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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
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There is a rank for Standard, for Taiko, for CtB and for Mania.
I request there to be a fifth rank. The cumulative rank.
It takes all your pp from all modes together (and divides by 4 for average) and that will be an other ranking.
So I would have 1369+3449+863+624 = 6305 total pp (1576,25 average)
Jackylam5 (good Dutch all mode player) would have 5593+1983+3965+1070 = 12611 total pp (3152,75 average)
It counts it vor everyone, and makes a new ranking (make a new tab in ranking page which you can set to country/friends
I actually had something like this in my mind aswell but could not post it because some silly rules. Your idea sounds good thou.

+1 if you figure out a good way to get cumulative rank for each map difficulty aswell.
Vuelo Eluko
i dislike this because it feels like adding unnecessary clutter to userpages but at the same time a new ranking like this could breathe some life into the other modes as surely quite a few people would like to be rank 1 'all-around' osu player.
Topic Starter
It will NOT add a fifth tab in userpage, but in the notmal text, cumulative pp+rank
Also it will go to the page I said
Yukiteru Amano
Love the idea! It also encourages players to maybe be all-rounders :)
Topic Starter
Out of stars but like the idea.
Very good Idea! Supporting :)
Good idea :)

I always wondered, as an all-mode player myself, who is the best at playing all modes. I would like to compare my 3455pp average with others. I think the best one would be Remilia-Scarlet if he was still playing.
Topic Starter
Defintely Remilia-Scarlet.
Too bad all her Taiko/CtB/Mania pp is gone, so we don't know ;-;
Topic Starter
How did I have to know sil?
you didnt:P but now you do.
i like your idea btw.
Topic Starter
Then shoot some stars :P
Hier hadden een paar mensen in #dutch het over, dat Jacky zo geel goed zou staan, dus ik dacht, laat ik t eens requesteren :P
not bad. it's just like the idea they're talking about in clan system
i really love this idea, its only a think if peppy wants to use so much server space to do another ranking calculation, but if he does then it would be so fucking gonna give this idea all my stars since i love all-mode playing ^^
Topic Starter
Most stars I ever had on a feature request ;-;
Still thank guys!
Spro would be top afaik.
Let's see who is the best all around player \:D/
I love the idea because im an all mode player
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