[GUIDE] I can't submit my own beatmap!

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I can't submit my own beatmap!

  • If it won't let you submit your own beatmap as it says that you don't own the map then do the following;

  1. Go to the mapset's folder. You can get there easily by going to 'File' -> 'Open Song Folder' in the editor.
  2. Leave the editor (or close osu!) to make sure the changes apply properly.
  3. Open the .osu difficulty files with any text editor. (Such as Wordpad or Notepad.)
  4. Enter your name as creator. (If your name has spaces, these should actually be spaces in here.)
  5. Set the BeatmapID to 0.
  6. Set the BeatmapSetID to -1.
  7. Make sure the beatmap folder name aswell as the .mp3 file does not start with a string of numbers.
  8. Delete the file(s) in the SubmissionCache folder in the osu! installation folder.
  9. Open osu! again and try to upload your beatmap.
  10. If you're still having issues export the beatmap and delete it from osu! (and make sure the game recognised that it's deleted). Then close osu! and rename the exported beatmap from name.osz to (you will need known file extensions to be visible from the windows folder options to do this) and apply the changes mentioned in the previous steps. Once you're done and you updated the .zip file with your changes, rename it back to .osz and import it into osu!.
Please do not use this to steal other people's maps!

I can't submit my own beatmap! Continuation of guide.

Before you try it make sure you've properly read VeilStar's guide. If it doesn't work for you, read this till the end.

  • Please, follow these rules and make sure you read everything that good, how it should be read:

  1. Go to the map in editor and click File -> Open Song folder *screenshot*
  2. Exit osu! now.
  3. Open .osu (in notepad) of any diff (remember you'll have to go to this diff into editor to upload the map).
  4. Go to [Metadata] and set the BeatmapID to 0 and BeatmapSetID to -1 like VeilStar wrote.
  5. This point is the most important. Set Creator: to anything you want like "abc", but not to your nick. *It should looks like this*
  6. Save this file.
  7. Open osu! and go to editor. Open map on diff you have changed data for.
  8. Go to the song setup in editor tabs and change creator from that what have you writed in .osu to your nickname.
  9. Try to upload your map.

Hope this helped! Don't use this to steal beatmaps, which aren't yours!
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