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This speed changing is getting on my nerves! It would be better if we had an option to play the same way it was before this update. I don't want to change the speed for every song I play :/

I got used to a fast song these days and I can't play it as it is now... Even if I change the speed manually, I still can't find the correct speed that i'm used to :C

Please please, fix this :|
This post and the implementation is wrong. It will be fixed in the next release.
Peppy, I actually want to question your decision here. This scroll system is far better than the old one. I would like to understand your reason for this decision.

I believe the new system is much more convenient since you don't need to adjust your speed setting for each song or any time you use DT/NC.

I also believe that it's actually far easier to understand since the speed is absolute regardless of the BPM of the selected song. The term BPM-relative is a misnomer in this case.

I can understand that making a change like this may upset some players used to the old system, but the new system is far better overall.

For example, new players seem to have difficulty even realizing it's possible to change your speed. With this system, that would mean that every song automatically is adjusted to scroll at the same rate from the beginning, making BPM less of an issue for new players. On top of that, it's easier to explain the concept of absolute scroll speeds to a player than explaining how to do the math to try to recreate this system manually, which is what many players are forced to do with the old system.

In my opinion, it would have made far more sense to use this system from the very beginning, and makes literally no sense to even keep the old system, except maybe to appease some stubborn player who refuses to think long enough to recognize the benefit of the new system.
You will have the option to use either. Also I agree this is not BPM-relative, which is why I changed the wording. Please see cutting edge build.
My very uncomfortable to me anew, I dislike completely there any way to downgrade ??
Full Tablet

aiory wrote:

a mi me incomoda mucho el nuevo modo, me desagrada por completo hay alguna forma de desactualizar??
Acaban de agregar la opción de elegir entre ambos modos, tienes que esperar a que la nueva opción esté en el stable build (versión estable).
New public release now available with modified behaviour.

peppy wrote:

You will have the option to use either. Also I agree this is not BPM-relative, which is why I changed the wording. Please see cutting edge build.
I understand the change in wording, but I still don't understand keeping the old system. Of course making a change to a game mechanic will always confuse users who don't pay attention to patch notes or understand the difference, but the fixed speed system is far better for new players and far more convenient for everyone, so I don't understand the point of making it non-default and accessible via an option menu item that few players are likely to even know about.
I prefer the old system, therefore it is default. As with a lot of things, it's a matter of opinion as to which you prefer. Based on my own preference plus the amount of negative feedback I've received, I am overruling this change.
The problem about citing negative feedback is that it's a well known fact that we always focus on negative feedback more than positive feedback, and are more willing to vocally express negative feedback than positive. Many players have been asking for this for a very long time, and I's happy that you at least left it in as an option.

I don't believe that relying on your personal preference is the best way to decide which option should be default when nearly every active player of this game mode has more ranked plays than you. I realize that osu is your project, and you feel that it's your decision to make, but I would implore you to overlook your personal opinion in this case and make the decision that would be better for the community, and not just yourself.

I will stop posting now, but I want you to know that as much as I respect your ownership of osu, I feel that your reasoning was myopic and disregards the actual benefits of the new system completely.
I played beatmania for several years of my life. It was the first rhythm game I played. I respect (and agree with) how it approached things.

The negative feedback wasn't a matter of "focus". It just said I wasn't alone in preferring the old system, which was enough to make me override the change.
So the best update that mania has ever recieved got overrided because of negative feedback, which would be overwhelmed by positive feedback if whole mania community would discuss about this. Nice.
I was all prematurely excited over this update, because I misunderstood that instead of always having to change scrolling speeds dependent on a song's BPM, I could set an overall speed that would do the behind the scenes calculations for me and then the notes would always fall for me at my preferred speed.

This will allow you to use the same scroll speed for a 100BPM song and a 200BPM song, and have the notes travel at the same speed.
But this doesn't seem to be the case in my practice, as I can set a 100 BPM song to a speed that I like, but then when I go to play a song at 200 BPM, the notes shoot down the page at lightning speed so I cannot see them XD

Anyone know what I am doing wrong, or will I still have to keep changing speeds every song in this new system?

Still have some figuring out to do I guess on my end lol.

Thanks again though for all your continued work on the game :D

Edit: Okay, so I figured it out now I think. I had to uncheck that one setting ("Scale osu!mania scroll speed with BPM") and now the notes are falling at a good speed at both 100BPM and 200BPM without me changing the drop speed :D I'm so happy now.
开场的welcomg好棒 :)
Thanks for the update, i was going to cry if i had to change all my songs back to the old speed
This new update is good for new players but im just so used to playing my songs with different speeds

-Kamikaze- wrote:

So the best update that mania has ever recieved got overrided because of negative feedback, which would be overwhelmed by positive feedback if whole mania community would discuss about this. Nice.
hue, i was waiting for this update soo damn bad, and *poof*

can i cri too, kaze..? ;w;
You can still apply whichever mode you want. It's in the options. Please read.
Yes, but begginers often don't know how to change scroll speeds and there are cases of pepole quiting mania after few plays because of that, so that's why new scroll speed should be default one. Also almost all vsrg's use stable speeds. There are plenty of reasons for that and the same reasons apply to new mania scroll speed.
On a side note, I don't know where you pulled that negative feedback from. When I asked around, I got 100% of positive feedback on new speeds and joking about your "fix"

07:36 < lavkib> Did they change osumania in the last update or did i just mess something up
08:16 < flyingpig1010> how do you fix the osu mania speed
08:47 < takenashi> i can't play mania like before
12:40 < Audiophille> is anyone else having trouble with mania track speeds when playing alone
14:16 < Slith> how to adjust the new mania speed wow
16:28 < Right3ous> this new update makes mania so awkward -_-
22:59 < PatrickDVZ> How to fix Osu!Mania guys? It's too damn slow.
23:00 < Missa_Cazuri> wth how to fix mania so slow
23:01 < PatrickDVZ> Who knows how to fix Osu!Mania?
02:21 < Jumpforce> okay osumania is fucked up or I'm confused
03:36 < PDKAerith> how do you adjust the mania speed
05:00 < Riu> is it me or did they change the osu mania speeds
05:59 < disfunny> is it just me or do the speed on the osumania songs....slower? o_0

In searching for all this feedback, I found two cases of people mentioning the change in a positive manner.
Seems that you weren't on #osumania when that change was added on cutting edge.
Pepole constatly thanking Blazier for about 2h.
Also I've never heard anyone who played mania more than 2 weeks to complain about it, it was only a matter of getting used to it
Those people will find the option.
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