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Gonna disqualify this for now because I think it's worth looking into, especially with the snapping suggestions.

Once you guys have settled, you can push this to Qualified again.

Good luck!
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Protastic101 wrote:

just wanted to mention a few small things, nothing big

01:15:188 - Only asking for confirmation here, but the short notes and LNs are counted separately in chords right? What I mean is 01:15:188 - 01:22:247 - and others like it are only jumps, whereas 01:16:953 - 01:20:483 - 01:24:012 - and so on are hands. The only difference between the two is that one contains an extra LN and the other doesnt. Just my opinion, but I think it would have been better to keep the chord sizes consistent jumps or hands but what you have now is fine too. i'm already keeping jumps and hands consistent. Hands are for what u said, claps + piano sound (LN)

01:31:953 (91953|1,92174|0) - Thought it might be cool to stack these two notes for the kick since it's the same sound, and there's currently no differentiation by chord density or anything for it, so I dunno, just a thought.i used similar kind of mappering for those sounds in rest of the map, so no change

01:34:968 - I'm going to be mentioning stuff like this later on in the map, but there's a shaker kind of sound here on the 1/6 that might be cool to add. I do get why you wouldn't though because the first half of the map is a bit more calm whereas most of the difficulty (despite it being pretty easy overall) is at the end with the 1/4 hihats. as i said on PM before, adding that additional snap in whole map will require a lot of repattering to make them playable and also it could destroy consistency with 1/4 hihats that appear a lot more often.. So I prefer to keep it as it is (and also 1/4 hihats are a lot more audible than those 1/6 shakers)

01:38:130 (98130|2) - I think it'd be cool to make this a 1/2 LN to represent the two separated bass notes at 01:38:130 - and 01:38:571 - rather than seemingly ignore the first one and map only the second. second one is for vocal, not for bass, thats why i ignored it

02:41:659 - to 02:41:769 - is a short glissando, so I think it'd be appropriate to add an LN on the 1/4 after 02:41:659 (161659|2) - to represent the change in pitch there is but its barerly audiblle and repatterig it is impossible without making an uncomfortable shield

02:50:924 (170924|3) - I think it'd be nice to move this note to col 1 and then extend it as a 1/1 long LN or so because the sound kind of tapers off very quickly after that. The same could be said for notes like 02:54:453 (174453|2) - 02:56:218 (176218|0,176218|2) - moved to column 1, but without LNs, because im only accenting piano for LNs as u saw

03:06:733 - Same stuff I mentioned at 01:34:968 - which I think would be cool to have in the map. The sound is similar to the 1/4 shakers found at places such as 03:05:813 (185813|3) - 03:04:049 (184049|3) - for example, but with a slightly looser sound, and with swing instead of straight rhythms. already explained

03:07:578 (187578|0) - For stuff like this, I might consider prioritizing the 1/6 shaker as opposed to the 1/4 hihat since I think most players will be paying more attention to the shaker as I mentioned before. It's ok to leave it on the 1/4 though because there is a hihat there, but it's harder to hear over other sounds present in the music imo. same

03:14:279 - I honestly think that this retriggering of the kiai time is redundant. I assume it's done for the crash at 03:14:306 - , but it really doesn't add anything else to the map aside from the kiai fountains for maybe half a second which might mislead the player due to the fact a player might have expected a slow transitional measure before the end of the kiai, only for there to be none. I would honestly just remove 03:14:279 - and keep it as one smooth kiai.
03:28:424 - Following your logic above too, I would have expected a very short kiai to trigger here for the end of the section and crash that comes with it. fixed

03:28:644 (208644|0,208755|1) - I actually believe that these are snapped incorrectly. It seems to me that there's only three sounds between 03:28:424 - and 03:28:865 - , and they're all equidistant in time to each other, which would mean this is a 1/3 triplet. So it shouldn't be using 1/4 but rather 1/3 like this Fixed, just deleted notes there because those sounds are really barerly audible

03:41:659 - I'd suggest doing here what you did at 01:38:130 - with the 3/4 LN for the bass, such as this same as I said in 01:38:130 , just dont want to accent those bass, barerly audible

03:43:865 (223865|0,223865|1) - I'm not sure why this is a jump. Assuming your chord consistency remains the same throughout the song, shouldnt kicks be mapped as singles rather than doubles? See 03:42:762 - 03:35:483 - 03:31:291 - 03:31:733 - and so on. Actually, a lot of the middle section is inconsistent in the same way too. last two kiais are intentionaly made that way with accenting bass with jumps. Sometimes I was ignoring those jumps because density was too high with that bunch of LNs (difficulty spike)

03:45:556 - add note for the shaker? Could add in in 1 on the 1/6 ^

03:46:402 (226402|0) - Seeing that this is getting towards the end and there's a lower note density, I'd consider shifting a lot of the 1/4 hihat notes such as this one to the 1/6 line above for the shaker. ^

04:00:133 (240133|3) - Should be on the 1/6 at 04:00:115 - , along with the ending of 03:59:692 (239692|2) - because the gap between notes is slightly larger than the gaps between 03:59:251 (239251|3,239306|1,239692|2,239747|0) - fixed

04:06:337 (246337|0) - I believe this is actually supposed to be on the 1/12 line at 04:06:328 - since there's a bit of a swing to the note if you listen on 25%, rather than it being a straight rhythm. fixed

Aside from the three notes I mentioned whose snaps are incorrect, everything else is subjective and I wouldn't mind it either way. Overall really nice and calm map with some cool LNs and graces =w=
Before qualification (this mod will sound a bit lazy but its in general everything because of the same reason of drum jack consistency, feel free to not accept any of this):


01:14:306 (74306|0,74527|3) - Shouldnt this be a jack instead of 01:14:747 (74747|2,74968|2) - ?

01:25:115 (85115|1,85336|2,85556|3) - 4-3-2?

01:28:644 (88644|0,88865|3) - Ctrl+h or too hard?

01:35:483 (95483|0,95703|1) - should be a jack right?

02:53:350 - jack here (will just point them all) 03:35:483 (215483|1) - 03:42:762 (222762|1) -
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Accepted almost everything, thanks!
Wish you good luck!

EDIT: I blame Tidek, I was sure this was bubbled LOL
This Beatmap got qualified without a bubble before the Qualify.

I'll take it down
round 3
"oh shit" - juan

now that's what I call a speedrank

Bonsai wrote:

now that's what I call a speedrank
q3i9056u895tjuaionhjgfasft ahhahaha
well thats an interesting DQ reason
buan >:(
you only need one BN get your map qualified
how this map is qualified????

the timing of this map is garbage.
my god why the fuck was this qualified the timing is so dkjfhdslkfjsldkfjsdlkfj

ill mod it since i have other concerns as well

will definitely need to open this up for discussion
okay timing is so wrong i dont know where to start

first of all, i need to prove myself right i guess. open the timing tab and listen to 03:00:188 - it sounds so off. come on, you cant bloody deny that. if you still dont believe me, listen to the hitsounds in that section. its just so off and makes it so fucking ladfldkfjdslfjsdlfj. please please listen this timing cannot go ahead. honestly. look, the first timing point isnt even right, it should be at 00:00:156 -

i take that all back, the offset should be 00:00:156 - fixes everything

okay. timing concerns out the way. now chart, god.

these timestamps are the current timing points. and, some might carry over to tideks diff as well

00:57:541 (57541|3,57762|1) - why do these overlap? there is no new sound for the extra LN to be there and considering this is literally an extremely simple piano melody its a bit much

01:00:299 (60299|1,60630|2,61512|1) - not really much of a problem but i hate repeating patterns and this is an easy fix. not for PR either

01:04:600 (64600|3,64821|1) - again, really think this shouldnt overlap

01:15:188 (75188|0,75188|3) - if this is a double, 01:16:953 (76953|0,76953|2,76953|1) - why is this a triple? inconsistent

01:17:836 (77836|0,77836|1) - double, but 01:18:056 (78056|0) - isnt? alot of this doesnt add up

01:20:483 (80483|3,80483|1,80483|0) - again this sound has inconsistent charting

01:25:777 (85777|2,85777|3,85777|1) - compared to 01:27:541 (87541|1,87541|3) - this is a major problem that is everywhere so far. probably the same in the rest of the diff as well

01:31:071 (91071|2,91071|3,91071|1,91291|2,91291|1) - seriously? the chart is so goddamn inconsistent. you need to make them all the same other wise everything contradicts itself and you get false emphasis n shit and its just not allowed

01:39:012 (99012|0,99012|1,99012|3,99012|2) - christ, even the quads are inconsistent

01:46:512 (106512|3,106733|1,106953|3,107174|1,107394|3,107615|1,108056|3,108277|1,108497|3,108718|1) - these columns are overused. even if it was intended i dont see any point in this and just make it balance better makes more sense

02:48:718 (168718|2,169159|3) - more overlaps i dont understand

02:49:600 - here, you didnt chart the piano for a little bit to emphasise the drums right? if so, 02:53:130 - same needs to be done here

02:54:894 - and here i guess

03:35:400 (215400|3) - what are you on this is ksdjflsdkjflksdjflskdjf. may be a bit hard to tell since the offset is wrong but yknow 1/16th no way, maybe

04:39:012 (279012|0,279067|2) - should end at 04:42:541 - tbh since there is no sound at all for that last part

basically, what im trying to get across is that your chart is massively inconsistent and the offset being wrong doesnt help. nearly all of my mentions are found throughout the map. and kiai is such a mess.

your first step is to fix the offset ofc because thats pretty major. next, please fix your charting. there are so many places with sounds that are represented from singles to doubles to triples and none of it makes sense. an example of this is 01:17:836 (77836|0,77836|1,78056|0) - or 01:20:483 (80483|0,80483|1,80483|3) - compared to 01:22:247 (82247|2,82247|0) - its just all so dlakfjldkfjsdlfkjsdlfsdkl;jfhhc.

look, i dont want to discourage you but i was just so surprised that this slipped through the hands of so many people and got qualified. this map does have potential and people can see that but its just not polished at all.

please open this map up for discussion.
I don't know what the heck happend here and how a Map can get qualified with such a wrong offset.
Please change the offset to 136 (-53). It sounds most accurate to me.

Also please give a reply to error_exe777 Mod

Disqualified for now
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