Linked Horizon - Shinzou o Sasageyo! [TV Size]

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on April 4, 2017 at 8:57:31 PM

Artist: Linked Horizon
Title: Shinzou o Sasageyo! [TV Size]
Source: 進撃の巨人
Tags: revo Attack on Titan shingeki no kyojin season 2 two dedicate all your hearts heart snk aot Haruto haruto_aizawa armin arlert levi erin jaeger mikasa ackerman survey corps opening one theme song sound
BPM: 160
Filesize: 30701kb
Play Time: 01:25
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (1.46 stars, 115 notes)
  2. Hard (3.19 stars, 263 notes)
  3. Haruto's Insane (4.52 stars, 392 notes)
  4. Insane (4.4 stars, 379 notes)
  5. Light Insane (4.21 stars, 355 notes)
  6. Normal (2.04 stars, 159 notes)
  7. Titan (5.37 stars, 407 notes)

Download: Linked Horizon - Shinzou o Sasageyo! [TV Size]
Download: Linked Horizon - Shinzou o Sasageyo! [TV Size] (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Insane by Haruto
Hitsounds by Kalibe
mp3 by Doormat
Video by Shad0w1and

go go power titans
I smell a speedranking

puxtu wrote:

I smell a speedranking
quick metadata check ... /1126.html -> official Linked Horizon website -> official anime website

Artist: Linked Horizon
Title: 心臓を捧げよ! [TV Size]
Romanized Title: Shinzou o Sasageyo! [TV Size]
Source: 進撃の巨人

"Season 2" technically isn't included in any of the official sources I can find (it's written as 「進撃の巨人」Season 2) which is why I left it out of the source, but the brackets should be square brackets instead.
wdf so fast lol :oops:
Logic Agent
i just want to be on the first page
naruto opening 75
sao season 3 opening 1


22:27 Gero: Hey
22:27 Monstrata: yoo
22:27 Gero: do you still need help with it?
22:28 Monstrata: ya~ just going through easy and normal now
22:28 Monstrata: for blankets and stuff haha
22:28 Gero: sure
22:28 Gero: let's do it xD
22:28 Monstrata: alright xD
22:28 Monstrata: oh uh
22:28 Monstrata: 01:14:060 - 01:18:372 -
22:28 Monstrata: on Titan
22:28 Monstrata: u think the rhythm is okay?
22:29 Gero: let me check
22:30 Gero: 01:14:435 - 01:15:935 - 01:17:528 - I don't know why, but seems like the triples are in from the white to red ticks
22:31 Gero: for me they're okay as it is, but it's probably that people gonna complain about it
22:32 Gero: okay let's do an IRC mod instead, can I start or are you still checking them by yourself?
22:33 Monstrata: hmm
22:33 Monstrata: okay updating
22:33 Monstrata: just finished checking
22:33 Monstrata: rip 11% glitch
22:33 Monstrata: brb
22:33 Gero: sure
22:36 Monstrata: kk updated :D
22:36 Monstrata: i guess ill try and rework the rhythm for those 3 seconds since the triplets are on white to red
22:36 Gero: sure
22:39 Gero: 00:01:122 (3,3) - For Titan, they're not stacked in a proper way, check them out and you'll see that
22:42 Monstrata: oh
22:42 Monstrata: that i dont think i can fix
22:42 Monstrata: cuz its stacking with 00:01:497 (4) - 's slider end instead
22:43 Gero: alright~
22:43 Gero: 00:01:497 (4,5) - I guess you want to keep it unstacked as well right? xD
22:45 Gero: ayways 01:10:685 (3,4) - I want to ask you if there's a special reason to break your consistent regarding to the previous pattern? I mean, there's nothing to highlight or anything at this part of the song, 01:10:872 (4,1) - it's more understandable here but in this case the spacing is really lower than the other one
22:46 Gero: 01:09:560 (1,2) - The same goes for this
22:47 Monstrata: 01:10:685 (3,4,1) - felt like it needed more emphasis so i broke from the pattern a bit and used higher spacing to emphasize those two notes
22:47 Monstrata: 01:10:872 (4) - moved this slightly to create better structure tho
22:48 Monstrata: 01:09:560 (1,2) - this one imo is just a jump into another pattern. ppl compalined about it earlier which is why i moved 01:08:810 (1,2,3,4) - around
22:49 Gero: got it~
22:49 *Gero is editing [ Linked Horizon - Shinzou o Sasageyo! [TV Size] [Insane]]
22:49 Gero: 00:23:997 (4,3) - Stack?
22:49 Monstrata: btw i fixed the rhythm i mentioned. it was a simple fix anyways. want me to update so you can see? or later
22:49 Gero: later, when we finished to check all diffs~
22:50 Monstrata: fixed stack
22:50 Monstrata: eww actually blanket is off
22:51 Gero: keep it as you want, don't worry
22:51 Gero: it's not a big deal anyways
22:52 Monstrata: k fixed
22:54 Gero: 01:15:185 (5,6,7,5,6,7) - Something I just noticed right now is that you've mapped the triples while in the harder insane you ignored them completely, are you sure about that?
22:55 Monstrata: oh yea
22:55 Monstrata: for the Insane I wanted to focus more on the jumps
22:55 Gero: I thought so, just wasn't sure if that was intentional or not
22:55 Monstrata: since I already use a lot of 1/4, i felt like the first section could focus more on aim
22:56 Monstrata: okay, sweet haha
22:56 Gero: Hard is okay as it is~
22:56 Monstrata: i know some ppl really want consistency between diffs, but sometimes its nice to map things differently on different difficulties, so you don't get bored of mapping haha
22:56 Monstrata: sweet :D
22:57 Gero: 00:51:560 (1,2,1,2) - Symmetry <3
22:58 Monstrata: oh
22:58 Monstrata: this part
22:58 Monstrata: on Hard
22:58 Monstrata: i really like the symmetry there haha
22:58 Monstrata: its pretty cool imo
22:58 Monstrata: cuz it crosses back into the other side slightly haha
22:58 Monstrata: but anyways yea symmetry <3
22:59 Gero: alright, I've checked all of them and they're ready for me~
22:59 Gero: update it
22:59 Gero: :D
23:00 Gero: Metadata was checked already right?
23:00 Monstrata: riiiip
23:00 Monstrata: 11 % glitch again
23:00 Monstrata: why does this ekep happening lol
23:00 Monstrata: and ya
23:00 Gero: take it easy xD
23:00 Gero: haha
23:00 Monstrata: ill link it to you one sec
23:03 Monstrata: okay updated~ check the rhythm i did for titan :D
23:03 Monstrata:
23:03 Monstrata: metadata btw^
23:05 Gero: alright, everything's good to go for me~
23:05 Gero: I'll post the log now
23:05 Monstrata: sweet :D
23:05 Monstrata: im ready too~ just checked modding assistant and aibat and stuff, everything looks good
23:06 Gero: okay
23:06 Gero: :D
23:06 Gero: HYPE
23:06 Monstrata: HYPEEE
23:06 Monstrata: AAAAH
23:06 Monstrata: ><3
i fuckin called it

i knew monstrata would be first
did some irc on titan and insane, talked over it a bit in discord too

2017-03-21 04:41 Chromoxx: listening to the tasteful edit now xD
2017-04-02 02:53 Chromoxx: titan
2017-04-02 02:53 Chromoxx: 00:38:622 - movement to this feels kinda weird, it's a pretty intense sound so i feel like the spacing could be increased
2017-04-02 02:56 Chromoxx: 01:16:122 - i feel like the movement to this isn't emphasized enough because it's a very strong sound yet the movement is very linear and not far
2017-04-02 02:56 Chromoxx: i feel like you could emphasize it a bit better by spacing it slightly further and making the sliderr go in the opposite direction
2017-04-02 02:57 Chromoxx: 01:17:810 - this one is better
2017-04-02 02:57 Chromoxx: nice diff tho :D
2017-04-02 03:00 Chromoxx: insane
2017-04-02 03:00 Chromoxx: 00:02:247 (2,3,4) - i feel like you could have these sliders going in the other direction
2017-04-02 03:00 Chromoxx: would make for more balanced movement imo
2017-04-02 03:02 Chromoxx: 00:04:122 (3,5) - i feel like you could differentiate the angles of these sliders a bit more since you differentiated pretty distinctively for the other ones in this section
2017-04-02 03:03 Chromoxx: rest seems good :D
2017-04-02 03:05 Monstrata: angle is for consistency with 2/7
2017-04-02 03:05 Monstrata: fixed 01:16:122 (3) -
2017-04-02 03:06 Monstrata: made it a lot bigger
2017-04-02 03:06 Monstrata: 00:38:622 (4) - fixed this too
2017-04-02 03:06 Monstrata: made it bigger
2017-04-02 03:06 Monstrata: other ones i think mine are better

Sotarks wrote:

puxtu wrote:

I smell a speedranking
damn if I do not mod it now I cannot find any more stuff to mod later lol.
so basically nazi mod, no need to reply reasons since none of them really matter:

00:04:685 - I can hear triple drum beat so maybe this is better
00:11:247 - vocal beat
01:08:060 (1,2) - compare your 01:06:560 (1,2) - 01:07:310 (1,2) - the build up, should have higher spacing maybe
00:15:466 - vocal fill maybe
00:16:872 - strong vocal beat can give a click
00:35:716 - fill vocal with 1/4 sliderend or click?
00:41:716 - better leave this unmapped, 00:41:622 - is a vocal "i (-ta)"
00:48:185 (4) - unnecessary sv change, also 00:48:466 - vocal
delete green lines will be good
Sarah Katsuki
Amazing!! i love the insane diff :)
I tried

Last diff
  1. 00:19:872 (6) - Makes more sense to me to use new combo here judging by how the vocal's rhythm goes. Same here 00:22:872 (6) - and etc
  2. 00:20:247 (2) - Soft whistle?
  3. 00:41:060 (1) - I'd silence the slider end, i know there is a (pretty unaudible) beat there but it sounds weird having a kick hitsound there and not clicking it. At least remove the hitsound or reduce it's volume :p
  4. 01:10:872 (4) - Clap?
  5. 01:13:310 (1,2) - May want to give this more spacing, this can be confused with a 1/4 gap since you used this same spacing previously with 1/4 (it made me drop acc so fix it aaaa)
  6. 01:14:060 (1) - Dude nice hitsound, i'm stealing it, although it might lack that emphasis that a regular finish gives since it sounds soft
  7. 01:14:247 (2,3,4,5) - This felt a bit underwhelming since the songs intensity doesn't go down that much (imo it doesn't go down). Try having more movement here. Also it's overmapped but who cares xd

that was fast xDD, GL
I have no idea how to map at this speed and keep quality x.x
fk I suck so hard
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