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From now on, the osu! test build (supporter only) will now connect to the main bancho server, and allow for ranking and playing with normal users. I usually wouldn't announce something like this, but I want as many people to see this as possible. I am hoping that any supporters interested in testing bleeding edge features will permanently switch to osu!test and help iron out bugs before they hit the public release.

Keep the following in mind:
  1. If I am working on anything which may affect score submissions, test build may temporarily have score submission disabled, or fall back to a secondary server.
  2. Nothing is guaranteed to work. By using osu!test, you withdraw your right to complain.
  3. You may now report test build issues in the standard tech support forum. Please add a [test] tag to the end of the topic once you are sure it only occurs in the test build.
  4. osu!test maintains its own configuration, score and beatmap databases. This is to ensure it doesn't corrupt your main ones. The first time you run osu!test it will copy your main files, but they won't stay in sync. You are free to copy them manually if you wish to, but no guarantees here.
  5. When updates become available for osu!test, they will be forced. This usually won't interrupt gameplay, but no guarantees.
To start using the test build:
  1. Make sure you are a supporter :).
  2. Open the osu! updater and go to the extras tab.
  3. Click the checkbox "osu! test build" to download it.
  4. Create a shortcut to osu!test.exe, which should be in your osu! folder.
  5. Run this instead of your standard osu!.
You may switch between public and test whenever you want. I hope to make switching between them available in the game client itself, so this process will be easier in the future. Let me know if you have any other suggestions/requests for the test build.
Tsukimi Luna
yay....... :D
Does that mean we should report bugs from test build?
K, i'm blind.
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I've explained bug reporting in my post. Please read again.
Sounds interesting, will try that from now on!
Damn, I used to use the test build in order to play/map without getting disturbed by other people. Now I'll need to log out if I want to do it. ;_;
You can always ignore the chats and stuff if that bothers you.
Good.keep build the future

Andrea wrote:

You can always ignore the chats and stuff if that bothers you.
That's pretty hard when you are a famous person like me, y'know
Great, I'll switch to the test build for sure!

Edit: I find the little strip in the bottom (that one yellow and black that indicates it's the test build) a bit disturbing during gameplay :(. Can't it be disabled while playing? It also overlaps with the fps counter and the new accuracy meter.
Gotta get in on that osu!nightly.
nice o3o

BrokenArrow wrote:

Andrea wrote:

You can always ignore the chats and stuff if that bothers you.
That's pretty hard when you are a famous person like me, y'know
Excellent. The absence of Bancho integration in the test build was pretty much the only thing that was preventing me from using the test build by default. Looking forward to helping with this :p
Still not really usable for me, the chat and online users are still testbuild-only D:
Fixed now, yay :3
What exactly does the new test build change? I can't find any differences so far besides the "b20130807.5test" on the bottom and that the osu! window frame doesn't fit the color of my usual window color. =P
there still bug on osu mania.. lagging between game
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The test build is always up-to-date with the changelog. There are also some half-baked features in there (replay seeking, emoji) which aren't ready for public yet.

At the moment the test build is 99% in sync with public, but this isn't the case when there hasn't been a public release for 1 week or more. You will be able to view and play with new features as they are added, and watch the game develop on a daily basis.

There are usually 0~5 test build patches a day, for reference.
this is pretty neat ! I'll give it a try
Going to help out here :p
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