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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, April 8, 2024 at 4:59:37 PM

Title: Flower
Tags: japanese rock jrock j-rock fuju wanpachi cycopton Froskya killian reflection remake remastered 2023 2024 toc koldnoodl cjstmdals gorou yogurtt
BPM: 192
Filesize: 7153kb
Play Time: 04:16
Difficulties Available:
  1. Collab Extra (5.95 stars, 1070 notes)
  2. FuJu's Extra (5.75 stars, 990 notes)
  3. killian's Insane feat. Froskya (4.85 stars, 933 notes)
  4. Reflection (6.6 stars, 1142 notes)
Download: THE ORAL CIGARETTES - Flower
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

4 years, 5 attempts, and 1 finished map
It is here. :3c

Pretty much the last important TOC remake/remaster thing and the one that means a lot.
Mou Ii Kai 2021
ReI 2021
5150 2021
Amy 2021
Sesshoku 2022
Flower 2024

killian froskya ins d
fuju ex d
wanpa/koldnoodl ex d
Reflection d

hs d

enn addy

nevo ramble here
Well that basically completes the remaps of my most important TOC sets, I will probably tackle CATCH ME later but I've never really grouped it with these 6 sets. Anyway Flower is by far for me the most hyped I've ever been to remake something, I have been hinting at and been wanting to do this for 5 years now and after trying many times and trashing other versions I can say this is a map of Flower and I think its basically exactly what I wanted. I'm not entirely sure why Flower stumped me all these years but it finally all came together.

I am fully aware other people have mapped and ranked Flower, truthfully I don't really care. This map means a lot to me and has been a long time goal to make. It isn't my best map ever, I couldn't tell you if its the best Flower (I havent seen the others :3c), but I can say it is the best Nevo map of Flower and to me that's what counts.

Thank you everyone for being here all these years and here's to more.
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