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Below is a comprehensive list of all sorts of helpful links, as well as a collection of former members of the staff team specializing in osu!taiko.

Ranking Criteria (RC)

The rules and guidelines that a beatmap must follow in order to progress through the beatmap ranking procedure.

- General Ranking Criteria: wiki/en/Ranking_Criteria
- Specific Ranking Criteria: wiki/en/Ranking_Criteria/osu%21taiko

Useful Guides

useful guides for osu!taiko

- Tasha's Taiko Mapping Guide:
- Things to look out for before requesting BN Checks:
- I can't submit my own beatmap (the "this beatmap is not yours" glitch): community/forums/topics/325639
- How to find metadata: community/forums/topics/477585?start=5311815
- Helpful guide for timing songs with uncommon time signatures: help/wiki/Ranking_Criteria/Timing_Songs_With_8-Signatures
- How to Time Variable BPM Songs:

Useful Tools

useful tools for osu!taiko

- Naxess' Mapset Verifier:
- frukoyurdakul's Manage Beatmap Tool:
- Jerry's osu!taiko Video Resizer Tool: community/forums/topics/1129583
- osumod Modding Queues:

Beatmap Nominators

A group in charge of beatmap nomination.

- Beatmap Nominators (BN) wiki page: wiki/en/People/The_Team/Beatmap_Nominators
- BN application:
- Probationary BN list: groups/32?mode=taiko
- Full BN list: groups/28?mode=taiko

Nomination Assessment Team

Managing Beatmap Nominators.

- Nomination Assessment Team (NAT) wiki page: wiki/en/People/The_Team/Nomination_Assessment_Team
- NAT promotion: wiki/en/People/The_Team/Nomination_Assessment_Team#promotion-to-the-nat
- NAT list: groups/7?mode=taiko

osu!taiko Alumni

Known for their contributions as staff members.

- aabc271 (BAT)
- Alace (BAT)
- Aloda (QAT)
- bossandy (BAT)
- DakeDekaane (QAT)
- HeatKai (BAT)
- kanpakyin (QAT)
- lolcubes (QAT)
- Love (BAT)
- MMzz (QAT)
- Nardoxyribonucleic (QAT + NAT)
- Nepuri (NAT)
- NoHitter (BAT)
- OnosakiHito (QAT)
- Raiden (QAT)
- spboxer3 (BAT)
- Tasha (BAT)
- Tyistiana (NAT)
- wmfchris (BAT)
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