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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, November 19, 2017 at 6:05:14 PM

Artist: xi
Title: Blue Zenith
BPM: 200
Filesize: 7834kb
Play Time: 04:13
Difficulties Available:
  1. Bluanother I (Ignition) - 7Key (8.12 stars, 4874 notes)
  2. Bluanother II (Ascension) - 7Key (8.63 stars, 5046 notes)
  3. Bluanother III (Stratosphere) - 7Key (9.17 stars, 5400 notes)
  4. Bluanother IV (Lapis Lazuli) - 7Key (9.51 stars, 5632 notes)
  5. Bubbler's Extra - 7Key (5.49 stars, 3853 notes)
  6. Easy - 7Key (1.14 stars, 312 notes)
  7. jakads' Dimensions - 7Key (8.3 stars, 5643 notes)
  8. JINDIMENSIONS (No LN ver) - 7Key (9.6 stars, 7300 notes)
  9. JINDIMENSIONS - 7Key (16.12 stars, 7270 notes)
  10. pporse's Extreme - 7Key (6.76 stars, 4686 notes)

Download: xi - Blue Zenith
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
/!\ JINDIMENSIONS is NOT intended for humans. /!\
Play at your own risk.

Renamed the diffs to bluanother to reduce confusion (:thonking:)
Added an LN-less JINDIMENSIONS diff (with some buffs at the ending)

Permission granted by Wonki and the guest mappers to use some of the 7K difficulties from Wonki's mapset (with some fixes and tweaks)

  1. Easy [Lv. 2] - Simple melody and simple rhythm. Good training map for first time mania players
  2. Ignition [Lv. 50]
  3. Ascension [Lv. 65]
  4. Stratosphere [Lv. 72] - An easier, nerfed version of Lapis Lazuli diff. (USED AS THE TIEBREAKER MAP OF MWC 7K 2016 FINALS!)
  5. Lapis Lazuli [Lv. 82] (LN Gamma+) - Welcome to the Blue Zenith.
  6. Jindimensions (No LN ver) [Lv. 120] (Regular Zenith+) - Jindimensions where every single LN (except the very first note) has been rice-fied. Just because there are no LN does NOT mean that it's an easy map!
  7. Jindimensions [Lv. 180+] (LN Zenith+) - No mercy. Contains nearly impossible sections. This diff is not intended for full combos; just pass it without failing and you're already at the top. If you can S this, I have no words. Good luck! (7270 notes meme)

    GDs (Special thanks to Wonki and the Guest Mappers)
  8. Bubbler's Extra
  9. pporse's Extreme
  10. jakads' Dimensions
Are you trying to kill players???????

-Kamikaze- wrote:

Are you trying to kill players???????
EZPZ for 0133
Theoretically rankable →_→

Mwalls Ho wrote:

Theoretically rankable →_→

but too cancer to rank xP
This is should be ranked :3
와 개꿀잼
Rank inmediately
Jinjin, you should complete this mapset and rank it. No matter if it's more cancer of Maniera.
:^) nice everything: maps and diff... SO HARD
why not ranked?
rekt ㅋㅋ
if its ranked people would near 40kpp.
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