feel better.
Drama in 30 sec low diffs :cry:

In the future if you guys see someone fuck up without the person not knowing they did, please do not pull shots at him and just discuss what was said. Stuff like "can't believe a bn wrote this" doesn't really benefit the discussion.

Sinnoh, saying stuff like "Not even going to bother with subjective issues" basically means you said the map is low quality. Without addressing those things you will just demotivate the mapper and not cause the map to improve, it is unnecessary.
Seems like the dust settled, didn't post before because that only leads to further conflict, and nobody wants to see that.

First up, I'm sorry about the first line, I didn't intend to mean it that way. I was trying to say that I had other issues with the map, but I was only bringing up things that directly broke RC guidelines because I wanted to be to the point and short with the mod.

The only difference between rules and guidelines is that breaking rules is enough to have your map disqualified with no discussion. Guidelines are meant to be followed at all times, and should only be broken in exceptional circumstances where following the guideline would significantly hinder the quality of the map.
Considering the number of guidelines that were broken, it isn't unreasonable to assume that at least one point brought up would have to be changed. I vetoed because there is almost no reason to break guidelines for Easy/Normal, there isn't much room to be creative in a low diff because almost any unusual concept will throw new players off. Follow the guidelines and it will be fine.

I have no issue with this set being rebubbled by another nominator, if someone else thinks the set is fine then go ahead. I'm concerned because almost none of the issues I brought up were mentioned on the page before me. If it was rebubbled then any other similar issues would have been ignored again.

I don't really care about kudosu, but not being given kudosu after having multiple points of mine applied gives me the vibe that any opinions that you don't agree with any unwanted opinions. It is impossible to improve as a mapper if you don't want to take criticism.

Final word to anyone reading the thread, harassment is against osu's community guidelines. Please refrain from doing so in the future, as nothing comes from it except making the harasser look like an asshole. If you really care about what is happening on a thread, please contribute to the discussion rather than resorting to personal attacks.
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Sinnoh wrote:

I don't really care about kudosu, but not being given kudosu after having multiple points of mine applied gives me the vibe that any opinions that you don't agree with any unwanted opinions. It is impossible to improve as a mapper if you don't want to take criticism.
eeeh sorry i forgot to give a bunch of people kudosu
i'm currently not interested in pushing this map forward so i'll leave all my responses for another time. if i come back, i'll probably remap the lower diffs.
thanks for the help!

bloggle wrote:

This modding thread has been migrated to the new "modding discussions" system. Please make sure to re-post any existing (and unresolved) efforts to the new system as required.
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