Omoi - Snow Drive(01.23)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, July 24, 2017 at 9:06:47 PM

Artist: Omoi
Title: Snow Drive(01.23)
Tags: Vocaloid Hatsune Miku k2pudding Battle HappyRocket88 Anxient pkk Rumia MoeMoeKyunNN moph SnowNiNo_
BPM: 224
Filesize: 30857kb
Play Time: 03:59
Difficulties Available:
  1. Anxient's Normal (2.48 stars, 443 notes)
  2. Arigatou (7.69 stars, 1207 notes)
  3. BHR's Easy (1.82 stars, 255 notes)
  4. Hard (3.39 stars, 676 notes)
  5. moph's Expert (5.77 stars, 1086 notes)
  6. NiNo's Expert (6.62 stars, 1293 notes)
  7. pk's Insane (4.65 stars, 876 notes)
  8. Rumi's Expert (5.43 stars, 968 notes)

Download: Omoi - Snow Drive(01.23)
Download: Omoi - Snow Drive(01.23) (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Want to play this map with Araki vocals?
Click below to download:

Araki - Snow Drive(01.23)


OMG the guy who told you the "Everlasting Memories" name is so good Kappa
Edgy poem for an edgy map

Have to listen to what
everyone says, at-least to
capture an idea. I've heard
of tedious reviewing, but
can it be raw. Can it dare
to be something other than
structured. Concise is one thing,
but is stress another. If I were
to free-flow like the rest
of the world, would it be bad?
You may say it's trash. But are children's books
the same to a certain degree. May it be long,
may it be short, may it be?
Why must there be an end, when your mind certainly
doesn't, or would you rather talk
of disqualify.
why are you trying to make a good looking 8* map are you insane
>insert poem here<

do u want another gd
03:09:266 (1) - Maybe should add something like this. :?:?:?:?
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xDololow wrote:

03:09:266 (1) - Maybe should add something like this. :?:?:?:?
I appreciate the video ^^
I was gonna do a slider-art thingy there if I could but your idea also sounds good. For now it's a break until I'm more decisive.
Hype 8*
I want a diff too =( I've wanted to map this since I first heard it

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Wait till you see how much it's worth with HR

how to completely fucking ignore the music and vocals and map practically and functionally random cross-screen 1/2s that change momentum and rotation at unpredictable points and in general is a bloody mess to look at. and that's just the kiai.

i hope you're banking on more than bullshit meme power to get this ranked, otherwise you might as well give up while you're ahead. The jump sections (all 20+ of them) need a complete do-over. I'm rather bored of seeing people map literally randomly placed jumps. At least have some basic concept of momentum or cursor positioning. And get a sense of rhythm, while you're at it.
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Rhythm in 2016 LUL
you think i can slide in a gd? maybe for a 5.5-5.9 extra?
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No more room, soz
Aww come on :c
Id like to CtB one
If Mazzerin's death stream practice maps are getting ranked why shouldn't Kroytz' jump practice map also get ranked :):)
my shitty #33500 relax play
it had 4 weird jumps, but had problems at reading the last two troublesome. cool overdone map :D

and of course, Raikozen's Extra sounds too lame so you had no choice but to add "Tragic Love" /facepalm.
I'm a big fan of your streamy maps but I can't get behind this one. Many patterns seem to have inconsistent flow, different kinds of flows for no reason. Beginning has NCs which don't really deserve to be there. Almost no sense of rhythm in jumps (that aren't in the chorus). Very poor choices of flow for sliders and spacing. Slider structure is inconsistent also. Jump patterns have ok sense of flow but you keep changing flow and it doesn't feel good to play at all (and is sloppily mapped)

You poor soul, you must have thought "if monstrata can qualify his alien I could probably get away with this"...

which you probably will knowing current standards... RIP osu beatmaps
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