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This list provides current BNG and NAT in the gamemode osu!taiko. Promotion log here. Indepth information here.

  1. The Beatmap Nominators (BN) are responsible for disqualifying beatmaps and mediating vetoes from now on, in addition to their task of pushing beatmaps towards the ranked category.
  2. The Nominator Administration Team (NAT) are the moderators of the Beatmap Nominators. They are responsible for BN Applications, creating tests for the applicants and for evaluating the current members. They will still have their moderation privileges although it is not their primary focus.

List of BNs and NAs who are capable of Taiko

  1. Faputa
  2. Nepuri
  3. Tyistiana
  4. Capu
  5. Cychloryn
  6. davidminh0111
  7. _DUSK_
  8. eiri-
  9. Greenshell
  10. kanpakyin
  11. Nardoxyribonucleic
  12. neonat
  13. radar
  14. Raiden
  15. realy0_
  16. Roger
  17. Stefan
  18. tasuke912
  19. frukoyurdakul
  20. incandescence
  21. Jaltzu
  22. [Karcher] 2
  23. Ulqui

Mentioned users are able to nominate and disqualify beatmaps.
Note: users with the light purple colour are probationary Beatmap Nominators and cannot disqualify beatmaps, and they also require a full Beatmap Nominator nomination in order qualify a set. Furthermore, they are unable to nominate hybrid beatmapsets unless the other nominator is a full nominator for all the present modes in the set.

List of osu!taiko Alumnis

  1. aabc271 (Taiko BAT)
  2. Alace (BAT)
  3. Aloda (QAT)
  4. bossandy (BAT)
  5. DakeDekaane (QAT)
  6. HeatKai (BAT)
  7. kanpakyin (QAT)
  8. lolcubes (QAT)
  9. Love (Taiko BAT)
  10. MMzz (QAT)
  11. NoHitter (BAT)
  12. OnosakiHito (QAT)
  13. Raiden (QAT)
  14. spboxer3 (BAT)
  15. Tasha (Taiko BAT)
  16. TKS (Taiko BAT)
  17. wmfchris (BAT)

Those are known for their contribution in this game mode as official staff members in osu!.
oh yeah, way easier to see who to spam ask for mods or general questions about maps :3

Thanks for the list : D
You've mixed up the BAT and QAT hyperlinks
\:D/ :D Thank for the list :D

More BAT to check Taiko map
"DakeDekanee" :( *slaps Ono*

new hl added
The number of taiko BATs now just makes me happy when compared with a few months ago :D

cdhsausageboy wrote:

The number of taiko BATs now just makes me happy when compared with a few months ago :D

cdhsausageboy wrote:

The number of taiko BATs now just makes me happy when compared with a few months ago :D
so QAT still able to bubble maps? :/
Hey, a lot of people I know who are now BATs
Congratulations to all~

Maybe one day I can be a BAT too~
Thanks for the list :)
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17.09.2014 - Added Stefan into the BATs. Congratulation!
Gratz Stefan!
yay another taco bat
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22.11.2014 - Welcome Nwolf to the BATs!
congratulations baka Nwolf o/
:o .. Congrats Nwolf! :D
Congrats bakaNwolf!
Congratulations to Nwolf :p
Some really cool new guy for Taiko. Well deserved, grats!
Congrats Nwolf!
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