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holy shit this is back alive after 2 months wtf is this
Why is this thread closed?
  • So that I don't pile up all the mods and end up not doing them.

How about the mods from the time before this thread got killed? WHAT ABOUT THEM?!

  • i sorta picked out the songs that i wanna mod and sorta abandoned the rest. Since im planning a change of rules, hurahurp. Sorry~


  • what am i still going with this? YES. YES I AM.
    1. STD mods only.
    2. Japanese or English songs. Your pick.
    3. Since i found out that im far too lazy to map any map that is longer than 3:30 minutes, don't ask for mods that are longer than 2:30. For any songs that are longer than 2:30, ill mod it if i really like it.
    4. Expect my mods to be ranging from 3.5 - 5.0 stars. Anything above and below that is something im not going to touch.
    5. I can mod the map whenever i want. You know? School life sucks balls.
    6. I give equal priority for all maps. or songs. Mostly because im far too lazy to pick out which songs to map.
    7. If i don't reply to your request in a month, i probably ignored it or, in a worst case scenario, im probably dead. again.
    8. Ill be able to work on the mods on weekends. Sometimes on weekdays too, but higher chance to get your mod is on weekends.

What kind of songs do you mod that is above 3:30?

Any songs by:
1. Nanahira
2. HoneyWorks
3. Tatsh
4. xi

Mods that I actually worked on

Things to note

  • expect that i will give mods and you will not use any suggestions. that is all. because im a crapmodder

If you're feeling generous, wanna do a m4m?

じん feat.やさぐれ子猫 - メカクシコード (Blindfold Code)

senya - Tsuki Ni Murakumo Hana Ni Kaze (PV ver.)
Eri Sasaki - Ring of Fortune (TV size)
HI! :D Try my luck here xD just an instrumental or chillstep xD

Song title: MitiS & MaHi - Blu (Nightcore Mix)
Map link:
mod request type: NM Mod

Thanks a lot :3

title: Aoi Eir - Sirius (TV size ver.)


req type: regular mod

Comments: pls mod just handsome's Light Insane

Title: JO*STARS *TOMMY, Coda, JIN* - JoJo Sono Chi no Kioku *end of THE WORLD*
Request type: Regular mod

Nerova Riuz GX
Song title: Sushi Killer - Zora
Map link:
mod request type: Regular Mod

Song title: BRADIO - Flyers
Map link:
mod request type: Regular Mod

thank you :)
Song title: Taishi feat. Mitose Noriko - The Party of Seven Witches
Map link:
mod request type: Regular Mod
Comments: note placement just do what you can lol

You can mod a marathon, right? :p
Song title: Afilia Saga - S.M.L
Map link:
mod request type: Regular Mod
Comments: Thanks!
Song title: mikitoP - Yonjuunana (Japanese - vocaloid)
Map link:
mod request type: Regular Mod, any diff if you want

I'm just a newbie in beatmapping, so there could be many mistakes in my mapset.
And please keep the [Hard - Left] and the [Hard - Right] diffs in the same difficulty or not too far. Thank you.
Song title: Shizuki Nano - A Secret Adventure (Japanese/Touhou)
Map link:
mod request type: Regular Mod, as many as possible :3

P o M u T a
Song title: Kitcaliber - HEY FUCKER
Map link:
mod request type: Regular Mod.
Comment: thanks you!
Rihanna - Don't stop the music
Regular mod (or if you want M4M, but I'm kinda busy now, having many mod requests)
Murakawa Rie - Asuiro (TV size)
Regular mod
Thanks ! :)
1. All maps are to be said in the following format
Song title: Laszlo - Interstellar
Map link:
mod request type: Regular modding
thank you^^
Hi hi :3~~~~

Song title: Kato*Fuku - You Gotta Love Me!
Map link:
mod request type: Regular Mod
Comments: At least I need mod for Hard diff and Insane Diff (Because some part remapped in those diffs :3) This is anime TV Size Song (Inou-Battle Ending XD) Thanks~~~
Ciyus Miapah

Song title: Yuyoyuppe - Aiae
Map link:
mod request type: Regular Mod (want m4m pm me)
Comments: gimme some suggestion for all diff if you can :3
Song title: Goose House- Hikaru nara
Map link:
mod request type: regular mod :3
Comments: hmm..just a short feedback about the patterns and unrankable stuff.. ouo;;


A Japanese pop song~ hope u like it :3

Song title: CLIFF EDGE feat. Nakamura Maiko - The Distance
Map link:
Mod request type: Regular mod
Comments: Any kind of mods would be grateful!

Thank you very much :)
Aoba Misaki

Song title: Pile & Mimori Suzuko & Nanjou Yoshino - soldier game
Map link:
mod request type: Regular Mod
Comments: i think that. need a many help to my map.

Thanks :)
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hooo my god. that's a lot more people that I thought. Well, thanks anyway! YOu can still post your request here, but first ill go complete the other mod requests before this one. :D
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