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Welcome to the Beatmap Management board. Below you can find answers to most of your questions and learn more about the BNG!

How do I use it as a BN?

Read BNG rules first!

Everything else is pretty self-explainatory. If you are confused or curious about certain things either ask in this thread or create a new one, if you think the matter in question needs some discussion. Use icons according to the purpose of your thread and explain your problem or question! Also, be sure to check out #nominators, as this is the channel where all your fellow Beatmap Nominators are!

How do I use it as a regular user?

Who else can post in here apart from the BNs?

GMTs, QATs and all higher administration members have post privileges to this board.

Why can I see this board? I am not a BN.

The Beatmap Management board is read-only for all registered users in osu!. All members of the Beatmap Nomination Group are simply normal users which have the permission to nominate maps into the Qualified status, so there is no reason to hide their discussion from everyone else.

How do I report a beatmap?

Members of the community may report a beatmap which they feel would benefit from disqualification and further revision by doing the following:
  1. Posting in this thread
If you have any questions, please contact me, KwaN or OnosakiHito.


  1. and - provided that you are here, I believe you should be familiar with these two. In case you are not, read this
  2. - use a star icon to mark maps that you believe to be bubble-worthy. usually people expect you to bubble the map later on, if you star it.
  3. - not really used anymore. You can mark approved marathon sets with it, instead of a heart, though.
  4. - used for nuking maps, don't use this as a BN.
  5. - each icon stands for a respective mod. They don't really have any value anymore.

- these are used for Beatmap Management subforum. And give a general overview of the type of discussion going on. Pretty self-explainatory.
Is a nuke even used (by BN) anymore?
In the past years, I've only seen it being used by Loctav
No, BNs are not allowed to use nuke anymore.

IamKwaN wrote:

No, BNs are not allowed to use nuke anymore.
Adding that it has been the case since the very first wave of NewBAT (2014/08/24)
We updated the entire BNG rules document by expanding most existent rules with reasonings and explanations, rewording vague things and add a couple of more rules to avoid speedqualifications and too fast requalifications after a DQ without the complaining party and the mapper making an agreement.
On top of that, we buffed bubble pops to give them an enhanced meaning of a veto, which every BN is encouraged to make use of.

Some rules were added that actually went without saying so far, e.g. to not rank stuff that you can not judge. Given that some people ignored that so far, we felt like it was important to write it down once and for all.

In order to give every BN a fair chance to react on bubbles (e.g. placing a veto and pop it), there must be 24h between a qualification and the last placed bubble. This doesnt count for two bubbles or bubble and bubble pop. This only counts for the time between the last bubble and the final heart/flame.

To get the full gist of what has been changed, just read the BNG Rules & Information document at the opening post in this thread. This probably covers is better than me just edge-explaining things.
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