What have you done lately to better yourself?

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Strolling around the forums I guess?
I stopped smoking, and picked up a new habit in the form of vaping, which while not perfectly healthy, is supposedly 95% healthier, especially for people quitting smoking. Quite a controversy, that, but I believe what i've read and what i've seen, not to mention I feel just overall better than I have a few weeks prior when I was still smoking cigs.
I started losing weight and started actually getting on top of my problem with spending money and staying motivated. Losing weight has been going well but for some reason, Saving money for me is quite hard. If I see something nice or a sale, my impulse is to buy it haha. Good luck to everyone else with what they're doing!
he attacc
I just started to become friends with a lot of people so that's good
How do I get out of bed? I always spend at least 10 hours on my bed a day
Exercise and osu! are my coping mechanisms for stress which I started at exactly February 1 of this year. So far the stress I've been experiencing (mostly from education) has been lessened so I guess its a good thing.
i'm only 16 right now so i'm still in school, anyway for me,

i have been getting low grades like 89 below in major subjects especially math. the reason was because i haven't been able to listen to lessons because of my friends, i've became a lot talkative and lost focus in school. i prioritized osu! and social life.

- i distant my self with them, i started with not eating lunch with them and soon requested my sensei to change my seats so i'll be in front. it was successful and got myself higher grades since i became a highschooler.

before i distant myself with my friends, i started to think what will happen to my future.
i plan to become a chem engineer, but with my current grades i knew it won't cut it. i guess this also helped my mind to decide whether i should still have fun at the mean time or just focus on my future.

there have been highs and lows in my life, 2 of my closest friends ended their lives early. they were the ones who praised my arts ever since the beginning, and my girlfriend cheated on me.

it has been 4 months after all of these and i think i'm enjoying this life a bit more than what i expected it to be. i thought it will be really boring without my friends in school. well they sometimes look and laugh at me, when i'm alone and going straight to the library. discord has really been my friend, i've been chatting with other people i met in osu in my server. hope this can help you in some way, i just want to get this out of my chest. :)
I read this book awhile ago, called "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck". While a little satirical, it does have a lot of really great life advice and I recommend it. Anyway, I was really afraid of this college interview I had, but I felt a lot better after reading that book and I actually did pretty well at the interview.

I also have a lot of bad habits I have to break... like uh, not finishing my own songs, triple tapping on doubles in osu, forgetting about my japanese anki deck for a week and having to review 500 cards. :/
started opening up to my friends more and relieved a lot of emotional and mental stress as a result
uninstalled discord and reddit from my phone, started playing wayy less vidya, got a part time jobe
trying to eat less junk food
l started to study way more for school and I'm doing Physical Education after the half term. l also have a friend.

I suffer with anxiety which is depressingly bad and l isolate myself a lot from people irl. However, I'm now reading aloud sometimes in English class. This, to me, is my biggest ever achievement. Even if me reading is the only time anyone hears my voice.

Started to care a lot more about art too, this year, as in my school coursework and hobby. I've improving with both quite dramatically.
I stopped smoking, 4 months already :)
I am trying to focus more on studying since this is my graduation from high school year and I've got to pass in a great university.
hmm... I'm trying to practice my creative writing with the help of TRPG
ive been exercising a lot more than i used to, eating better, and trying to go out of my way to hang out with the people that i’m closest with. this year’s been pretty rough so far but i’m doing my best to push through and get back to where i need to be.
became more active and engrossed in my interests, spending more time outside of the internet, taking care of financial responsibilities
J Vtol
started studying for tests instead of playing osu haha
I am an aspiring programmer and am studying in this domain in Cegep (a school unique to Quebec that is between high school and univeristy). But the work we get there are way too simple for me (and many others in my course) so I often do my own code, which are a lot more complex than the teacher asks. Lately I have been coding a game of go in Java and I am also thinking of trying out python and code a maze with it.
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