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ok lets see...

Not sure if Polish names are actually rankable because a majority of the player base will not understand its meaning, i will ask within the staff for confirmation

for better spread within the mapset, try circle size 3
00:16:273 - there is a clear increase in music intensity here, so you might want to raise the volume a bit, perhaps 60% (applies to all diffs)
00:42:713 (3) - whistle on the end?

similar to Banalny, try circle size 3.5 for better difficulty transition
00:32:544 (1) - spacing on this slider is slightly inconsistent

00:08:900 (2) - perhaps make this blanket the end of 00:08:137 (1) properly
00:12:968 (3) - if you move this here it would look and flow better:

00:23:900 (4) - this slider with the old algorithm makes the curve look uneven, you might want to remake it

try AR8.5, better differentiates it from the hardest difficulty
00:30:256 (5,1) - maybe its just me, but i feel that the spacing here might be a bit difficult to follow since you used practically the same spacing later except 1/4 apart. A good solution is ctrl+g on 00:30:764 (2), this way the spacing emphasis is on 00:31:018 (3) which makes more sense with the music

due to the constant sv speed changes in the beginning, i recommend you to colour code the different sv to make it more readable. e.g. dark pink for faster sections and light pink for slower sections
00:17:672 (2,3,4) - i found this jump to be especially hard due to the uneven spacing and sharp angle change onto the slider. You can try something like this instead:

00:45:257 (4,5,6) - hmm the emphasis here feels off, consider this rhythm:

let me know once you are done looking through this
Changed everything, but:

  1. I used 55% at the kiai sections, but I guess it's OK too. :3
  2. I don't want to change the rhythm of the very last point in your mod to the hardest difficulty, because in my opinion it doesn't sound off and it sounds really cool. : / #CreatorOfTheSong

But everything else is changed as you said. And I silenced the sliders because I hadn't done it before. #BadMemory

Now I'm gonna catch you, because the mapset is updated need you. B|

L-V-U! o3o

EDIT: Changed names to English. Now it's rankable as hell. Let's do it! o3o
alright lets give this a try


Note to other BATs: mapper is the creator of the song, so having only "Krfawy" for artist is fine as thats what the creator wishes to use
Thank you very much for your time and help Jonathan! :3

*Krfawy The Happy Blonde
Hype! Go go, bby! <3
jednak nie

Gratuluję :3

EDIT: Dodaj pinkcore do tagów XD
Hello, you asked me to look at the map and look at it I did.

Overall this difficulty is very overmapped and some of the patterns/jumps are not very intuitive. I asked several members of the BAT and they have agreed with me that the mapping does not fit the song. Certain points in the song have streams that do not really call for it. (refer to naraku's post) I will list out some for you, but IMO they are all over the place. I urge you to listen to your song back on 25% playback and find the rhythms that could be improved. In addition, I feel AR, OD, and LD9 are a bit overkill. AR 8.5, OD 8 and HP 8 will fit the song best. You must also re-examine the Hard and Insane for overmapped rhythms
  1. 00:16:909 (4) - Sound is actually not on the blue tick, but 00:16:972 - here
  2. 00:17:671 (2) -
  3. 00:18:434 (2) -
  4. 00:18:943 (4) -
  5. 00:19:960 (2) - The slider end doesn't really land on much
  6. 00:22:502 (2) -
  7. 00:25:553 (2,4) -
  8. 00:26:062 (6) - Slider end doesn't really land on much

Other than that, there are some jumps and patterns that are just a bit odd and do not play well
  1. 00:00:765 (1) - The slider velocity changes that populate this difficulty aren't exactly wonderful to hit. They create very jerky movements and the player will be guessing on what slows down and which speeds up because the song does not really give much of an indication. Players will need to learn this by playing it over and over again, which should not be a necessity.
  2. 00:08:137 (1,2) - This comes out as awkward because 2 starts on the yellow tick. I think if you have 1 continue repeating until where 2 starts and have 2 start on the red tick, I think it will play much better and more satisfying to hit. Follows the music more closely as well imo. However, I feel as if this rhythm will reflect it the best
  3. In the kiai you use a lot of inconsistent spacing changes which can be hard to follow, have a look at 00:16:909 (4,1) - for example and then look at 00:17:671 (2,3,4) - . The music emphasizes 1 pretty significantly yet 3 and 4 have more spacing in comparison for roughly the same sound. This can be very confusing and a lot of these patterns should be reconsidered.
  4. 00:21:358 (1,2) - Really large spacing for the same 1/4 rhythm that populated this map
  5. 00:36:994 (2) - This will need to be moved down as it is touching the HP bar
  6. 00:46:845 (1) - The spinner here has a lot of rhythm to follow, so I feel that you could map this out

That is all that I will point out, I would like you to take your time and revisit your rhythms to make sure everything fits nicely in accordance with the music. You can call me anytime and I can try to help you.

Bottom line is, I do not feel this map is ready for qualification, not just in the Extreme but in the other difficulties as well (I strongly urge you to try and fix this difficulty rather than remove it). Take the time now to have some more modding done on the mapset and call me back.
^Lowered OD to 7, HP to 8. AR is still 9 because it's unreadable with lower than 9. 00:36:994 (2) is placed lower now. That's all I changed in the Extreme difficulty. Sorry, but I know better what is an overmap to my own song. :<

Thanks for your feedback! :3 I'm gonna look for mods to my harder diffs (Hard and Insane) because I remapped them. Later I will look for another BATs and ofc you so you can check those. :3
Hmmm a więc tak


00:00:765 (2) - Polecam z tego slajderka zrobić reverse zamiast jednego długiego. Osobiście gdybym sam robił tą betmape to bym tego reversa zrobił w cieniu
pierwszego slajdera 00:00:002 (1) - albo zwolnić prędkość samego slajdera na nastawe 0,75x a potem wrócić do 1.0x.

00:08:137 (1) - tutaj nie tyle co slajder jest brzydki a jego umiesznienie pomiędzy 00:06:866 (3) - a 00:08:900 (2) - to tylko moja rada ale polecam nad tym pomyśleć.

00:10:934 (3) - przesuń może środkowy punkt slajdera na X-100 Z-200
00:15:001 (2) - tutaj to samo X-108 Z-296

00:33:052 (2) - niby jest ok ale dla ładniejszej estetyki ja bym ogon slajderra dał niżej aby zrobił sie taki blankiet z poprzednim streamem.


00:06:357 (2) - Po 1. ten slajderek zrobił bym zaokrląglony a nie jak dirt w minecrafcie xDD
Po 2. spróbuj tak zrobić aby koniec wpomnianego wyżej slajdera jakoś łaniej współgrał ze slajderem 00:06:866 (3) -
bo teraz to "brzydki slajder" XD
00:07:629 (4) - tu bym jebnoł blankieta bo wygląda to jak dywan na ścianie w rosji.

00:27:460 (6) - NC bym tu dał ale to tylko moje przemyślenia.

00:29:493 (4,5,6) - Wszędzie indziej robisz ładne slajdery blankiety a tutaj zrobiłeś takie brzydkie postaraj sie to poprawić jakoś np tak:

00:39:155 (2) - Slajder punkty przestaw żeby ładniej było xD np na X-4 Z-196


00:02:799 (1) - osobiście tutaj bym nie dawał już NC a dopieru tutaj jak jest 00:04:070 (1) -

00:02:036 (1,2,1) - Te slajdery ładnie se sobą współgrają ale to kółko mnie odpycha, spróbuj pomyśleć nad nim :p

00:02:036 (1,2,1) - to samo czyli ""osobiście tutaj bym nie dawał już NC a dopieru tutaj jak jest""

00:10:679 (1) - PAszoł won z tym NC.
00:08:901 (1) - tu też NC za dużo ogolnie tych NC myślę.
00:14:748 (1) - NC to samo.

Dobra to tyle więcej moje oczka nie widziały, życze powodzenia w mapowaniu walczeniu o rankeda
Hi I am here to improve your mapset? ._.

21:47 Krfawy: K
21:47 Sey: Gotte testplay first.
21:48 Krfawy: I can't see you playing is my osu dead
21:48 Sey: No you can't spectate me in editor mode.
21:48 Krfawy: oh
21:48 Krfawy: I thought that you test it usually
21:48 Krfawy: ;_;
21:49 Sey: 00:08:137 (1) - Maybe you could give that slider a LITTLE more interesting shape to emphasize that different sound a bit better here?
21:49 Krfawy: oh I have an idea 83
21:49 Sey: Especially your whole Easy is spreaded with rounded siders and circles which makes it a little boring to play, so some variety cannot hurt.
*some stuff nobody needs to see* /me runs
21:50 Sey: Just make it A LITTLE different, not too much.
21:50 Krfawy: ok what's more? :3
21:51 Sey: 00:32:544 (1) -
21:51 Sey: and 00:38:646 (3) -
21:51 Sey: I'd prefer if you map the 1/1 ticks in the middle of these sliders
21:51 Sey: Since these are important beats.
21:51 Sey: It feels a little empty to play.
21:51 Krfawy: OK
21:52 Sey: Easy is fine, keep in mind that I am a CTB BAT, so I have no idea what I'm doing D:
21:53 Krfawy: Sey that you do not know what you do doesn't mean that you do not help me
21:53 Krfawy: believe me I know what I'm doing XD
21:53 Krfawy: and you're helpful :3
21:53 Sey: Go to your Normal.
21:53 Sey: I found something weird there.
21:54 Krfawy: what's that? D:
21:54 Sey: 00:06:866 (5) -
21:54 Sey: This slider should be consistent with 00:04:832 (2,3) - imo
21:54 Sey: Same as 00:02:798 (4) -
21:54 Sey: I PERSONALLY prefer if you map that 1/2 beat
21:55 Sey: But keep them as they are at the beginning because that's a nice interludium for your song.
21:55 Krfawy: okiee dokiee :3
21:56 Sey: 00:25:425 (2) - Maybe that one can have a reverse arrow on the 1/2 tick and a little bit symmetrical with 00:24:408 (1) - ?
21:56 Sey: This would improve the flow better.
21:57 Krfawy: TBH i am blanketing here so that's why I'm breaking the flow here
21:57 Sey: Oh ok
21:57 Sey: Well ok then Normal is fine I guess '-'
21:57 Krfawy: and I had something sounding like that but Desperate told me it's too easy for a Normal xD
21:57 Krfawy: 83
21:57 Krfawy: HOW ABOUT HARD
21:58 Sey: For Hard: 00:23:391 (5,6,7,8,9) - I guess you fixed this already.
21:58 Krfawy: (BTW I wish that you're aware I would give you kudosu even if you do not post anything in my thread anymore? You're not the only 1 who can give an IRC chat XD)
21:59 Krfawy: yass I remember 83
21:59 Sey: 00:28:095 (6) - That sound is maybe a bit light again. You sure you wanna map it?
21:59 Sey: 00:31:527 (4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11) - A similar problem as we had at 00:23:391 (5,6,7,8,9) - . Again relatively quite heavy stream. Maybe reduce the note density a little here
22:01 Sey: 00:46:781 (5,1) - Not really a huge fun of such a short distance between note and spinner but I guess it's up to you to change that or not.
22:01 Krfawy: hmmm I think it would be OK if I keep 00:31:527 (4,5,6,7) stream BUT I make a slider instead of 00:32:035 (8,9,10,11)
22:01 Krfawy: fuck I hate when it goes like that X_X
22:01 Sey: mh
22:01 Sey: Well think of something that you like ^^
22:02 Krfawy: I mean when it goes like that blue highlight XD
22:02 Sey: oh ^^
22:03 Krfawy: How about Insane? B|
22:03 Sey: i wont check the Extreme cuz I have no idea how to do this, about the Insane .... let's see...
22:03 Krfawy: OK :3
22:04 Sey: 00:24:281 (9) - You sure you wanna map this beat. Again it is barely audible
22:04 Krfawy: yeah I know my Extreme is a pure beauty I know. Thanks for nice words ;_;
22:04 Sey: yes beautiful as you bby
22:04 Krfawy: oh thank you <3
22:05 Krfawy: I knew that you think I am beautiful B|
22:05 Sey: 00:43:985 (2,3) - 00:41:951 (2,3) - and all the sections that sound similar
22:05 Sey: Since the beat here is lenghtened I think sliders fit better than circles.
22:06 Krfawy: uhm but what what
22:06 Krfawy: I don't get what's going on with those two moments XD
22:06 Sey: Ok lemme explain
22:06 Sey: The voice at 00:43:985 - FOR EXAMPLE:
22:06 Sey: It is lenghtened until 00:44:239 -
22:06 Sey: There is actually music between those sections
22:07 Sey: And that's why a slider sounds better instead of circles
22:07 Sey: But I guess it would be too extreme lol
22:07 Krfawy: oh now I think that I know what you mean
22:07 Krfawy: yes that's why I made it like that
22:07 Krfawy: because Lust told me 'it's an overmap'
22:07 Sey: yeah ok
22:07 Sey: We keep it the way it is
22:07 Sey: I am done, sorry
22:08 Sey: I can't mod standard...
22:08 Sey: xD
22:08 Krfawy: Yaaaay thank you so much Sey! <3
IRC mod
23:25 Cydros: mam wszystkie diffy sprawdzic?
23:25 Krfawy: nomcz XD
23:26 Cydros: tak?xD
23:26 Krfawy: XD
23:27 Cydros: 00:14:493 (2) -
23:27 Cydros: to kolko mi sie nie podona
23:27 Krfawy: o
23:27 Cydros: na insanie
23:27 Krfawy: wiedziałem XD
23:28 Cydros: 00:15:764 (5,6) -
23:28 Krfawy: dobra spisujemy
23:28 Cydros: przesun troche w lewo
23:28 Cydros: lekko
23:29 Cydros: 00:33:052 (2) -
23:29 Cydros: masz tyle
23:29 Cydros: wolnego miejsca
23:29 Cydros: po prawej stronie
23:29 Cydros: a ladujesz wszystko na lewo
23:29 Cydros: sugestia tylko
23:29 Cydros: sugestia
23:29 Cydros: nie wiem 00:45:256 (2) -
23:29 Cydros: ten slider
23:29 Cydros: jakos totalnie nie pasuje do reszty mapy
23:30 Krfawy: ok, czo dalej? :3
23:30 Cydros: patrze hardas
23:31 Cydros: 00:38:137 (4,5) -
23:31 Cydros: stanowczo
23:31 Cydros: za nisko
23:31 Cydros: to ze po lewej i po prawej wychodzi to ok
23:31 Cydros: ale to juz wejdzie w error hit boxa jak dla mnie
23:31 Cydros: az sprawdze
23:31 Cydros: sec.
23:31 Cydros: troche mi nie pasuje ale zrobisz jak uwazasz za sluszne
23:32 Cydros: 00:40:171 (4,5) -
23:32 Krfawy: oooooooo
23:32 Krfawy: o3o
23:32 Cydros: to tez bym dal
23:33 Cydros: zeby bylo blizej
23:33 Cydros: 00:40:679 (1) -
23:33 Cydros: tego slidera
23:33 Cydros: w koncu to hard
23:33 Cydros: nie potrzeba duzego spacingu
23:33 Cydros: dobra normala teraz zlookam
23:33 Krfawy: dużego spacingu w sensie że daleki rozmach czy mały?
23:34 Cydros: dam ci ssa patrz
23:34 Krfawy: ok
23:34 Cydros: to tylkop sugesita
23:34 Cydros: http://puu.sh/bP4g3/0e216a2b77.jpg
23:34 Cydros: dalbym to jakos blizej tego
23:34 Krfawy: aaa rozumiem
23:34 Cydros: ale jak to bys lekko zmienial to trzeba tez tego slidera przed tymi kolkami porpawic
23:34 Cydros: ale to zrobisz jak chcesz
23:35 Krfawy: spoko jak bd zmienial to da rade :D
23:36 Cydros: normal wyglada
23:36 Cydros: spoko
23:36 Cydros: nie widze problemow ani sugesti
23:36 Krfawy: XD
23:36 Krfawy: ok
your map has no jumps
02:00 Weyland: co tam
02:00 Weyland: ):
02:01 Krfawy: ooo bardzo dobrze że cię widzę :3
02:01 Krfawy: Masz okazję się wykazac jako człowiek który umie grac w osu
02:01 Weyland: czemu
02:01 Weyland: aha
02:01 Krfawy: Poprzez zmodowanie Insejna i Harda do Slut Offa
02:01 Weyland: 00:04:832 (3) - popraw slider w hardzie
02:02 Weyland: 00:20:340 (1) -
02:02 Weyland: 00:28:476 (1) - gwizdki na końcach sliderów?
02:02 Krfawy: Zrobiłem remap dwóch diffów
02:02 Krfawy: potrzebuję modów XD
02:03 Weyland: ej, tak sobie pomyślałem
02:03 Weyland: wiesz że extreme w ogóle nie ma jumpów
02:03 Weyland: ???
02:03 Krfawy: ?
02:03 Krfawy: zaraz
02:03 Krfawy: że do Slut Offa? XD
02:04 Weyland: tak
02:04 Weyland: ok, już idę
02:04 Krfawy: ok thx :3
02:06 Weyland: done
02:07 Weyland: also tam gdzie ci mowilem
02:07 Weyland: zeby slider mial 1 kolko wiecej
02:07 Weyland: na insane jest tak jak powinno
02:07 Weyland: czemu na extreme nie, wtf
02:08 Krfawy: czekaj czekaj weź mi powiedz który moment
02:08 Krfawy: w sensie zaznacz i skopiuj które kółko
02:09 Weyland: 00:08:137 (1) -
02:09 Weyland: no ten slider
02:15 Krfawy: ok naprawione
02:15 Krfawy: cosik jesio?
02:15 Weyland: 00:32:799 (2,5,4,3) - ustabilizuj gwizdki
02:15 Weyland: 00:20:976 (4) - wyłacz gwizdek na początku w insejnie
02:15 Weyland: 00:22:883 (4) - a tutaj daj na końcu
02:15 Krfawy: ok
Finishery w ostatnim parcie są wkurwiające

kd plz lel
where are you i meant to bash mod your hard

00:46 Okoratu: ok no more restarts
00:46 Okoratu: so i should revisit hard and insane
00:47 Krfawy: if it's possible ;3
00:48 Krfawy: because that bit... I mean 1 BAT told me my mapset is overmapped
00:48 Krfawy: I LOLLED
00:48 Okoratu: actually 3 have told you your map is overmapped
00:50 *Okoratu is editing [http://osu.ppy.sh/b/509305 Krfawy - Slut Off [Extreme]]
00:50 Okoratu: teach me
00:50 Okoratu: 00:14:240 (1,1) -
00:50 Okoratu: how2blanket
00:51 Krfawy: are you trolling me or is it serious? :o
00:51 Okoratu: it's saying the blanket is bad
00:51 Okoratu: so
00:52 Krfawy: K fixed
00:52 Okoratu: also
00:52 Okoratu: i don't really like the beginning of your insane
00:52 Okoratu: it's spacing is higher and less pleasant than the one you used in the Extreme
00:53 Okoratu: 00:05:849 (4,1) - things like this
00:53 Krfawy: I understand that point
00:53 Okoratu: 00:10:934 (2) - how to make symmetric sliders http://puu.sh/bTeSf/a0f1930cfe.jpg
00:53 Okoratu: xD
00:54 Krfawy: lol it wasn't even meant to be symmetric
00:54 Okoratu: it looks like you wanted it to be that way
00:54 Okoratu: also
00:54 Okoratu: if it doesn't destroy the spread
00:55 Okoratu: AR 8.5 for this diff maybe
00:55 Krfawy: no it shouldn't destroy it
00:55 Krfawy: OK
00:55 Krfawy: btw you know Lust told me to use AR8.5 in Extreme?
00:55 Okoratu: no idea why
00:55 Okoratu: but
00:55 Okoratu: uhm
00:55 Okoratu: this is not the issue here
00:56 Krfawy: 'because AR9 was artificial'
00:56 Okoratu: extreme uses
00:56 Okoratu: http://puu.sh/bTf15/04633f5b7b.png
00:56 Okoratu: the insane doesn't use 0.7 sv for the first part
00:56 Okoratu: while i liked the 0.7 because it made the whole thing seem more calm
00:57 Okoratu: this way sliders are just faster than the one on the extreme on average in this part
00:57 Okoratu: \:D/
00:57 Krfawy: I know but I want to keep that without SV changes xD
00:57 Okoratu: you just
00:57 Okoratu: go with 0.7x for the whole beginning
00:58 Okoratu: without changing the SV that much around like the extreme -> success
00:58 Krfawy: what
00:58 Okoratu: is what i was suggesting
00:58 Okoratu: 1. it fits the beginning better than 1.0sv
00:58 Okoratu: 2nd you will have this speed up effect for the kiai more obviously
00:59 Okoratu: 00:01:527 (4,5) - the approachcircles for these will load halfway underneath the hp bar
01:00 Krfawy: OK OK I will use 0.7x
01:00 Okoratu: 00:31:527 (1) - your comboing is inconsistent
01:01 Okoratu: you'd be cool if you removed this nc
01:02 Okoratu: 00:25:044 (4) - i think the transition would be a bit better if you curved it the other way similarly like [http://puu.sh/bTfqK/c03f035e9b.jpg this]
01:04 Krfawy: K what's next
01:04 Okoratu: 00:26:951 (4,5) - the way this flows annoyed me as i played it
01:05 Okoratu: something like [http://puu.sh/bTfAL/845a235e5e.jpg this] would make the transition better idk if you have to reposition that triplet afterwards
01:05 Krfawy: K fixed
01:06 Okoratu: 00:32:036 (3,4,5,6,1) - this is arguably the hardest thing in this map
01:06 Okoratu: because of how it is placed
01:06 Okoratu: i don't really think that this plays well and most you used up until now was 4 objects max
01:06 Okoratu: could try to make the first 2 circles an 1/2 slider
01:06 Okoratu: 1/4*
01:07 Okoratu: i mean the curve this stream does is a bit awkward
01:08 Krfawy: 00:32:036 (8,9,10,11,1) - you mean that?
01:09 Okoratu: yes
01:09 Krfawy: changed
01:10 Okoratu: the rest seems to be cool
01:10 Okoratu: u know
01:10 Okoratu: i got to work today
01:10 Okoratu: and it's 1 am
01:10 Okoratu: and fml
01:10 Krfawy: XDDDDD
01:10 Krfawy: understood


18:34 Okoratu: yo
18:35 Krfawy: hello! :D
18:36 Okoratu: p/3410039
18:42 Okoratu: u have time for that
18:42 *Okoratu is playing [http://osu.ppy.sh/b/447038 Krfawy - Slut Off [Hard]] +DoubleTime
18:44 Krfawy: meow
18:44 Krfawy: isn't my mapset so izi
18:44 Okoratu: 00:05:595 (4,1) -
18:44 Okoratu: yes
18:45 Krfawy: yass?
18:45 Okoratu: don't you want to make that stack more similar to 00:01:527 (3,1) -
18:45 Okoratu: or 00:03:562 (3,1) -
18:45 Krfawy: oh true
18:46 Okoratu: 00:07:629 (4) - stacking it directly underneath the sliderend doesn't look as nice ingame imo
18:47 Okoratu: also the other similar sliders don't do that kinda thing
18:47 Okoratu: u could try to stack it on or above 00:08:137 (1) - 's end
18:47 Okoratu: http://puu.sh/bXKW8/4b27112151.jpg
18:47 Okoratu: or don't this is just optional
18:48 Krfawy: good idear
18:48 Okoratu: 00:13:730 (4) - if dis is a blanket it's off
18:49 Okoratu: 00:21:866 (6,7) - i believe something like 00:34:069 (4,5) - or 00:42:205 (3) - would be easier to read here
18:50 Krfawy: no, it's not meant to be a blanket | true, but those two moments you're showing are after kiais
18:50 Okoratu: ye
18:50 Okoratu: 1. ok
18:50 Okoratu: 2. i know but it'd still be easier to read
18:51 Okoratu: 00:37:629 (3) - rotate it by 10 deg for transition into next object pls
18:51 Krfawy: rotated
18:52 Okoratu: 00:41:951 (2) - this could flow better if it was more up to the top and 00:42:205 (3) - slightly rotated? [http://puu.sh/bXLdQ/155e71ea31.jpg why is puush so slow today is it dying again]
18:52 Okoratu: 00:46:781 (5) - nc?
18:53 Okoratu: 00:27:713 - did u miss a whistle here ?
18:55 Krfawy: yes I missed XD and truly I am wondering about NC but I'm unsure - I know it's the very end and it'd be accurate for that change in the part when the percussion is gone, but I'm not sure if it's enough to create NC here because it would make NC a bit inconsistent
18:55 Krfawy: but as you advice to make NC so it's reasonable I guess? xD
18:55 Okoratu: bancho died
18:55 Okoratu: uhm
18:56 Krfawy: it happens XD
18:56 Okoratu: uh ok
18:56 Okoratu: let's see your ncs then
18:56 Okoratu: 00:32:544 (1) - downbeat
18:56 Okoratu: 00:34:578 (1) - downbeat
18:56 Okoratu: 00:36:612 (1) - downbeat
18:56 Okoratu: 00:38:646 (1) - downbeat
18:56 Okoratu: 00:40:679 (1) - downbeat
18:57 Okoratu: 00:42:713 (4) - no nc for whatever reason
18:57 Okoratu: 00:44:747 (1) - downbeat
18:57 Okoratu: 00:46:781 (5) - no nc for whatever reason
18:57 Okoratu: idk
18:58 Okoratu: in fact all ncs are on downbeats except those 2
18:59 Krfawy: FFS I knew I forgot something again
18:59 Krfawy: thanks for telling me because I didn't change that what was meant to be changed XD
19:01 Okoratu: the hard is cool
19:01 Krfawy: Thanksie for helping Oko o3o
19:01 Krfawy: can you include it to mod to Insane? because I guess it'd be an overuse for KDS XD
19:01 Krfawy: if I gave you another one ;_;
19:01 Okoratu: could try
19:02 Okoratu: to make 00:08:137 (1) - visually more appealing
19:02 Okoratu: like
19:02 Okoratu: 00:40:679 (1) - looks cool
19:02 Okoratu: and that one goes in all directions
19:02 Krfawy: oh I know what you mean
19:02 Krfawy: NP
19:03 Okoratu: that's just all what i'd like to see changed i guess
19:03 Krfawy: K :3
Good map, easy map w.
03:47 WareHachimitsu: Czyli mam zagrać i ocenić
03:47 WareHachimitsu: Tak?
03:47 Krfawy: to tez
03:47 Krfawy: ale w edytorze popatrzec co nie pasuje
03:47 Krfawy: i napisac jak zmienic
03:48 Krfawy: ew które momenty ci się nie podobają
03:48 Krfawy: :3
03:48 Krfawy: daloby rade? XD
03:48 Krfawy: ja zw na chwile :3
03:48 WareHachimitsu: Nie wiem, teraz napewno nie będę się bawił edytorem, bo zaraz muszę iść afczyć
03:48 WareHachimitsu: Ale coś koło 18 powinienem dać radę
04:08 Krfawy: jj :3
04:08 Krfawy: a rozumiem :D
04:08 Krfawy: oki XD
04:39 WareHachimitsu: Jj
04:40 Krfawy: Miau XD
04:40 WareHachimitsu: Więc
04:40 WareHachimitsu: Dla mnie mapa jest ok
04:40 WareHachimitsu: Chociaż trudna, Jak na taki star rating XD
04:41 WareHachimitsu: 00:08:138 (1) - Chociaż tutaj zgubiłeś jedno powtórzenie. A wcześniej mógłbyś wyrównać bardziej bo brzydko spada.
04:41 WareHachimitsu: 00:12:205 (1) - A tutaj combo daj nowe... i też weź wyrównaj to xD
04:44 WareHachimitsu: Jesteś?
04:45 Krfawy: jestem jestem XD
04:46 Krfawy: tylko gdzie to?
04:46 Krfawy: A w Hardzie coś wynalazłeś?
04:46 Krfawy: XD
04:47 WareHachimitsu: Yyyy
04:47 WareHachimitsu: Nie wiem
04:47 WareHachimitsu: Dla mnie jest okej
04:47 Krfawy: K
04:48 Krfawy: Napisz post proszę w temacie a ja umieszczę czat loga
04:48 Krfawy: tylko napisz że 'I'm here for KDS w' albo coś w ten deseń
04:48 Krfawy: a ja dam wytłumaczenie XD

Mostly, your slidershapes look REALLY bad. While the idea of them is really good, the outcome is really bad. You can make them way neater, if you put slightly more effort in making them look cute!


00:08:137 (1) - I think you can improve this slidershape, if you make the curves rounder.

Well, there's nothing to say, but next time you make an easy, try to get a bit more variating rhythm with using other rhythms too!


00:06:103 (4,5) - You could adjust this so it performs an evener curve.
00:12:205 (1,2) - same, this looks pretty odd
00:14:239 (4) - To get a better flow, you should try to get this: http://puu.sh/c4q0c.png Reason for that is, well, it looks a bit cleaner and more opener, less overlap etc.
00:15:001 (5) - Adjust this too.
00:33:815 (3) - Easy flow improvement: http://puu.sh/c4q4F.png



00:02:799 (2) - This blanket is off.
00:06:103 (1) - Avoid this overlap, you could simply rotate that slider to the right?
00:07:629 (4) - DS error, shouldn't it be 1.0?
00:13:730 (4,1) - I don't know if it's too difficult for your taste, but imo this would create something interesting: http://puu.sh/c4qgS.png

The kiai's rhythm is fairly odd to me, but very variating. After all, fine for me.


00:08:138 (1,2,3) - Try to get a better triangle
00:08:900 (3) - blanket with 4, for aesthetics
00:15:001 (3) - Try to get a triangle too, it overall flows better and looks better too. (try 260 233)
00:16:781 (3) - Shouldn't the emphasis be on this beat here..? I don't understand why you put a jump later.
00:19:578 (6,7,8,9) - Increase the DS to make the little break more readable
00:21:612 (6) - move to 144 292 00:21:866 (7) - move to 236 324 (for flow reasons)
00:22:883 (4) - I think you can catch this rhythm better with a slower slider?
00:26:951 (4,5) - OVerall, I like this pattern better, also becaus you've used quite many curves before: http://puu.sh/c4qIo.png
00:28:985 (3) - Wrong curveside, should be on the left imo (flow)

Don't really know what to think about the spacing in insane, it's not unrankable or such, but i guess the placing could've been a bit better. You could use more smooth curves, instead straight looking things! (And less DS would have been my suggestion, but no need to apply)


Really fun diff, nothing to say apart from the slider shapes here! I think the rhythm is interesting and makes the song cooler to play.

We'll see what happens to this mapset next!
*Krfawy is using Linux system to be able to be connected to the Internet. Simply it means Krfawy is not available to use the mod written by Pants4Versible. Krfawy's hard disk is not reached by his computer so it's unknown when he's able to do any osu!-related things in the future.


*Krfawy believes there are many ways to use sliders and he understands your way of making them. Unfortunately he can't agree they look soooooooooo(...)ooo bad/ugly/horrible/nasty/terrible/put your own word here to describe them in a familiar way, so sadly I am requesting to understand my way of creating such odd things. Yes, I am aware of producing such different things like those slider shapes, but it's the way Krfawy is. *o* XDDD But can you show me what kind of 'cute' sliders you mean? Because I have no idea what exactly you mean. ;_;

L-V-U Blady Krfawy Kamyczek o3o

OMG I feel so sinful when I look at that wall of text just to say I am not able to log in-game and I like my sliders what they already are. ;_; XD
we can discuss about it ingame xDD~
btw, i had to learn to spell your Name correctly because i wasn't able to find you in user-search orz

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