- [AK] Snow - [STD/Mania, HD/SD, 16:9]

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Name: - [AK] Snow -
Supported modes: STD & Mania (1k-9k)
Supported elements: HD & SD
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Animations: No
Extra folder: No
Program used:
My submission for Tides of Winter Skinning Contest

Video Showcase

Special thanks
seven39, for playtesting the skin and providing so much useful feedbacks ♥
MyAngelKayanoAi, for hyping and being an encouragement for the whole skin making process from beginning to end, while also giving out useful feedbacks
[CatchTheBlaze], Yessica Tamara, [-Elaina-], yooka, NeoZap, [-Alethea-], rohit22 for giving out useful feedbacks / playtesting it or both... thanks guys!
And ALL OF YOU, who made it all the way to the end of the post, thank you for reading and I hope you will enjoy the skin as much as I enjoy making it ♥

4 January 2022
- Cursor and cursortrail are changed

8 January 2022
- Approach circle, follow points, hitcircle overlay, and scoreentry files are changed
- Score files (font used for score and combo in gameplay and font for numbers in ranking panel) are changed
- Key-delete and key-press files (hitsounds) are changed
- Minor adjustments in ranking panel
- Brighten the health bar
- Mode-osu-med file added more decoration
- mode-small files added for taiko and ctb modes
- Changing how the spinner looks
Honestly i like this skin :3
Great work , finally i can officialy use da skin 😳 thanks for your work Akshiro my beloved
Here is my feedback on this skin, some positive, some negative, some simply my opinion/preference. Please be aware that this is only for menus and standard as i don't play the other modes

  1. clean skin.ini
  2. clean files folder, no junk
  3. small size (~7 mb)
  4. not a fan of the function key shortcuts, but thats just preference.
  5. the osu!catch icon is rotated by 90degree (it should be :·)
  6. mode small images for catch and taiko are missing
  7. selection-tabs are custom but still show which tab is selected, always nice to see
  8. scorebar is more tech style than the rest of the skin
  9. scorebar-background color is a bit too dark imo, making it hard to see
  10. these just looks weird:
  11. menu background is sadly missing
  12. there is a big style difference between the top and bottom part of the ranking panel
This skin is very good i like it keep up 😊
It's my favorite skin from the contest c:
This is amazing!!
good skinn
I really like it, it's look like fakinkrakin's skin somehow
nice skin
must be a lucky charm or something i fced the first map i played with it thx for the pp
nice skin
how do i download this skin
ngl skin looks pretty good
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chrissup wrote:

how do i download this skin
there's a download image on the post, simply click that
Inting Zoe
The skin is really nice but i feel like the circles are a bit hard to read but thats only my personal opinion. It is really well made and i like the clean looks especially the esc menu and the song select.
i don`t post but i liked this skinning contest then i went to download everyone of them to see what i would like and this is my opinions about your skin
HitCircle is great
the spins circle is great
HitSound is great
cursor is great
the main menu`s icons are great
scorebar neat
rank panel is great
the key overlay looks neat
pause n fail menus are great
section passed/failed is good
mania gameplay: is great
отличный дизайн
can you make it for 16:10 too cuz i have some problems with it

rohit22 wrote:

Honestly i like this skin :3
i like it very much
What a beautiful map! It's a little tricky to follow the notes in mania, but most of the design is so sleek. The screen which displays your stats after completing a new run has to be my favorite part of this skin.

I will say, on the beatmap selection screen, I found myself forgetting which buttons did what (specifically the ones that are labeled as snowflakes now instead of having text). I really appreciated that you included the shortcuts in the corner, though.

Thank you so much for sharing! <3
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