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Waifu Jam! Map-Battle Contest

Ironmouse and VShojo have come together to work in collaboration with osu! and BTMC to organise an event for the community.

"Waifu Jam" is a new single from IronMouse and we are taking an interesting spin with this new mapping contest!

Ironmouse is a female American VTuber known for her singing skills, her amazing personality (contrary to popular belief, she is not a mouse). Partnered with VShojo, she confidently aims to push herself more every single day and sing her heart out for the world to hear!

But mappers, don't get it twisted. This isn't your everyday mapping contest with your usual set of judges and criteria benchmarks. Pfft! This time -- you can be the judge! With the top 16 submissions entering into a 1v1 Tournament Style bracket to compete live on stream! It'll be up to the community to vote which map should proceed to the next round! By the way,the demon queen herself will gladly offer a $1000 cash prize to the winner... But you didn't hear that from us.

The rules for this Mapping Contest are as follows:
  1. Beatmap must be in *osu!* game mode only..
  2. Only one submission is allowed per user.
  3. Beatmap must be passable without using game breaking techniques.
  4. The standard Ranking Criteria does not apply.
  5. Collaborations are not allowed.
  6. Submissions must not be uploaded to the osu! website until after the contest ends.
  7. Storyboards are optional
  8. Mappers are completely free to pursue whatever they envision for the song. Mapping techniques such as “2B” are also allowed.
  9. The map should be submitted before the end of 8th of May (23:59 UTC)
  10. A pool of qualified mappers will look through every entry until a Top 16 bracket is constructed
  11. Maps will then compete against each other on stream ( where viewers are then able to vote online for their favorite entrants during each round
  12. Maps will compete against each other based on sections from the song "Waifu Jam":
    Round of 16: - 00:00 -> 00:44
    QuarterFinals: - 00:44 -> 01:22
    SemiFinals: - 01:22 -> 01:50
    Grand Finals: - 01:50 -> 02:47

The winner of the contest will receive the following prizes:
  1. 1st place: "Waifu Jam!" profile badge (tentative) and $1000 award provided by VShojo.

Get the pre-timed osz file and submit your entries here

And remember to use everything at your disposal! Storyboards, hitsounding, timing points - everything that the game gives you the means to use is to your advantage. This is no ordinary beatmapping contest - this is a mapping battle!
cant wait for the sb entry to win again
This goes crazy

Goodluck everyone ^^
- Marco -
Holy Moly we worldwide! GL Everyone!

ScubDomino wrote:

cant wait for the sb entry to win again
this is what i'm actually fearing, hope it doesn't happen
given the reward, there's a high probability that over 16 entries would be considered high quality by the community at large. some of those left out of the 16 selected will be from mappers who poured countless hours into them trying to create something that appeals to players, rather than a set of judges.

this isn't a thought experiment, but a necessity of the contest structure that will impact multiple mappers. all they'll have to go by is one sentence in the contest rules, from which they can infer that 'A pool of qualified mappers' didn't like their map as much.

as those of you who have participated in mapping contests before may know, mapping for a set of judges is very different from mapping normally, and more different still from mapping for community vote. it may be that some entries will be screened out solely bc they didn't compromise on these conflicting interests and mapped more for players.

hopefully at least some notice will be given out in advance; it would be even worse to make mappers wait through the ro16 on stream, only to realize their entry wasn't accepted.
Foxy Grandpa
mapping storyboarding battle
"storyboards are optional" is a statement that will age like milk but other than that cool contest 👍
Possible to remove the storyboards atleast? Otherwise its just a dead contest.
Im not a fan of community choice to but if the goal is making maps for the viewers then its w/e.
Gotta agree here, its somewhat tiring to see mapping contests evaluated by people with no experience in mapping, and this isn't even taking into account the fact that that most viewers wont be able to play anything above 5 stars.
Especially when storyboards are allowed, it just snowballs into a video editing contest where the objects are auxiliary.

It pigeonholes mappers into creating low star maps with flashy storyboards, which kinda defeats the creative diversity that a mapping contest should seek to promote.

I don't want to come off as too harsh though, its genuinely exciting to see this much work and money put into a mapping contest and I really do want to see this succeed. Hopefully things go well.
I believe the time is separated for each round in the stream, but does any further created content ever show in that round?
For example, the content created at the song changeover at 00:44 on the storyboard will be shown in the round before it or not.

If this is to be addressed, would it be possible to publish the exact timestamp of the changeover?
not crazy question i just wanna know what do u mean by gamebreaking techniques
Prob not gonna win but I’ll give it a shot 👀
The Cosmic Chef
It says collaborations aren't allowed, but does this apply to HS and storyboard? I was wondering if you are allowed to have other people make an SB and/or HS for you.

The Cosmic Chef wrote:

It says collaborations aren't allowed, but does this apply to HS and storyboard? I was wondering if you are allowed to have other people make an SB and/or HS for you.
We can only assume that "Collaborations are not allowed." means Collaborations are not allowed. HS/SB is collaborating
Any way you can address this issue during upload and how to resolve it?

Pho wrote:

Any way you can address this issue during upload and how to resolve it?
there is a file size limit on contest page upload.
see these comments for more details comments/2719270
when will the stream happen?
chicken leg
who wins this contest?
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