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Hey there,

I was thinking about that when I saw people entering #modhelp and still dropping some requests. I think that would be cool and would make things clear, when joining a channel, there could be a very small description describing the channel.


"You've joined #osu, the place for general discussion ! English only !"

or like "You've joined #modhelp, where you can ask tips for modding and mapping !"

For first time joiners, that would be helpful, I think.
Oh wow, Never thought of that, but it would be extremely useful! Especially with people saying "OMG OMG PLAY MY MAP PLEEEASE" in modhelp...
I support this :!:
I'm in B)
Sushi told me to promote or else he'd silence me so here goes

No, really it'd be good to have. Especially with the newly born #rajio, and the tournaments in place, right now #twc for example.
So yeah +support
Not sure, I can imagine how annoying that would be to some people.
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That's why I'm stating a very short description. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't annoy people if it is like the message "Joined #osu !" or w/e channel
Yeah, well, then again, if they have OCD or something, it's their own problem.
+support, even if I have no star available
yea i agree :3 there is too much ppl spammin in diff language :/
That should be really easy to do. Just show up channel topic and that's it.

Supporting without stars.
This is good idea, but user who don't have stable connection will get mass topic/motd messages.
If there is good implementation for this, channel-motd works well.

or exclude #osu is one way.

am lazy to check logs but there was no request before?
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I searched through the previous requests and I didn't find something about it (or it was really explained differently).
Never thought that before! Im glad someone request this suggestion. Reminder this since i was played MMORPG's game server before :3

I will support this~
A nice idea. I think it would be productive if someone types up the descriptions for the channels now so that it would be easy for a person to implement them.

blissfulyoshi wrote:

A nice idea. I think it would be productive if someone types up the descriptions for the channels now so that it would be easy for a person to implement them.
Sushi already outlined the only two channels that matter (though I wouldn't have used such direct language on the second sentence as it doesn't fit with the style of osu!, I guess) and the others are just a matter of translating the description for #osu. We should be able to round up a few people to take care of that pretty easily after this feature's been given the green light, but I think it's too bothersome to consider asking so many people for a request that possibly won't be followed right now. Let's wait.
After 4 long, long years... Our fight is not over yet.
*insert poetic stuff here*

Anyway, I currently don't have any stars, but I do support.
(Came here from: t/328165
backing my idea up, I think that it would be good for #lobby also. it automatically connects when you go into multiplayer and many people, everyday, think that #lobby is their #multiplayer. I think a good sidenote would be great.
Also adding usefull links related to the channel would be good (like rules etc...)
Well, we already have these small descriptions when looking for a channel

If the description should be >very short< then we already have one ^.
If it'd allow for some more info (maybe links), then I'd be all for it.
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