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  1. Since I'm bored of looking at fruit all the time I'm going to put in some special rules for fun.
  2. For your map to be modded, you must draw a picture representing your song.
  3. I will contact you about the mod (You can contact me too!). IF I accept it you must edit your post containing your picture in a spoilerbox.
  4. If I do not accept it, you don't have to draw.
  5. There is no minimum level of quality here but I expect you to be creative!
  6. My mod quality will be the same as your picture quality.
♦ Rules/Guidelines ♦

  1. This is CtB ONLY, do not request here unless your mapset contains CtB difficulties.
  2. Do not post the same map multiple times, it's a hassle for both parties so please don't do it.
  3. We do not have to mod your map, we aren't robots and I think we want to keep it that way.
  4. If we don't mod it and you have a problem with that, talk to US and do not bring any drama up on the forums, it's a hassle to deal with.
  5. If we ask for M4M, please mod back. We aren't a charity and we WILL blacklist you.
  6. In the event we do ask for M4M, we will mod first UNLESS we ask for you to mod first.
  7. Only post if your map is PENDING, if it's in the Graveyard don't expect anything from us. If it is WIP, PM us and we'll try our best to help.
♦ Extra Notes ♦

  1. I can only IRC mod right now, forum posts may come later.
  2. Search for me! I will look for you but that doesn't mean I will be looking constantly.
  3. If you message me, I will straight up tell you if I will mod your map or not.

  1. Don't make me have to write anything here.
Is it open? :3

If yes,
CtB mapset, starred by BAT but still needs mods. :v
Thank you!
Hi o/
still need more mod
thanks :3
CtB mod request...

Nano - Happy Ending Simulator

thankss :D
Hey o/
can you mod this please ? :3
thanks in advance :)
If you mod you can take your time
I just a beginner

Can you tell me what wrong and what about all beatmapping word...

Thank You
CtB Mapset , mod reqs Tia - Heart Realize (TV Size) Thanks!
Hi :3 you can mod mi map :3?
t/195662 is short 30 seg :3

Mod these ctbs diffs please? t/262560/start=0

thanks :3
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Gonna file through these whenever. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have posted and want a mod asap, I need pushing 90% of the time.

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Special rules for a special occasion.
Can you mod this map ?

Thanks :)
hi! almost 6 mins song. just one extra diff

thank you!
Pizza Kun
Hi is WIP but i need mod only in overdose diff ^^

MuryokuP - Existence

Thanks :D
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LeiN- wrote:

hi! almost 6 mins song. just one extra diff

thank you!
Don't like song sorry.

Pizza Kun wrote:

Hi is WIP but i need mod only in overdose diff ^^

MuryokuP - Existence

Thanks :D
Pending only.

rew0825 wrote:

Can you mod this map ?

Thanks :)
Find me ingame please.
You wanted, you got it. :P

Thats the best I can draw with mouse. :P
Nakano Ichika
should post here?
dunno what i draw XD
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